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A top-down shooter where you can't shoot. Drag your shield and deflect enemies' bullets back at them.
Submitted by AgentClyde — 3 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline
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Err... well, how do I put this...?

The title screen is really beautiful. But the game doesn't match the art style it depicts. The gameplay was pretty straightforward to me, but the controls felt a bit clunky and the deflective pallet never really stuck to the angle I wanted it to. On the other hand, I've worked with projectile deflection games before, and I know how much of a pain it can be to set everything up sometimes. That, and I find the concept fits this Jam well.

The music was alright, but there were few visual and sound feedbacks (when I killed an enemy, it literally just disappeared). Maybe working on that game feel would be a good priority ? Good job for that title screen though - it was what drew me in to this page in the first place.


The title screen is so pretty and nothing like the game itself that I have to wonder why you've put so much time into it instead of the game.

I really couldn't control the character. At the end of the day I glued myself to one of the inner walls and waited and that did the trick for the first level. I really think that changing the controls to be more intuitive will change the entire thing, so there is not much to say about level design as it just did not fit the controls.

But again, on the plus side, the title screen is so goddamn beautiful.

Nice concept. I like how you managed to fit the theme by removing the "shooting" from top-down shooting and replacing it with the reflection from the shield. Not shooting but feels like it!

Like others already said, the game starts in a very complicated situation, frustrating newcomers and more casual players. An easier start would be great.

The game is confusing to control and doesn't allow you to figure them out as it drops you directly into a difficult situation.

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I like the idea, but the realization isn't very good. Should have started with a single turret and less bullets, then increase the difficulty from here on. Maybe with moving turrets, faster and slower bullets, exploding bullets, etc. 

But less turrets. Less than 4 for sure, because this way you're just forced to focus on avoiding bullets and don't really have time to try to direct your shield towards the turrets.

I completed the first 2 levels, then gave up, as it felt too random. 3/5.


Interesting idea but a little finicky to control. I really like the look of the title screen but was completely thrown off by the actual game not matching that at all.

It was a lot of fun to race around and just dodging the bullets and watching them scatter off your shield behind you.

Same as ethan, plus, it's not an original idea, i have seen the same concept in a lot of games.


Could be pretty fun if the shield was controlled by like an analog stick or just the angle of the mouse


I actually had that fully implemented using arrow keys, but everyone who played it just shoved their shield 2 inches from the enemies' face and then the enemy immidiately shot themself. It basically turned it into a sword.

love the concept