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Propulsive PaintView game page

A tricky platformer you can only control with your mouse button
Submitted by michaeldejong — 55 minutes, 47 seconds before the deadline
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Too hard for me I'm afraid. Physics is too much clumsy for me to be able to be precise. But I liked the visuals and the painting effect!


Understandable. I've actually been trying out controlling the ball with a PS3 controller using the left analog stick, and that seems to be quite a bit easier. But you're right. The mouse does make it a bit too challenging. Only other solution I could think of, is to make the levels wider/easier. Thanks for playing and commenting!

Submitted (1 edit)

Overall fun game and good design. You took a common idea and executed it pretty well, but some aspects of the collisions and movement can feel a bit punishing. With some good level design, sfx/music and better balancing. This would have easily been one of my favourite games. 


Thanks Philip, that means a lot to me! Good feedback and I totally agree. Thanks for trying it out.


Love the style, but the level design is pushing for precision that I don't have very, very fast.

I had to quit after I had to do the spikes level again with limit on paint.


Thanks for trying it out! Like the others have mentioned before, the difficulty ramps up a bit too quickly. I'll see if I can play around with that.


I found the learning curve a bit steep. You had to be really precise and delicate with your clicks once the spikes appeared, I struggled for sure. But the aestetic is nice and it was still fun to play.


Thanks for trying it out! Yeah other players have noted the steep difficulty curve as well. That's definitely something to work on.

wasn't able to open the .jar file on my computer. for whatever reason java doesn't wanna run on chrome. i tried to enable .jar files to run through java but nothing came up.

it looks fun!


Ahhh sorry to hear that! What did you mean by "java doesn't wanna run on chrome"? Chrome shouldn't really have anything to do with it, since it's a desktop game. If you don't mind debugging this with me, can you let me know which OS and which version of Java you're using?  If you're using OSX or Linux typing "java --version" in the terminal should tell you which version you're running. You can also try starting the game from the terminal with the command "java -jar propulsive-paint.jar". If it fails to start it should at least say why it's failing.

sure . looks like it can't access it, even though i downloaded it a couple times. Here's the read out:" Error: Unable to access jarfile propulsive-paint.jar" I just copied what you had into my command prompt. I'm running windows 10 and i just downloaded the newest version of java. might just be my pc too. it's old and its drivers are wonky. other games have been working though... yours is the first jar file however.


Hmmm, it looks like a Windows only error message. Unfortunately I don't have a Windows machine to test this out, but it seems there are multiple things that could be causing this: wrong path specified in the command, corrupt jar file, wrong arguments specified in the command (also see Since it's worked for others I'm going to assume it's not corrupt, and since I've tested this with Java 10 as well, I'm guessing that's not it either. Perhaps when running the command, the JAR file isn't located in the same folder as where you're in (in the terminal)? I'm afraid I can't really help much with this. 


okay, no problem, thanks for replying anyhow! glad to hear it's not a widespread issue


Good concept, gameplay, and visual effects. I'm just not crazy about the level design. The preciseness required for the later levels, especially when you're given a limited paint supply, contrast against how open and energetic the gameplay starts off. It's a bit of a difficulty spike I think. But regardless, the sharp nature of the controls keeps the game enjoyable from start to finish. There's definitely a lot to like here.


Thanks! Interesting remarks regarding the energetic vs preciseness. Hadn't really thought of it like that yet. I guess the difficulty ramps up a bit quickly in this version, so adding more "quick" levels could help with that, and give the player more time to master the controls. Not increasing the difficulty and sticking only with these quick levels might be too boring, although I could always increase the level size dramatically. Thanks again for the feedback! 


I really enjoyed playing your game and how the color mixed with the blood everywhere


Thanks Klark! Wasn't planning on any blood, but once I added those spikes I knew I had to put those particle effects to good use :D. Tried various colors and effects, but this seemed like the best option.


Congratulation for your first game jam !

The game was fun to play ! It is may be a little too hard at first and may be it needs intermediate difficulty levels between the second and the third level but I still managed to finish it and it was challenging to learn to drive the ball with parsimony to avoid the spikes without wasting paint. The simple graphics are good enough but it lacks music and sound effects even if the paint particles effect add a nice feedback to the controls.

I also used java for my game ! Which graphic library did you use ?


Hey Edmond,

Thanks! Especially the comments about the difficulty. I wasn't really sure if I had made some levels too easy or too hard. I do think I made the last level a bit too difficult, but it being the last I figured the player had something to prove by now :D. 

I also tried making / adding some sounds and music, but unfortunately I quickly started to run out of time and decided to focus on other aspects of the game. I was hoping to make it sounds a bit 8-bity, but who knows, maybe I'll add that in later.

I actually didn't use any game engine (or libraries for that matter). It's all Java's own AWT/Swing to do all the graphics / animations, with a healthy dose of trigonometry to simulate basic collisions and physics. Especially the collision detection was hard to do. It probably wasn't the smartest idea to build my own "game engine" from scratch, but it was fun, challenging, and I taught myself something new :)


Good job for making the engine from scratch ! It may be not the smartest idea to have a polish game but it is a good idea to learn and make more personal games. I dit not found the last level too difficult because I had time before it to learn the mechanic. It is more the seconde level with the spikes (the one that repeats itself) that I have found very difficult and hesitate to abandon.