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Excellent game ! All the elements of gameplay fit together perfectly and the visual and music are also very good ! You should just show more clearly what is your score at the end because it is hard to see if one of the top 5 score is a new score or only old ones.

Thank you for your comment ! I will try to find some other ways to increase the player letters.

The animations are nice and even if the controls are not intuitive at all, the game become challenging and fun if you persevere. However, there are some problems that make it too difficult as the fact that the coin of a screen all disappear if you buy a checkpoint as well as the coin of the first level after the first try. So, as you can not cancel a checkpoint, you can be stuck in very difficult situation with no coin to help you.

The concept could be interesting but should be more explore as there not is so much management to do right now to win the game. Also I like the music but I don't think it fit this kind of game. But it stay fun to play !

A nice experimental game. May the tone is a little pretentious but the control of the pixel are good, the beginning is intriguing and it is pleasant to explore the generated levels. And as I did not know what was the perlin noise, it earn me something ! 

Thank you very much for your comment ! You are right about the interface, there a lot of way to improve it and using the numpad could be a very good idea !

Simple game but fun to play with a nice aesthetics and a fluid gameplay.

There is still some collision problems and the controls when you are a platform are not very intuitive but It is still fun to play anyway and the concept is interesting !

Good visual and music and fun to play but very difficult.  I think you can add a little more time at the beginning of the game. Also, I think there is a bug because  sometime died on a near the second mill platform without reason. But good game !

A simple concept, but an excellent level design with unique ideas in each levels (and there are a lot of levels) and a difficulty neither too hard or too easy.

Looks very fun but the speed decrease too fast and I can not progress in the game.

Completed 13 levels on 15. The gameplay work well  but is a little repetitive. Also the purpose of the yellow antenna is hard to figure at first. Good job for making all this levels !

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A little hard to understand at first but fun to play after that even if difficult.

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The idea, the feeling and the visual are all very good and suitable for a small game. But the game crash when you go to the left at the beginning (that would have been a nice twist to put the tresor right on left).

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I liked the minimalist graphism but I get a Victory screen before I understand the purpose of the game.

Not really in the theme, but good visual and music. Also, I find it a little too much difficult.

The beginning is a little too much difficult compared to the rest of the game but the aesthetics is excellent.

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Next time, try to add a little more difficulty to your game ! Here you can finish the level very fast only by jumping.

(and read this : https://www.fbi.gov/news/pressrel/press-releases/fbi-releases-2015-statistics-on-law-enforcement-officers-killed-and-assaulted)

But you can push them from the top of the buildings and this is a little fun. But it is bad.

And it is not good to encourage violence against cops !

The gameplay is too simple but the design is nice.

A good idea but I think the game is still bugged because I could not jump when I touch the ground.

A funny little concept with a real difficulty that makes it interesting to play.

A game with a very good ambiance and an original and interesting concept. The 2D assets are very nice ! But I think it is still bugged : I could not give command to a client even after choosing the good colors but I can pass the rounds until the end if I select an empty table.

Nice visual but hard to control as you have to use the space bar to jump, the arrows to turn and the mouse to control the camera.