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Thank you for your feedback, I am glad it gives you that kind of feeling !

Very interesting game ! I liked how the gameplay is a mix of different genres : a mix between plate-form and rythme obviously, but also with some puzzle game aspect you have to choose which colour is the  more efficient to finish the level easily. The sounds give a nice mood to the game and the visual is good enough. I don't know if it is a bug but around the third level, I reached the black exit but nothing happen. Otherwise it was fun to play !

Great and catchy introduction for a very original idea ! Hard to fit better the theme than this one ! Sometimes the controls can be a little frustrating, for example I had the impression to not touch the ennemies even if the pixel was green, and also it take me a little time in the first level to understand that I needed to listen my foot step to understand where the wall was. But overall, it succeed to have a very risky and strong concept while remaining accessible and fun to play !

The is an interesting idea, well designed and that fit the theme. The levels are challenging without being too hard. The is a lot of content with original puzzles. I liked the minimalist aesthetic even if the bloody effect was not really the overall visual. Apart from that, there is not too much to complain, great job !

The game need more interactions and challenging gameplay mechanisms as other comments mention but this is a very interesting  starting point to create an original gestion games ! This kind of concept could really encourage the player to think about the balance between the elements comparing to other gestion games.

The game need more interactions and challenging gameplay mechanisms as other comments mention but this is a very interesting  starting point to create an original gestion games ! This kind of concept could really encourage the player to think about the balance between the elements comparing to other gestion games.

Thank you, I am glad the difficulty dit not bother you !

Very good game, very challenging ! It will be better with some sounds and music but the minimalist visual is very nice, I liked it ! The only one button control used to change the rotation and the fact that you need to use the tips of the triangle to kill the enemies are simple but interesting and elegant  gameplay idea !

Very good game, very challenging ! It will be better with some sounds and music but the minimalist visual is very nice, I liked it ! The only one button control used to change the rotation and the fact that you need to use the tips of the triangle to kill the enemies are simple but interesting and elegant  gameplay idea !

Original idea ! The way the font change at each quote is clever. However I would like to have a little more controls on the course of the game, for example by letting the player move freely to explore and find the quotes by himself or if you had to click on the good word of the previous quote to go to the next one. But each quote is an interesting quote on the theme ! Good job !

Thank you for your feedback ! You are right about the difficulty curve, some hard puzzles happen too early in the game. A smaller matrix could be a good idea to begin with !

Certainly one of the most intriguing game I have played in this jam. My main complain is that I could not grab a cube anymore once I put it on the ceiling and it was very frustrating. Also it is very confusing as we have no explanation on what to do so I think most of the player will give up quickly but personally I found it was this that the make its charm and singularity. But it still could benefit of some easier levels at the beginning as it is very hard very fast. The fact that the main mechanic is to make experiments to understand the rule associated with elements that looks identical is very interesting and it distinguish the game from other puzzle-game where the goal is to exploit some rules rather than understand them. Somehow, it is like making our own scientific experiment ! I also really loved the visual and the mood, it remember me a game name "Antichamber". 

Finnish it and I only lose 6 oxens ! The idea is super original and fit the theme very well ! I don't think I ever played a game with this kind of gameplay, it is really well found ! It is challenging but has you can start from where you loose the last time, there is no risk to being stuck. Graphics are also nice and it would be perfect with some sound and music !

Excellent game, one of my favourites ! There is a lot of very original and clever ideas in the level design and in the way we had to solve somes puzzles. It is also very various as sometimes is more about rhythm than solving  puzzle. The "desync" feature is a very nice trick but it deserve to be better introduce as I don't think I could find it by myself if you did not help me. The 1 fps aspect and only one objet puzzle make it fit the theme very well. The minimalist sound and graphics are good enough, it is challenging without being to difficult so and there is not much to complain. Very good job !

I is a little annoying that you need to restart from the beginning when you die, I would like to have some checkpoints. Also, it is a little frustrating that you collision box change when you are only rotatin as sometimes you manage successfully to jump on the border of a plateforme but you still die you because the rotation make you fall. But otherwise it is a nice little game fun to play and I liked the minimalist aesthetic.

Excellent ! I only could get a score of 7 as the game is very difficult but it was very fun and challenging ! I tried to orientate the bullet so it sweep all the screen like we do in breakout but it always end up killing me more often than the enemy ^^ I liked that you can have different strategies (let the bullet move as it want or take the risk reorientate it) and also the retro mood of the game with good visual and sounds ! Very good job !

Nice idea, I liked it ! At first, he score counter was confusing as it keep increasing even if you just pick random number so it distract me of the main goal. Once I understood that all the operations were linked and that I needed to get a result of one, it became interesting and challenging. There is only the division by a large number that feels a little like cheating as it will put most of the number to one. Good job !

The minimalist aesthetic, with the circle bouncing inside poem written in square while this poem is read, is very intriguing and pleasant. I was thinking the style of the text was tied with which part of the poem was currently read be it doesn't seem this is the case. I would like if the switch between the style was less random. Overall, it was an original and relaxing experience !

Great ! I tried again ! I still think there is bug (a real one ^^) at the last question where the game ask the player if he liked it (I anted to answer YES of course ! But the game freeze...) but until that it works well and it was very amusing and original ! The key mapping vas a little unintuitive and it makes me do a lot of stupid mistakes but doing stupid mistake is in line with the main concept so it is not a big issue. Even if the game freeze at this moment, the last question was very well found !

Very fun ! I really liked the pression when you pick a bullet and need to shoot it before you get too big ! 

Very funny, most of levels arrive to surprise the player in different ways. I was not expecting the game of life one ^^

May be the sound can a little annoying and the difficulty to easy as I did not need to use the past/futur vision to finish the game but as the main interest is its surprising concept it is not a big problem.

Good job !

Thank you for your feedback ! You are right about  the persisting state after retry. I would have liked to have time to implement it even for me when I was building some puzzles ^^

Thank you for your feedback ! About the theme, the main idea is that there is "only one way" to control the snake that is to put some "ones" in the matrix. Only the the bits set to one change the behavior of the snake. I also tried to build some puzzle where you need to find a solution by changing "only one bit".

Very interesting puzzle-game ! 

At first I was very confused because the "desappear when in cross" is very unintuitive as well as the fact that you can jump over your clone. I think this mechanisms must be more smoothly introduce in easier levels at the beginning of the game ! But once you understood the rules, it become very challenging and interesting as the gameplay is original and you have to figure out some ways to move on the map without leavind behind all your clones !

I still want to solve Observer 2.0 ^^

Simple idea but with a nice execution ! 

I could not get the second key as the instant death is very punishing. May be a life counter system could be beneficial to the experience. But it is still amusing and challenging ! I really liked the fact that you can not kill the ennemy, it give an aspect survival to the game that we don't see often in this kind of games!

Score of 16, it was fun to play ! I liked the main screen where it is challenging to even start the game and also the one where you have to throw a paper in a basket is amusing !

This also taught me that that I am better that I am better to sort waste than save the world but I am still pretty confidant that I can save the world if you let me use all my fingers...

I don't know if it is only me but the size of the window is to small to display the all game. May be you should try to change the viewport dimension on your project page or check the option to allow fullscreen.

Very ingenious idea with a good execution !

I really liked the fact you don't only need to solve the problems in your head but after that concretely realise this operation by pushing the elements on into the others.  The goal of the game fit the theme very well and it is nice gradually simplify the puzzle until there are only ones.

My main complain would be that it takes me a lot of a time before to really understand how it works. Some of the symbol are hard to understand at first(I still dont understand why there are red lines  and dot behind each number), the count of action that can go in negative disturbing at first as well that some operators need to be destroyed and other have an action counter of one to win. But once you understood, it is fun to solve the puzzle.

Good job !

I liked the visual and choice of colours and even if the puzzle is classic the town feels big. I like that you add some unnecessary details just for the immersion like the fact that you need to knock three time at a door even. This is felt that you ran out of time as there bugs and collision problems, it is very hard to control the camera and it lacks of sound but I still managed to complete my mission (but did not find a dog to pet at the end).

I hopeI never see a pig eating a chicken ^^

I would say, even if it is a jam focus on design, that the game could benefit from different animations when the avatar is on the ground or floating because I thought for a moment that the avatar staying in the air was a bug as I was expecting a gameplay similar to VVVVVV. So a different animation/sprite when we are on the floor or floating could help the player to understand more intuitively that, even if it touch the ceiling he can not "jump back" and that staying in the air instead of continually going up is a feature and not a bug. As for the suggestions, I think it could be nice to add some challenges when you backtrack the level as I thought it was an interesting part of the game that could more exploited. Also, if you want to make more level, It could be interesting to add some "puzzle" level where you have to switch the gravity on and off to solve it ! 

It is a nice game with a simple mechanic but a very pleasant level design. And at the end, between the final boss where it looks like you play a breakout where you control the ball, the very funny narration and the fact that you can backtrack the level with the gravity on, the game truly become excellent ! Very well done !

The game is very pleasant to play ! It is simple but the concept of delivery is nice and it has good controls and very pretty graphics. Of course, it is very short and easy so the player do not have the time to really enjoy the gameplay but it only lack of some challenging levels and some music and sounds to become a funny little game !

I found the concept very interesting ! the player has to accustom his brain to this 380° view, this is disorienting but very fun as all the simple action as turn left/right  or look behind become challenging. It also give the game an interesting render where the screen looks like the field of view os a fly. There is some very nice level design idea like the time where you have to shoot a target while being dragged by the grapnel. However, there is also some that are tedious : I did not understand the utility of the shield (expect when used with the grapnel) as the yellow beam does not hurt you and I found myself stuck where there is a red button behind a glass wall room where I did not find how I could go in. But it was an interesting experience !

Good job !

It is a very good parody where the comic effects of the gameplay succeed to be very funny ! With a easier difficulty, it could even offer an interesting challenge as it as some nice idea like the fact that you see in front of you and give and order in the same time or that you have to write quickly some words to avoid an accident. As it is, the game is may be too difficult to let the player fully enjoy this features but they are still very interesting !

Good job !

I still did not decide if this game is a method of relaxation or a method of psychological torture but it was fun to play anyway. The fact that you have to take care to not create an accident with the others car/tree make it very nice and funny ! Also, we definitely need this law the ban the tree near the highway ( and a law to ban the yellow car form the earth) !

This was very fun and very interesting !

The gameplay create a lot of interesting situation where the player has to choose where to put the the hard room/the healing room/etc...

The game also have a good difficulty where the room are not so hard but the punishing dead still maintains tension and challenge.

The only things that was a little frustrating was that the avatar moved too fast so the platformer part of the game was a little tough but apart from that it was a very good experience !

It is done, I left you a comment  ! Thanks for playing mine.

Thank you very much for your comment ! I am really glad you appreciated the originality in the core mechanic as the originality is my first motivation when I make a game and only after that I tried to add a good feeling to the game to embellish this mechanic. I was also annoyed by the time the text take to be removed/rewrite when developing the game ^^, so I will definitely add the feature that you describe if I release a post-jam version.  

(I wanted to try your game but unfortunately I only have a mac and I did not succeed to launch it on it :'(   

I got 113 !

Good job ! The game is fun to play even if it become a little repetitive after a while. Just one remark, I took time to understand that I had to click on continue at first, as the gameplay do not ask the player to use the click button, it is a little unintuitive to use it only here.

Very well done for a first jam ! 

Thank you for your feedback ! I will try to release a little more friendly version. I only use the java library version of Processing that is a very basic tool for displaying image/text and geometric forms.