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Thank you for reporting the problem! Can I ask which browser you were using when it happens? I tested in chrome and firefox and it starts normally.

After many many tries, I finally passed the one minute best time  ! The catchy sound and animations feedback and the perfectly balanced difficulty alterning really hard obstacles and simple one to let the player rest a little make this game one of the best of the jam in the fun category. Nothing to add or remove, there is already everything it needs to make the player wants to retry and retry until he beats its previous best score !

This is a nice and original game. ! It is great to have this kind of complex emergent gameplay in the jam and there are many interesting ideas like building mountains from volcano or all the interactions between the two goddess. May be the UI could be a little more intuitive and smooth. For example, having a sound when we select a power rather than when the mouse cursor is over the button, showing the power currently selected, grouping some power like the one to make the sea and the rain, or having some ingame indications on how to use a power rather than the hint written in a separate page. Also it seems there are some little bugs (I was some time blocked after creating a volcano or needed to click two times to launch a power) but nothing too important. The retro populous like style with the goddess animation make the art is very appealing, I liked it very much ! The sounds was a little too realistic (for example the rain sound) compared to the art, some 8bit sounds could may be fit better the mood of the game. Good job for this ambitious game !

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Here is my masterpiece !

This is an interesting mechansim well exploited by the level design. It is a little complicated to understand at first but it is fun to play once I understood how the game work. I liked the way to clear a level is not to find a key or put the block at the good position but, at the end, only finding a control configuration where jumping when moving become possible to reach the endpoint. My main issue was the rythm that is quite slow. It take time to clear a level so it can be a little frustrating when we die and need to restart from the beginning. It would be good to have a button to cancel the last step. Also as the four square where the player can move are colored in blue it is no more possible to see if it is a purple square or not so I died several time because I didn't know that I was moving on a purple square. I liked the 3D art and the animation of the character, it was cute. The music was also good but it will be better if the transition between each loop of the music was smoother.

Amusing mechanic ! The physics of the rope was a little buggy but in a funny way. It was amusing to test what it was possible to with it. I am not sure I solved the levels as it was expecting by the game. However the connection with a green block was a little frustrating as sometime the rope was not connected even if it was touching the green block. The green wire mechanic to enable/disable a block was also interesting to add some puzzle elements to the levels !

Also I was able to avoid death by using the rope as a boat !

I checked your ten files with my sentient bytes and didn't found any virus, very well done !

Excepting the level 6 that had a difficulty a little frustrating, all the levels had a challenging difficulty with interesting ideas ! I think that you succeed to propose different kind of puzzle in each levels with only a few mechanisms. The arts, sounds and music were also very good and I appreciated all the efforts on the introduction and transitions between the levels, it makes the game very catchy and give it some personnality !

The game was  fun to play even if some aspect was a little frustrating. 

The level design was very inventive and challenging ! The 2 characters control mechanism give good puzzle and it was interesting to plan the differents steps needed to clear the level. The difficult timing when jumping and the hitbox of the damage was sometime frustrating and may be it would have been better to focus on the puzzle part of the game without having platform difficulty. I was mostly motivated by finding a solution to solve the level and it was sometime annoying to die because of the jump without being able to test if the solution was working. But the good level design keep me playing anyway !

The grabbing/interacting was a little confusing (I didn't understood at first that I had to keep G pushed for grabbing, I didn't understood how some box was suppose to help to clear the level, I thought the interaction was not working because the character need to be a little on the side of the object for interaction).  The music when finishing a level was may be a little too loud but otherwise the art and sounds were good !

Thank you very much ! 31 is the best result that has been reported, congratulation !

It is a very nice design, I liked the pink visual but this is very difficult for me because I have to create many commands and I execute this commands then it move only a little and then I need to start again with new commands. Sometime it was frustrating to not be able to continue from the same position just to change a little the value of a command. But on the other side, this was a challenging game and it was satisfying to reach a checkpoint !

Really original concept with lot of clever ideas ! I seems there is a lot of bug  (the second checkpoint that is not working, the noclip mode that make you go through the top limit of the level) but it stay fun to play. I specially liked to use the lag to jump while falling or the fact that once you get used to the high lag mode, it is hard to come back to the low lag mode.

Thank you for your comment ! If you mean does the tests sentences has really been written by an AI, this is the case, they all have been generated as explained in the game (even the ones that sound funny). Thank you very much for mentioning the frontend generator with GPT-3 ! I did not know that and discover this video thanks to you, it is really interesting, I hope to learn more about it ! 

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Thank you for your feedback ! I am glad that you liked the story ! It was not supposed to be such a story based game at the beginning but I had fun playing with the voice generator and terminal animation so I ends up adding a lot of text. You are right about the cursor problems, I also noticed it but it was already really hard to have this 2 fonts effect on unity and I haven be able to do better than that. 

Excellent idea, very original, I liked it very much. Some of the puzzle can be a little hard to figure on our own, I had to used to walkthrough for the first one and for putting the poster numbers. It is specially hard for the first one I think when the player don't know yet what the game is about. May be starting with an easier one will make less player look to the walkthrough. The one based on the resolution was really clever and it is nice that the last one was based on two different ones, it makes the game less linear. I was a little disappointed that there was no effect of the settings on the "real game" (no music after the music is enabled, no way to move freely after the end, ...) but overall it was very smart and very enjoyable puzzle game !

Interesting idea with pretty visuals ! I reach the level 5, after that it became complicated to handle all the minions. The jump can be a little frustrating and I would like to be able to use the bottom door to directly access the top of the level like the minions. It is a nice touch that each types of minions has its own way to move with its own speed, it add some chaos to the gameplay !

I spent almost half an hour to :

  • learn to make little smooth jump to be able to move on the left or on the right
  • understand the good distance from which a upper platform can be reach
  • learn how to make to jump by carefully choosing a good orientation before releasing the space bar
  • learn to quickly spin around at the middle of the jump because the platform can not be reach otherwise
  • carefully manage my life point because most of the platform can not be reached without hurting yourself
  • suicide myself when I was hurt  too soon to have enough life for later and take care to not move while dying to not be hurt as soon as I respawn

And with that, after a lot of deaths and retry, I finally managed to pass the first screen where is written the text that say to use space to jump and the left/right arrow to move (thank you the game, I really appreciate your help), before to abandon at the second screen when I saw this electric plant that instant kill. So I would say that the game is very pretty with nice pixel art, sounds and music and, I suppose, kind of fun because I spent some time on it, but also that there is a possibility that may be we can consider that the difficulty is a little too high (at least for a first screen that explain to press SPACE to jump)...

I really liked the aesthetic of the game. The retro 3D with the smoke and light effects looks very good. and the music fits well. I would may be like a gameplay to be a little more punchy for this kind of game with may be more feedback when you shoot or kill an enemy, but it is still fun top play.

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Well done ! The idea is simple but is quite challenging and fun. The graphics and sounds fit well. It is nice that the game start easy and then the difficulty increase. My main complain would be that it did not seem very useful to move the ship while we can avoid all the obstacle by shooting laser. Just adding some bonus/resources to pick up to force us to move the ship would be great !

Very Good, you are the best for now !

Having a gameplay based on exploring a family graph is very original and interesting ! It can be a little tedious but it is nice to discover this kind of experimental game. I would it could have been better to only rely on the name of the family members because I felt like relying on the colors made the challenge less interesting. Otherwise the game is well done !

Nice pixel art  for the blue running guys ! The game is working but the it needs at least some difficulty or challenge and may be a little sound effect while jumping to make the player engaged in it.

The visuals (space distortion, space view, ...) are all really well done and it makes the atmosphere really intriguing. The game offers various kind of experiences in a short amount of time (using the terminal, moving in the upside down world, suddenly going to space ...) so it keeps the player engaged. My main main complain would be the lack of music/ ambiance sounds that could be proper for this kind of adventure game, and also the sensitivity of the camera that can be a little frustrating. But overall, very good job to have being able to tell a short and understandable story  while dealing with a strange atmosphere, time-travel and extravagant twists.

Very clever gameplay that mix both the idea of loosing some controls but also to use the lost control to make platform or killed enemy ! I would liked to have some levels that explore more the possibilities given by this gameplay. I felt that some of this levels idea were very similar (using one or two controls to make a plateform) and the main challenge was to figure out which action we need for the rest of the levels but it was difficult to know that other than with try and error. I was also a little confused on why the controls used moved when I jumped on them but may be it is just a bub. There is also a bug when you die killed by an enemy, you can continue to play but otherwise the game is well made and fun to play. 

Finished the 6 levels !, The last one when we need to rebound was quite hard but still challenging. The sounds when sticking or rebounding was quite good. It take a little time to get used to the gameplay at first (not being able to move while in the air, how the red cells work) but after that it was quite fun to play.

I was a little lost on how the game works at first but I saw your screenshot with some explanation and it became more clear. Some mechanics are still a little confusing (what is the roll dice of the enemy, what are the consequences of loosing or winning a combat, some effect of some cards), but managing our dices to face random event event in both exploration and combat quickly become really fun. I think there could still some improvements in the mechanisms for making the game really addictive (may be sharing the combat dices and the explorations dice to have more challenge and uncertainty, being able to get some dices with random values after a combat instead of just refilling automatically the 6 values, ...) but it is already a good base for a nice idea !

Thank you very much !

Thank you for playing !

I really liked this graphics inspired by computer science and to have wide levels with big obstacles that you need to get around slowly by kind of flying over block that you create. I think you just need to fix some small issues (better camera sensibility, fixing collisions boxes, adding some sounds feedback) to make it really fun.

The ambiance is already good with some nice graphics and a music that matches the mood. I would say that the next things to add are some sounds when attacking a fixing the cursor (when I want to go 2 tiles up, I need to put the mouse cursor 3 tiles up for examle), then having more options, more things to do.

Nice pixel art ! The idea is simple but works well. It just hard to understand at first, you should may be add some explanations on the description of your game.

Nice game with a catchy music and good 3d art. It is just frustrating to not being able to climb the building while playing a gorilla.

Nice game. The 3D graphics are well done. Move the boat by moving the man inside it is fun. However, keeping the balance while fruits are falling can be a little frustrating as it is hard to understand how to get rid of this fruits.

Great idea that make the failure very fun when you still need to wait for an authorization while an asteroid rush at us. The voice acting is interface is also well done. However, may be a little too frustrating to playing it a long time.

Good idea, it is just a little too hard. It is nice to be able to switch between top view and first person view. I would like some kind of slow mode when we are pressing Q because it is hard to give the good command at the good moment.

Really like the visual, the pixel art and light effects are well done. However it is really hard to understand how to move. I think you could add some explanations on the gameplay on the description of your game.

The mechanism to switch between screen is fun and works well but it is currently very hard. Only be able to score less than 10. I think the game be more fun if a little easier by putting less enemy. I think having just square for this kind of game is perfectly okay but just adding just a little sound when shooting could really improve the experience.

Very good atmosphere. This vertical and monochrome levels made of lights, gears and columns feels very strange and impressive. We really want to explore them. Unfortunately, it was really hard to orientate myself and to use the grappling mechanic. I would like if the way to progress though this environment was more easy and may be having more feedback (sounds for example) when using the grapple. Also, I think you need to add in the description the we can run with SHIFT. I failed many time at the second jump because I did not understand it.

Nice idea and I liked the magic physics but I am not sure how we are supposed to move. Is the only way to move is to rotate and then to be "propel" by your magic or did I missed some other way to move through the labyrinth ?

The idea is simple but it could be interesting if there was more mechanics to incite the player to continue to grab the apples. Also, having the apple respawning at the same position make that we can just stay were we are and always pick the same apple. It would be more interesting if we were forced to move constantly.

Thank you for comment and for your feedback on the difficulty of the game. As I knew the original sentence, it was hard to judge by myself.