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We're sorry to hear that you had issues, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I looked up the error, and it's apparently to do with the 60FPS limit we set. I don't entirely think it's what's causing your 1FPS issue, it might help if you tried playing on a different browser. All our games for instance seem to have issues on Google Chrome. If that still doesn't work, we plan to add downloadable versions when the voting period for the jam ends.

-Mark (Kole)

Thanks for saying. We really think so too, that with polish we can really make something special out of this. Unfortunately the pull ability assigned to the right mouse button is very weak in this build: it drains stamina faster than the LMB for very little reward. Now that we've had more time to playtest, and have gotten more feedback in general, we're really starting to iron these kinks out and are excited to have a more finished game to share soon.

Thanks for your feedback. Board layout is something we plan to be more careful with as we continue work on this game, in particular we're replacing the fast moving bumpers with something more sensible and giving the player a bit more control over the ball.

Yep, thanks for playing our game! Protip: the right click can be used for finetuned movement and slowing down if you're going too fast.

I haven't seen this many pinball games either in a jam, I'm glad to see there are some pinball wizards in our midst. I'm glad you liked the game, the learning curve takes some getting used to. We're adding some gameplay modes that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

The bugs rotation is purely visual until you click then the bug moves to the appropriate spot and the ball reacts accordingly instantaneously while the bug may look like it's catching up. I do agree that the abilities could use some adjusting, we're working on that for a future update after the voting period ends.

Thanks! I agree we've been fine tuning some of the mechanics since release, they'll be pushed after voting ends.

Understandable, we were going for the obstacles really standing out so that you could avoid them better, but due to time restraints we couldn't get as much done as we wanted. We'll be updating the game after the voting period ends so look forward to it!

Thanks! Glad to hear you liked it.

Yeah, a few of us got high scores of 0 as well. Also yes that's exactly what we were going for, unfortunately we have heard about some out of bounds bugs probably because of bumper funny business. Thank you for playing our game!

Good concept, gameplay, and visual effects. I'm just not crazy about the level design. The preciseness required for the later levels, especially when you're given a limited paint supply, contrast against how open and energetic the gameplay starts off. It's a bit of a difficulty spike I think. But regardless, the sharp nature of the controls keeps the game enjoyable from start to finish. There's definitely a lot to like here.

I really like this concept. The game is great as-is, but I think if you continue working on it you could really make something special out of this.

Really interesting concept. I think there are some design aspect that need improvement, one really nice addition would be some kind of path or animation that plays when each piece moves so you're not blindsided by the instant jumps. There are also some tricks you can do in this game that aren't allowed in regular chess. For instance, there was nothing stopping me from jumping over pieces. I could take a brook, and instantly use it to take the opponent's brook on the other side of the board. Either way it's a pretty good concept, and the enemy AI seems to be really well programmed.

The graphics, sound, and gameplay all work great together. The difficulty curve is nice and gradual. The theme isn't entirely unique, the overall game design is top notch. I love it.

it was neither of those, out in the open, away from towers and erratically spamming the button, clicking, both, to get anything to happen.

The text disappeared on the bottom right before I could read it, do you always find the one? I wasn't able to get to the girl on the far left so I think it gave me the one next to her. At least MrTubbs200 is happy I guess.

Going in I thought this was going to be an Epic Battle Fantasy clone, but I was pleasantly surprised! This is a lot of fun making different builds, I must have gone through at least 5 until I made one bad enough to lose, so I'm glad it's not always a shoe-in no matter what. Unrelated but does Insight do anything or is it just a joke skill? Would definitely pick this up if it was more fleshed out on skills and with more bosses, equipment decisions, dying while grinding etc. Spoilers ahead That one instant win skill made me laugh pretty hard that the grinding suddenly stopped I thought it was a new game + enabling feature at first.

Oh, you can copy paste images, neat. Anyway nice selection of songs, of course I had to play the Astley track all the way through. It's really challenging but fun, the slow downs and speed ups match the song so it's not as jarring to the player when it does happen, with some foreshadowing of the ups and downs there could be a MMD type game here for sure. My only regret is not getting 20k because I got careless and wasn't looking at the score, my original goal was 10k so I'm not too disappointed at all.

Reminds me of Getting Over It, but less infuriating, nice level design and art though.

I guess running backwards and shooting is what I do already in survival games so I'm a little more critical about the theme but still good effort. Standing against the wall and picking them off almost got me surprise attacked so that was interesting.

Would have liked to see more flavor text for having a very high negative score, got to -10, unfortunately couldn't find very many "correct" answers because the guy in the chair is appropriately vague. It's fun but accidentally clicking the wrong prompt and being locked into it was kind of harsh on the 3rd or 4th item and having to start over though.

Near the end the ability to retry a jump without starting over was a good decision for the later levels, especially with the obstacles. Fun game I would have liked to see more done with the concept though.

Took some getting used to playing on a keyboard, agreed a console controller would make this a lot simpler, after figuring out how the gravity well works, the green one is far superior to the red, since there's no lock on how often you can hold it down it's a lot of fun making a wrecking ball of bullets, health packs, and asteroids. That is, until you need that health pack surrounded in dangerous live ammo. I was almost disappointed the gravity didn't work on enemies until I saw it was affecting their bullets, that was a gamechanger for sure.

Interesting concept, it was fun experimenting with the shields to find the optimal way to do it, protip: the optimal way is not to turn all of them on at once, apparently that only causes death. Eventually I figured out a lasting strategy. Nicely done for only 10 hours!

I'm not sure if it's a bug or my machine but it's not letting me place towers even when there's less than 5 of my own on the screen, making early game nearly impossible. And this is with about 13 resources sometimes. It's a shame because I really like this concept too.

This is great, I'm glad someone else had the idea to take out the flippers for pinball as well. The inclusion of different power ups for each playthrough was really creative and added a lot to the re-playability. Very impressive. My only qualm is because it's random I can't experiment as well as I'd like to with some of the items like the sticky bombs. My favorite abilities were the wings and the brickbreaker paddles, the nerf and portal guns were a little bit difficult to manage but it was still fun to experiment with.

Great idea, as others have said the difficulty ramp is a little steep, I liked how the pitches changed depending on if you hit the notes on the wrong times.