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RPG without quest line, grind, side activities - only your 80level vs boss
Submitted by TesloStep — 48 minutes, 17 seconds before the deadline
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You know what, I really like this! Balance is a bit wonky (Ascension came up literally every time I played! :P), but I can forgive that pretty easily in a jam game. It feels a lot like a deckbuilding/draft mechanic. With more content and a bit more complexity, I bet you could get some pretty fun combos going.


The idea could work, but not this way. It's just a "pick 5 cards, hope they're better than the boss' " game -- and they usually are.

Really nice gameplay and graphics, with a bit more time it could be an awesome game i'd love to play


A fun and interesting concept! With a little more polish and balancing this would be more awesome! But we can only do a little in 48 hrs so its still great!


The short loop of lots of level ups and picking perks it pretty satisfying. Unfortunately, like half my runs just didn't really work, too buggy. Wish there was a tad more involved gameplay, and felt mildy on theme for the jam.


I really wish I could play this game, but I can't get the boss to show up. The game starts up, it tells me what boss I'm going to be fighting, and then I pick three different skills/perks, but after that nothing happens. My character just keeps running through the woods forever. What do I do? :(


Mb you pick so called "ascension" perk. It's kinda of joke perk, that makes you run forever. Just try to restart game with button in the left-upper corner of the screen.


I wondered how a RPG without grinding could possibly fun at the beginning, turns out I got very pleasantly surprised ! Having to plan out your build according to the enemy is surprisingly fun, and the graphics are awesome, especially considering the timeframe, so big kudos to you !


Thx to all for your comments!
Btw, we actually had a couple of additional content in plans (for example - class selection, item shop, more bosses with unique way to defeat them) - but, you know, time is merciless.

Speedy game with nice art and some cheeky writing, but not much else. Turns out taking away the grind can leave a game pretty empty. Maybe it could be built up with more and more bosses to defeat? Eliminate the grind and instead just make it multiple boss fights which unlocks multiple skills - basically lifting the grind from minor monsters onto major characters.


Cool. would be interesting if you had to balance skill selection with learning more about your opponent so each skill choice mattered more.


Clever idea with good graphics. Everyone knows that grinding is boring but choosing your skill is fun!
Great job!


Cool idea and very well executed


With a little work It would be nice for some android game


Agreed, I would definitely play this while commuting if it had a bit more content

Nice, simple visuals. RPGs without or with minimal grinding does fit the theme, however, commercial  games with a similar theme have been published in the past (e.g. Half-Minute Hero). Overall this could turn into a fun game if more skill would be involved.


You know? I kind of though this is going to be really boring, just fighting the end boss and that's it.

But here I am now, after 5 playthroughs and having a blast. Choosing the skills was a really fun game, and ended up with a really interesting idea!

If this were to become a "real game", it would need to add a few twists and turns, but for a game jam? Great job.


Going in I thought this was going to be an Epic Battle Fantasy clone, but I was pleasantly surprised! This is a lot of fun making different builds, I must have gone through at least 5 until I made one bad enough to lose, so I'm glad it's not always a shoe-in no matter what. Unrelated but does Insight do anything or is it just a joke skill? Would definitely pick this up if it was more fleshed out on skills and with more bosses, equipment decisions, dying while grinding etc. Spoilers ahead That one instant win skill made me laugh pretty hard that the grinding suddenly stopped I thought it was a new game + enabling feature at first.

Very nice! I love the concept. It nails some of the fun on RPG skill building in a goofy fun package. Perfect for the jam.


Great little distillation of character building!

Really fun! I would love to see more bosses and abilities


Haha, I had some great fun with this one! I will come back for more :D

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