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Swords and Flowers

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The title. YES.

169. Nice.

This comment feels too real.

Thank you!! Looking forward to hearing how it turns out! :D

omg yes


A sweet game with some good narrative sense. It's nice to see games like these pop up from game jams, as debatable as the thematic fit is to people.

Well-polished platformer with lots of puzzler and reflex elements involved. Could totally see this turn into a full game with more challenging levels, and more verticality. There were small issues with how 'slippery' the chicken felt but imo that really stems from how the camera centers on the sleepwalker more than the chicken itself. When the camera slides ahead of you while you move, it can prove a little difficult to even gauge the accuracy of where you're stopping. My eyes can't cope with the weird almost double-vision effect. A really good vertical slice of a game with lots of potential.

Fantastic game that completely took me by surprise with its smooth, intuitive level design. Every turn and movement feels like a delight to discover, but also cheekily laid out by a really smart designer. It's done what most platformers fail to do on the first try, to encourage exploration without stopping its momentum. I played through most of this without even stopping the robot (whose animations are stellar too!). A must play and favourite. Like the summary says, the game has places where you can definitely get stuck.

A favourite in this game jam. Responsive controls, a well-executed idea with a simple layout.

Very fun and polished! May want to expand the screen size to allow more breathing room and to utitilise dodging into its fullest. The holy smite bar seems to go against the theme itself however, so maybe a change to a more detached form of damage/cleanup like triggering traps or automatic bullets when you run out of other enemies?

A cute and interesting twist on the farming genre where you literally 'pull' your plants into full growth. I could see this being super fun with plant variants, better animations for the pulling, and maybe a bigger game or story surrounding the farming. At the moment, there's no real motivation or feedback to harvesting more plants.

The visuals for this is fantastic but gameplay-wise, it could use some more polish, and definitely more time for it to come into fruition. There are small glitches and bugs, like how if you move the laser, you'll kill engineers who have entered your 'body', There's also no real fail state as far as I've played, and the game has no proper ending yet.

Really cute puzzler with some pretty classic, challenging levels. Crashes often on browser however, and it's not exactly breaking the mold although impressive!

Very simple idea with great execution. I love the little character and the art style you chose. The tethering is great and has lots of potential to amp up challenges with moving orbs, blocked paths, and other ways to use the tether. There are some small issues with the bounciness of the tethering however, and it can sometimes to slow to respond so it makes levels frustrating. The screen could also be bigger or just constrained to one frame like Celeste to give more information and preplanning.

This was super fun and creative as a puzzler. Trying to experiment my way around the language was very entertaining, and it's fairly straightforward. Though I'd appreciate an inventory or maybe self-kept note function to remember words, or even a diary which I can flip through to view the notes, boxes, and words I collected. That way, I get a visual reminder of the word without immediately having the meaning given to me and spoiling the theme.

Fun and challenging, but frustrating that you can't start with armoring your core immediately. The first ship that comes in can immediately undo all your work and put you at a full disadvantage.

I LOVE this. Definitely my fav so far with so much charm and polish. I love how you tackled the idea of verticality in a platformer and completely blew past it. Tons of potential to expand into a full game.

Interesting idea but could be fleshed out way more. For a game about blind individuals, there's a startling lack of focus on that blindness beyond a black screen - blindness can mean a greater focus on writing, on audio, and descriptions.

This was a neat idea and cool experiment.

Fun and charming but a little bit too easy. Nothing stops me from spamming the teleports, and enemies are easy to avoid. Maybe give limited teleports, or even 'no-teleport' zones to amp the challenge? Would also appreciate a bigger screen because teleporting can really give you motion-sickness.

10/10 I cried while playing this because of my trauma from academia. On a real note, this was a really intriguing idea but more of a well-written puzzle or test instead of a game. I have limited experience with programming-based games but I'd play this more if I was given more accessible resources and UI for the game eg. instead of a PDF, ground the instructions into the game, and feed us knowledge slowly in separate levels with separate instinctual tutorials. There's a game here, just a lack of level design so to speak.

Cute graphics and fun to experiment with.

Neat graphics with a common idea from the jam. I had some issues with the game in that your sprite is just way too big, and your 'corner wings' get damaged if you even hit by one pixel, which takes away from the power of your shields. Also, the siren noises when you're on low health is way too loud and annoying.

Simple idea with charming graphics. I can see this being more challenging with a bigger screen, more enemies variants that home or move around, and even daisy chained enemies to get that really satisfying feeling when you manage to bash through a chain of enemies.

Interesting idea that your genre without mechanic basically made a speed reflex game.

Very fun, loved the idea!

FOV is way too tight for a pleasant time. Bullets also fly a little too fast to really make use of the karma mechanic to swap, and preplan your positions. Overall a very interesting game in need of more polish. Keep it up!

Pretty neat idea with some good bits of writing. Grammar could be proofread and improved. Really liked the humor, and little clues and cues scattered about. Could see this as a fully fleshed puzzle RPG of sorts.

Interesting ideas!

Great art style and build. Could use a little more depth in both UI and gameplay. The stretching of your jump giving greater speed isn't immediately apparent so it makes it very hard to approach enemies before they shoot you. On the same note, it's impossible to approach an already shooting enemy because you eventually fall into their arrows. There's also a missed opportunity with your jump deleting the 'blocks' where they only delete one with each jump - you could maybe provide more audio feedback of the blocks being crushed for more satisfaction, and maybe having multiple blocks delete depending the strength of your jump.

Good idea but could use some polish. It gets very frustrating that the character doesn't respond as quickly as you move your mouse - and there's an inherent disconnect because you're not actually moving your mouse to move a mouse-like character. Maybe add something to visualise that floaty delay like a string?

Neat idea but could use more polish. Countdown has a weird speedup if you die and restart the same level.

Loved the charming visuals, sounds, and overall build of the game. This was super fun to play! Would love to see an expanded version with powerups like BIGGER BAT, extra life pickups, and more enemy varieties. Super solid, and a fav!

An interesting idea but it isn't executed to its fullest potential. Story games rely a lot on story, and a visual novel without a partner is no exception. I feel like this could be something really good if it was pushed as a topic to its maximum threshold. The concept of talking to yourself, and playing a visual novel about doing stuff alone would be pretty fun.

Interesting emoji text adventure with a lot of meat to it. Certainly not the first of the genre in this game jam, but it really distinguishes itself with a broader 'dialogue tree' and amount of routes in comparison.

Interesting idea with speedrunning potential. I can imagine other elements like puzzle gates and combat to amp up the challenge, and really force you to preplan your speediness.

Super fun and polished! I loved the design, visuals, and soundtrack all in one. There's this super charming casual atmosphere while guiding your silly character on fire through the forest. However, there doesn't feel like there's any sense of urgency because I never really seem to be in danger (my life meter was still in the green-yellow without a water cooler on the first level). The level designs also seem a little random and could be thought out better. There's a puzzle element here that's not being taken advantage of, and you can beat the levels by just bum rushing with trial and (haha) fire.

Also on a side note, the theme of the game feels a little overall weak for the game jam (and this is probably the first one I've noticed). Adventure without Stopping is a little general, and although it certainly qualifies the game jam's theme, it might also weaken your game. Restrictions lead to innovation etc etc.

Again, this was great! Really hoping to see more.

It's a simple idea that really amps up the challenge of the game but taking away control of the ball. A suggestion, maybe make the players the 'wall' instead by letting their paddles curve onto the top and bottom to form your own walls? Would really amp up the game and open up possibilities.

Unique and fun. Frustrating to wait for the belch meter to fill but it's an interesting challenge. Maybe the belch could come out prematurely for a shorter range but still discourage spam to win?