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I love this game, it's so clever and charming : )

Awesome Concept!

Amazing work :D, my first time playing a game that used generative AI, left a really nice impression, great creative use of it. was really surprised to see the responses to my inputs and super amused as well!

Super challenging and with some charm and polish as well, overall super enjoyed this, It was frustrating that i couldn't anticipate the rats movement, spent maybe an hour on this! Good job

Really fun take on a classic game mechanic, really nice fit to the theme as well. Job well done!

A lot of fun moments from this game! The physics, while tricky a times, made the slime do a lot of surprising and funny things.

Hahahah super cool concept for a game. Reminds me of Animator vs Animation

super charming game

Thanks so much for playing our game and sharing! Awesome to see a playthrough and your impressions.

Interesting premise for sure. There is a lot of potential if you can put in some work to have the game teach the player about its rules. 

Might be the best looking game I've played yet  this jam. Really fun too. Things got hectic and cramped quick though

Really enjoyed what you did here. Lots of potential, rn I think this game would benefit most from a sense of strategy. Maybe give the player more incentive to get rid of a bad roll instead of spamming the enemies with every roll recieved 

Of all the games I've played with this concept this has been the best presentation!

Blown away, crazy y'all could create this.

Phenomenal concept for a game, simple and sweet. Also really like the visuals, which gives a unique impression

Incredible artwork! With some more VFX and SFX this could get taken to the next level, as it was tricky to follow the enemy actions when they happened

Awesome game, I could feel myself getting addicted to it

Awesome game and concept once you learn it! Solid jam entry all around.

Fun game :) the game feel was very nice as well, very Vlambeer-esque

A bit confusing but overall enjoyable experience.
(5 stars on the wordplay)

Great example of how fun games don't have to be complex. I can tell if I played any more I'd get addicted. Amazing visuals as well!

Love the artwork

Completed the game! Nice relaxing puzzler.

Very cool idea. Lots of potential!

Lovely game (my brain is a little too smol for it), amazing presentation. 

Love the illustration and aesthetic. Very cute, great work!

Like the idea

Wonderful visuals and animation! Fun game too.

Pretty fun, having one health is a little punishing, with some small balance tweaks this'll be even greater

pleasant game, lots and lots of counting.

great concept, lots of potential

This game was FUNNY! The lame dice was my favorite. Gameplay was all around super clever.

Big brain game. Nice idea!

This game is so big brained!! I imagine getting past the learning curve opens up so much depth here. Very well done!!

wonderful game, very clever too

Nice Work! I really like how I was always aware of how many jumps I had with the circles, that can sometimes be frustrating to think you have a jump and then not. One little thing that I may have missed was the hi score during gameplay. I think it adds to the adrenaline rush to be able to always see the high-score.

Super clever idea, fits the theme well! Wish I had thought of it! Put in a good dose bit of fine tuning (ball/paddle speed/size) and aesthetic polish (y'know, game 'juice') maybe mix in some more game modes and I could see this as a mobile game !

I like this as a potential puzzle-esque twist on wario-ware type games I think that it would be really cool if you could solve each scenario in several different ways depending on what you choose, like if you could somehow avoid the spikes by destroying them with bullets or something. That could really open possibilities up. I really like your game and its potential!

Cool idea and very well executed

I hate puzzle games but I have a feeling that this is really good. It is deceptively simple looking but really involved once you figure all the working parts of the game. Good Job!