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Can't get it to run on windows

Game does not work

Core mechanic worked for me, although wasn't totally new. I'm not really sure how it fit the "only one" theme.

Concept seemed sweet, wish I had 2 people locally to test it out

Cool how platformer - falling equaled puzzle game. Mechanics worked well, and game was polished. I get frustrated with puzzle games like these, but I fully recognize the quality.

Kinda fun, but might be too simple to have more depth to it.

Was a cool experience to play. I enjoyed the story that was slowiy starting to form. Could be a bit trial and error at times. Also, pretty sure this is just basically a point and click adventure game with WASD movement, so I couldn't quite give it a 5 since it didn't really fit the theme perfectly.

Kinda cool idea and great work on the Theming, but ultimately just a pure reaction test.

I really like this idea. I wish I could tell which pieces were which (would that really take so much time?) and the rules of chess weren't implemented correctly, but the idea of real time chess with different speeds of moving is really cool.

Felt like I was fighting the game more than playing it. Really finicky control scheme. Original idea though, and on theme.

Idea has some cool potential, but as is the game is mostly just a pure reaction time test.

Fun concept but definitely bordered on frustrating. 

Clunkiness due to the engine, but it was fun to play! don't know if it would hold up to a full game without tweaking the mechanics of the genre more, but worked well for a game jam game. Lvl 2 was the best, felt nice figuring out how to get by. 4/5

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A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. 

Also legit was so fucking buggy my friend and I died laughing. and dieing teleports you to a random spot on the map several times.

Not to mention you need 2 controllers and 2 people locally to even play it.

the gameplay just hurt the tendons in my hand.  Not an rpg, more like pacman with only 1 ghost and no goal.

Removing a mechanic doesn't mean you just remove everything. This is a walking sim, not an rpg without a mechanic. Dope music though.

Clicker games are horribly unfun skinner boxes

Simple, but kinda fun to play. I liked the art style/music. Good use of mechanic, although could be a bit frustrating.

Surprisingly entertaining for taking the action out of an action based genre. Not much content in at the moment, but I like the idea!

Short but alot of fun! I loved the flying enemies, which were great tri purpose design. You want to avoid them, to not take damage, you want to kill them for money, and you want to keep them alive and under you so they fly up and give you a jump boost! Honestly can't say enough about how well that bit of design worked for me.

On the other hand, the game didn't really feel very roguelike to me. It felt more just like any other platformer, where a death sends me to the beginning of the level. If you hadn't called it a roguelike i would never have associated it with them. Also, my world i played had such an insane amount of ghosts i felt like I had infinite jumps, which took away alot of the challenge.

The non flying enemies just drop right on you with little feeling of counterplay.

I had some nitpicks but I enjoyed my short time with the game and think it's a cool proof of concept type thing that could have a full game. 5/5

Not like anything I've played, pretty polished, nice game feel. Not 100% sold on it matching the theme of the jam, but happy to have played the game. 4/5

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Hookshot is a mechanic i've seen before (reminded me of worms ninja rope) but honestly its fun and it works and I really enjoyed playing it. 5/5

You know, you actually are right and it fits the theme of the Jam better than expected. But the title of "solid dungeon crawler" and the description "literally crawl through the dungeon" just really frame it to be about the crouching, not the laser traps. It misdirected my focus away from your cool take on the genre, to a small supporting mechanic, if that makes sense.

I might have misunderstood the system, but it wasn't clear how to increase your energy amount. Since energy and iron was the only resource that really mattered, it just felt like a build iron and wait to win simulator. I like the idea of an rts where you don't directly control the AI, but feel like this implementation where your guys just randomly roamed without purpose was a bit too far from what I would like to see. Perhaps if you could generally direct them (attack, defend, patrol, harass etc) it would have been more fun.

Decent execution but ultimately not that different from just clicking lights whenever they turn on, no real depth to the gameplay.

I enjoyed the polish of having voice acting and a game that explains how to play it. I don't really feel like it fit the theme of the Jam "what mechanic was missing?" and the crawl mechanic added didn't feel unique, and placing lasers as primary combat felt more like the main mechanic than crawling. Still fun to play and that was worth something.

Had charm to it, and some fun dialogue. Had no idea how well I was doing, and the way i ended up dieing seemed pretty random. Overall enjoyable, but not really unique. It's just a text tree game, not a jrpg, so not really on theme for the jam. I don't want to be too negative though, I did enjoy it! 3/5.

I think I just got tricked into playing a educational math game. in a good way? 2/5.

Moving by clicking and have the ship follow is not really fun. The game is extremely slow just kind of drifting around waiting for the slow turning towers to finally shoot the guys. Does fit the theme but kinda removed the fun along with the mechanic.

I couldn't really understand the gameplay of clicking guys and pressing C. graphics were buggy and hard to understand. Didn't really "get" the idea. 1/5

I think I got it? Didn't really get much out of it, but I see the idea. I think.

The short loop of lots of level ups and picking perks it pretty satisfying. Unfortunately, like half my runs just didn't really work, too buggy. Wish there was a tad more involved gameplay, and felt mildy on theme for the jam.

Honestly the idea was neat looking, I wish I was good enough to test it out

it felt like it was just "try to click on signs as soon as they pop up" but  I felt like alot of the time it just wouldnt happen. I also didnt really see any reason not to do it. Maybe I just didnt really understand it.

Fits the theme really well. Takes away a normally centerpiece mechanic of roguelikes. The combat was a tad frustrating (alot of accidentally walking into things) but actually pretty fun. i liked that there was still run to run progression as you learned the map and where things were (secret potion 2 rooms to the right!) I'm not sure how well it would translate to a full game, but kept me playing till I beat it. 5/5 from me (though i leaned to maybe 4/5)

Some work on themeing/animations, but ultimately the gameplay is memorize 4 buttons then hit them quickly, which isn't really new or fun.

Cute idea, but ultimately only fun for about 60 seconds.

Great gamefeel/polish.  Could have used more ramping difficulty/variation. Running in circles seemed kind of obvious/easy. I like the idea and the theme, could have a good mobile game here with tilt controls.