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A detective game without a detective
Submitted by Eugene (@eugenypankov) — 4 hours, 11 minutes before the deadline
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I am stuck on "Must grab the cash and get out" after umpteen tries... could you please post a walkthrough or hints? Are the "lottery" and "mugged" theories red herrings? I'm missing one final fact to manage to accept or reject them.

Great unique fun game, though.


Was a cool experience to play. I enjoyed the story that was slowiy starting to form. Could be a bit trial and error at times. Also, pretty sure this is just basically a point and click adventure game with WASD movement, so I couldn't quite give it a 5 since it didn't really fit the theme perfectly.


i think there is a gmtk video talking 'balt detective games, realy cool idea, clunky, but, well done, the starting sequence got me sooo confused and amazed lol, the black screen and his thoughts serving as tutorial? genius,the game got me surprised in good way, i think fun is the word i'm looking for. 4/5


Really cool idea - assembling the story. I dont know if the implementation works, though, becuase I found myslef just clicking theories and evidence randomly to find a match.

Maybe if information were given more slowly, or if different pieces were allocated in different ways?

Either way, really cool game.


Bit trial and error sometimes and it needs some polish, but I think this is my favourite game so far, great work! 


The concept is great, and so is the emerging story. Dramatic irony is extreme in this game, and super fun. However, there are lots of UI issues especially when you spam the Brain button which disappears your facts. I also didn't know you could use spacebar to interact with things, and couldn't get through the door.


Thanks for the review! The door can be opened once you work out the first theory inside the room.

Yeap, figured it out after restarting the game. I had a bug where all my theories and facts disappeared when I closed the Brain menu the first time around.

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

@TomPoucherGames @IamBatmeme @ewaj the second fade out is actually the end of the game. Unfortunately, that's all I was able to build in the allotted time.

Some browsers refuse to play sound in the WebGL version, but what happens after the fade is the sound of people breaching the door and shooting your character, followed by a new fact: "I am dead."

I am  stuck on the second fade with the "Must grab the cash and get out" fact but no new theory. Does it just end there? No breaching or shooting?


Loved this game! Really liked the idea of it being a drunken mans thoughts and the whole story behind it, unfortunately I also got stuck at the second black screen and I was unsure whether it was an intentional black screen

not really sure if the game has an ending or not.


I really love this one, clever idea with a good execution. Great job!

it does not fit the jam and i can't get past the second black screen

Amazing game, but I agree with the other commentators, I don't know if it fits the theme of the jam.

Even so, outstanding job, though the fade out at the end was a bit confusing, i thought i had broke the game.


I gave it a 4. Not because it needs a lot of polish (it does) but because it doesn't really fit with the theme of the jam in my opinion.

And yet, this is an outstanding idea. I really really like it.


Cool game but I can't open the door. (I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be able to open it)


Not sure if it fits the theme, but absolutely love this one! Cool mechanic of facts and hypothesis.


A really nice entry to the competition. I really wanted to figure out what happened.

I enjoyed the idea behind the game, and I think it could be a really great one if the UI is improved and it disallows trial/error spamming entries.


The concept is brillant. I struggled a bit at the end with the informations coming while I was using my brain. One of the best game I've played so far on this jam


Not bad...not really a subversion since we are still doing detective work...and also sufers from what mark said in the detective games video where I can just guess stuff by trior and error...