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kinda samey

I thought this game was very fun, found myself spamming left click a lot though. the art and them were very fun too.

This is a fun idea for a game, I might argue that you are still shooting the zombies in this top down shooter though.

10/10 loved it so much I played it twice. something very satisfying to hop that little box around. wish there was more and that you had had more time to flush out the hit boxes work out the physics to be perfect.

Hilarious, frustrating that turn left and turn right are the same, this parrot is truly foolish (not a bad design).

not really sure if the game has an ending or not.

This was fun The bullet time was kind of jarring. The keybinds were terrible though, needed two right hands

like this game but don't think it really fits the theme this year

I love the artwork but was not able to tell what actions would lead to what outcomes, apologizing makes you lose "health" sometimes but not other times?

very fun to fly around , push enemies into floating knives, or have them sucked into a spike wall

I really enjoyed this game but did not survive long enough to enjoy more of it. archers are boss monsters filling rooms with unblock-able arrows from all directions!

neat idea

fun game,

I love when you turn the peanut butter upside down an unending glut of the stuff quickly flops out everywhere. was very sad to not finish the game because of random spasms of other liquids not quite working.

Very addictive, hilarious and fun

pretty fun