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Gamble your life away, literally!
Submitted by Suoly (@suolyap) — 10 minutes, 27 seconds before the deadline
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pretty good! one thing i would've have loved to have was a line between each action. Just a simple straight line so I quickly know what's new. everything looked the same so every turn i had to back track and figure out where I was.      Besides that game play was good. 4/5


fun game,


I love the flavor! Every bit of text had a distinct feel. I am spoiled by modern games so user interface is important to me and this is not the type of game. with sexy UI. With that in mind this is the most fun I have had in a game without the crutch of UI to hold my attention. The class system was intersting.... reminded me of pokemon. I liked this a lot and hope the creator flashes it out even more. It is good as it is but because of that fact I am left to wonder how great the game could be if given more than a few hours of development.


This is actually an idea i scrapped like 2 years ago, which was intended to feature fmv cutscenes and SUPER flashy casino-like graphics, but I was happy to see people enjoy the core idea of it in this form! It's given me a lot more faith in the idea, so I may return to it after some time...


Good Entry, I was rereading some texts, but then caught on, and realized it was old, but not a big deal. I wish you luck!

GO check out my entry if you have the chance, thanks :)


Thanks so much man, good luck to you too!


This is really neat.


Thank you so much for saying so ^~^ that's all I hope for at the end of the day!


I really like the concept, it's amusing. It was difficult to keep up with what was new text and what was old though. I kept re-reading several lines of old text each turn to find which text was new, which got frustrating quickly.


I'm sorry about that. That's one of those things I kept having in the back of my mind, but didn't massively bother me during playtesting since i wrote it all myself. That would've definitely been the first feature to add on to the game, had I not worked all the way up to the deadline... Thank you very much for your feedback, and for playing the game as well!


This is a really fun and interesting idea!  The roulette mode is full of tough choices. It honestly made me kind of anxious.  But like, in a good way.


Hey, thank you so much! That's exactly the sort of feeling I was going for ^~^