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Thank you so much for saying so ^~^ that's all I hope for at the end of the day!

Thanks so much man, good luck to you too!

This is actually an idea i scrapped like 2 years ago, which was intended to feature fmv cutscenes and SUPER flashy casino-like graphics, but I was happy to see people enjoy the core idea of it in this form! It's given me a lot more faith in the idea, so I may return to it after some time...

Hey, thank you so much! That's exactly the sort of feeling I was going for ^~^

I'm sorry about that. That's one of those things I kept having in the back of my mind, but didn't massively bother me during playtesting since i wrote it all myself. That would've definitely been the first feature to add on to the game, had I not worked all the way up to the deadline... Thank you very much for your feedback, and for playing the game as well!