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Sienna Blossom

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oooh, I never even considered locking the cursor to the window.  Thats a great idea.  Thanks!

Fun, inventive, and it has great style.  Its amazing you got this all done in a weekend.

I love this game.  Its sprites are cute and the concept is even cuter.  I'd love to see this developed further!

This is a really fun and interesting idea!  The roulette mode is full of tough choices. It honestly made me kind of anxious.  But like, in a good way.

I'm glad!  Thanks for playing.

This is such a cute game...

Pretty interesting idea!  Kinda addicting when you realize whats going on / how to stop the plane.  Theres a bug where if you turn into an object, you can stall the plane for an extended period of time though!

Really good match 3 style game!  Fun, pretty, and the music is good too!

This is the most horrifying abomination to ever grace the earth.  A++ excellent idea.

I got em' in 900 seconds!  Granted, my first 100 was spent not realizing you could leave the walls while you were breaking them...

Really cute, and a super interesting idea..  The music is quite loud though!

This game rules.  Such a fun and inventive idea.  Really tough too!  Figuring out the mechanics on my own was, really interesting.

I'll be playing this on my own time after the jam too.  I, haven't beaten the first level, so I'm not sure if there is more, but I encourage you to design some more levels, and maybe some new mechanics too?

Must play game in the jam in my book.