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Submitted by marbenx — 3 hours, 43 minutes before the deadline
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One of the best in this jam!


This is one of those few times I've rated a game 5 out of 5. Hell, I wouldn't even give my own game a 5 out of 5


Ah, good times....



That was a great deal of fun ! Really liked it !


One of the best games of the jam for sure. Fun to play, great aesthetic. Keep working on this and release a longer version! 


Excellent idea and execution! 


Really interesting idea here. Occasionally was a little frustrating getting timing to work out, since you can't move a window when it's touching the file, but that's just a side effect of the way the game was laid out. Great job!


Thanks! Yeah the windows can't get moved while they're touching the file, but you should still be able to close them by clicking on the top right corner! 

Fun little puzzle platformer. The idea that its a file is cool. However sometimes waiting for the character to move where you want can be boring.


Thanks for the feedback! There's a rewind button in the bottom left which will move the the file back to it's original position so you can make a plan, move the windows into place and rewind if needed to get the file back in place - it's tricky balancing between a fast movement speed for the file (so you don't have to wait) and a fair movement speed so you don't have to manage moving windows too quickly!

Thanks for explaining how I can improve how I play. I'm usually not the best at finding different approaches with a games mechanics so take what I said with a pinch of salt as I'm probably one of the only people to have these issues.

Awesome game. It even distracted me from working *cough* 

Fun game and I love the presentation but, to be honest, if you strip it down to the bare mechanics, the concept isn't that unique :/


Thanks for the kind words! I realised halfway through that it was inadvertantly inspired by Mario Maker (which I haven't actually played), but then immediately after that realised it was probably closer to Lemmings

Gameplay: 3/4 + Aesthetic: 1/1 = 4/5  - Fun and interesting puzzle gameplay that got more mentally challenging as you played (Good difficulty arc). Found that the game used some of its flaws in early sections of the game as mechanics later which was an intelligent move by creator/s of this game. The graphics are definitely interesting with an alright song that didn't get too boring. Wish it was longer, could definitely see this little game becoming a full-fledged game. Enjoyed it  :)


Thanks for the feedback! Initially the windows had no cooldown and could be moved immediately, but that led to being able to just carry the file to the end, which was funny but seemed like cheating! I just wish there was more time to make more levels!

This is a really cool game. It's easy to understand and do what you need to do. I do wish you could click anywhere on the blocks to move them and not just the gray bar at the top, but that's a minor thing. I found this enjoyable, and I didn't mind the fact that I had to wait for the file to come back. I did however get stuck, I put a Block in the wrong place and ended up not being able to move it as the file was hitting it so much that it never cooled down so I had to restart that level. With some polish that would be truly great


I probably didn't get the full experience because I was playing on a trackpad, but really interesting concept and fun game!


Ooof yeah it's definitely optimised for mouse rather than trackpad - I tried it with the trackpad on my Mac and it was a lot more difficult! 


Really cool and interesting concept, I love the implementation, but did get bored rather quickly. I love the game though!!!

It's fun to see how the game mechanics are used.


Simple, fun and challenging


Really enjoyable concept, and it's easy to see how it could be expanded into a full game beyond the jam with more applications. Weirdly reminiscent of Lemmings in places, and gets somewhat difficult towards the end with a smooth difficulty curve. Love how you used the theme to inform the secondary mechanic you added on some levels with the limited RAM, too. Just wish there was a fast forward button for when waiting for the file to cycle back to where I wanted it for starting the process.


Thanks for the feedback! I toyed around with the idea of a "fast forward" button to speed up time... but funnily enough ran out of time trying to get it right!

It was a little frustrating (though I was playing with my laptop trackpad- I wish the iteration time was a little longer, and the hitbox for the folder a bit less strict. But the polish and the concept is pretty great.

The idea is quite creative. I think it's kinda fun.

Pretty nice game,but the basic idea isn't that original,basically it's lemmings with 1 lemming and move-able blocks,it deserves 4 stars easily

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