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Howdy! Amazing game that's worth way more than the $10 (launch price). It has fantastic atmosphere and polish, the platforming is top quality, controls are tight, and level design is great. I highly recommend it.

Congrats on the release, Tim.

Really nice game. It's pretty spooky, and I love the mechanic. It was especially interesting when I noticed elements of the dark world bleeding into the normal world. That was a very intriguing moment that hooked me and I wanted to find out more.

The double jump isn't tutorialized well. Despite having read it, I had already forgotten about it at the first jump. I don't tend to remember things I read. So several times I died on the spike trap trying to get it in a single jump, which had me thinking "Oh.. This must be one of 'those' types of games." Personally I think it'd be better to introduce the double jump 1) after the player understands and has played around with the single jump, and 2) in a setup where they're not in any danger. Like with some terrain jumping.

There's a bit where the terrain drops off into a spike pit. But there's no visual difference between the hole and the terrain that's safe to walk on, other than the spikes so it's hard to see. Personally I felt a little cheated because of it, but that's a bit of personal taste.

Overall great game. I would love to see this concept expanded upon. This has inspired me to play around with masking in Godot.

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Fantastic game. Probably one of my favorites in this jam. I certainly spent the longest time playing this one. The art is absolutely adorable, the gameplay is fun.

All it needs is some polish here and there and you have a solid game. My main gripe would be the flies. Their fire attack felt unpredictable. Most of the times when I took damage it was from them, and it didn't feel fair. I didn't feel like it was my fault. I would maybe only have them attack whenever they're onscreen, and give them an anticipation animation. So the player can see when they're about to attack. That or slow the projectiles down by a lot.

Great music and I loved the momentum mechanic. It was fun and added a nice twist to the platforming genre. Levels were interesting for (iirc from the stream?) being procedurally generated-ish. Great job.

I love the concept of the snake getting smaller as it moves, pretty clever. It's pretty difficult, but I'm a filthy casual when it comes to difficulty. Great job on the game.

Amazing game. It has such a unique feel and mechanic. I see I'm not the only one who found it extremely difficult. :) I got stuck on the one about needing skill and stopped there.

Very cute game, and I loved the overall aesthetic and atmosphere. Controls are probably too tight though. You think it would be a slow turning beast, but instead it's extremely agile. Well done.

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Basic math, ironically my greatest enemy, ha. I'm impressed by the game though. It's very well done. Loved the art and music, and I loved the goofy feel. Even the help screen had me chuckling.

Nice job with the game, it was fun to play.

It was a little confusing at first. It took me a few deaths until I realized what I needed to do. You may want to put the player in a safe space starting out. Let them play around with the controls for a bit, then once they get high enough, start pushing the spikes up.

Having to choose the difficulty after each restart is a little off-putting. I would just have a restart button, then a smaller button under it to change difficulty. I personally wasn't, but sometimes players feel insulted if they're repeatedly asked to choose their difficulty.

Nice game. It has a good difficulty ramp. I would love to see this expanded on after the rating period with some more levels and mechanics.

Interesting concept. Nice music and graphics. It just needs some sfx and feedback when you die. It's sudden a little jarring. Overall good job.

Says UnityPlayer.dll couldn't be found, so I was unable to launch the game.

This is an amazing feature that I would've missed. Thanks for letting us know about it.

Ah, I see. Well if you want a little more info to debug it, the boss would wait then dash at me and repeat and it seemed like I couldn't damage him. I thought the fight was still going.

Scaling the pillar itself was interesting, one of the more memorable moments. I think that after I got the power up, I was supposed to exit left? I ended up going right, putting me back in the "enclosed" area. So to get out I tried jumping through the small gaps.

Nice game. I liked the combat and the jumping felt nice.

At the part where there's a sort of segmented pillar you can pass through and need to climb for dash, my character more often than not wouldn't pass through the holes. It would probably take me 6+ attempts to jump through it. And not sure what happened with (I'm assuming) the boss battle, but about 95% of it I was in slow motion. I ended up quitting there after about a minute of it.

Great game. It's fun. The AR feels extremely nice to shoot (I didn't play around with the other weapons). I love the graphics, they're minimalistic but have a nice aesthetic. You picked an amazing song for it, it really adds to the feel of the game and made me feel powerful/badass.

The acceleration and deceleration feels way too floaty imo, and given that death seems to be so common in this game, I think it'd be nice to be able to fast-forward/skip the death bit. I found myself spamming my [E] key after each death, wanting to just jump right back into it. And I would probably put an unlocked symbol on the doors after you've unlocked them, so that they stand out.

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That first solution isn't clear at all, and I had actually quit until I seen someone mention a hint, which I still didn't get and only realized the solution when the snake moved out of bounds as I was quitting again.

If you want a suggestion, I'd try tutorializing it by having them move down a corridor, tempting them with food, and that corridor goes offscreen. I'll try and make an image demonstrating what I mean.

I really loved the music. It's a very catchy tune.

Great game! It's very fun and I like how you used the arrow tiles as part of the tutorial in one of the earlier levels (When they were introduced I think, or shortly after). Great use of the theme.

I like your graphics and the sfx is good. Level 2 is a really strong difficulty ramp, especially since levels 3 and 4 are relatively easy. Personally I think it'd be better as the 4th level. Great job.

Adorable game, I love it. Well done. Music was amazing.

Amazing game, best I've played in a while and that is not limited to jam games. And so many well designed levels. I was not expecting to find a game of such high quality. Well done.

Amazing game. Loved practically everything, especially the music and art. Personally I think the demon attacks could do with a bit more telegraphing so it's easier to stay in close to them. Great job.

Interesting gameplay. I really loved the music and the splash screen. Collisions seemed a little off. Most of the times I died I felt like I shouldn't have.

Thank you for the feedback! I built a framework that allowed for multiple spells, which was the intention. If I do a post-jam I'll be adding them. I had planned a lightning spell that would do AOE damage over time and a rock barrier that would make them stop to break it.

I love you art, the game looks great. And the jumping is very smooth. Level 2 with the spikes on the roof is a massive difficulty ramp and felt like it needed to be pixel perfect to perform.

I really like the concept, it's amusing. It was difficult to keep up with what was new text and what was old though. I kept re-reading several lines of old text each turn to find which text was new, which got frustrating quickly.

Love your art and the aesthetic is very cute. I'm impressed with the physics, especially the swinging rope. That's something I've yet to attempt. Some of the levels were very difficult, I ended up quiting before getting through them all.

Very amusing game. I kept chuckling while playing it, and it's very fun to fly through the air. Bit difficult to control, but that's to be expected. Well done.