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I don't develop in Unity, so I wouldn't know the method for doing that. :)

Howdy. :) I placed a node on the character, used sin and cos to spin it around towards the mouse, then tweened the weapon away from the hand on the x axis when clicked. If you're familiar with Godot then I added a link to source in the description if you want to browse through it. What you'd want to see would be in and

Ha, yeah. I watched Ric stream my game and I uploaded an updated version with arrow key support, forgot to switch back to gles3 and seen that gles2 removed the particles. Something I'll have to keep in mind for the future. That must've been difficult. Thank you for playing. :)

Howdy. I did, I've included a GLES2 version for you though. It's Windows, so if you need a different operating system then please let me know. :)

Thank you. :) If you like this then I highly recommend a game I did for Kindred Jam recently that was inspired from this but with a bit more time invested and imo better combat system.

That makes sense. Enemy variation plays a major role in the games difficulty and strategies that you use while playing the game. I'd be interested in seeing what you add in the post-jam version. :)

Clearly I'm a big fan of Godot. :) It's such a fantastic engine, especially for 2D development. I used Unity for a while some years ago but felt generally meh about it. I tried Godot and that same day I was all <3 <3 <3. Funny you should mention that video though. During this jam I went back to take a look at that video to get inspiration from Miziziziz's boss in his game, since I found it so enjoyable.

Glad you were inspired enough to join game jams, your game was quite nice and I think you have a lot of potential as a developer, so keep it up and good luck!

Howdy, thanks for playing. :) The reference to the theme is that the death of the old men is required to begin the next level. Pretty weak implementation, but I had orignally planned to make it more puzzle like but never got around to it.

Ah, that's understandable. I'll be sure to include a "The End" at the end to make it clear, thank you. :)

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) Yeah, I had a lot of fun implementing the old guy's reactions. Their reactions to being sacrificed was actually the deciding factor when I decided how I wanted to do the theme. By the end I ran out of time, so the theme became a bit of an after thought, but I still wanted to implement the comedic elements that I had envisioned when I had the initial idea. :)

Fun game that feels very polished, nicely done. I enjoyed the title screen, it got a chuckle out of me. It's extremely difficult, though I'm not really known for my gaming prowess. I found that the enemies move way too quick for me to be able to handle much other than wildly attacking and hoping I'd hit them. Great job on the game. :)

Thank you! Yeah, I'm not too happy with my implementation of the theme either. I was hoping to do a more puzzle like implementation, but focused more on overall gameplay. Thank you for playing and offering feedback. :)

Thank you! I quite liked the throwing of the sword myself. I feel like it's really what really causes the game to shine. Thank you for playing. :)

I too like my metal loud, but alas the sacrifices we need to make, ha. Usually I get the complaint that my music is too loud, so I toned it down this time. I even still got one complaint about it, the scrub (don't tell her I said that). I intend on continuing work on it because I quite like the game. Thank you for playing and reviewing. :)

I like the art style, it gives off a specific retro vibe that I'm particular to. :) I feel like the wrong way sign at the left was calling me out specifically. xD

The parallax is a bit odd, the background parallax moves faster than the midground, which is usually the opposte, and then there's elements behind that which move at the same rate as the midground.

It was a little confusing that I could walk through the spikes given the perspective of the environment around it, and I was met by a dragon looking thing right at the end of a spike trap. Had I stopped moving or went backwards the spike would've killed me, but had I kept moving the dragon would've killed me, so I died at no fault of my own. Unfair deaths are frustrating for your players.

I love the aesthetic, and that music is great. It really set the mood. Every jump is a leap of faith, you can't see where you need to jump or what's down there waiting for you. A peek mechanic could fix this. The pcg levels didn't have any variation or intrigue. It looks as if they're based solely on perlin noise. I bought a heart from the shop but didn't notice my health increase, which makes me think it might've been an extra life thing? If so then that's a bit confusing, I was on my last bit of health and needed it pretty badly, was a bit disappointing.

Great job on the game!

Ooooh. Having the prisoners play a role in the boss battle would be really cool. I'm going to implement that in some way. As well as expanding on the sacrificing mechanic. Thank you very much for the feedback!

Ahh. I understand now. :) Makes sense why I was having such a hard time of it, lol. Thank you for explaining it to me.

Amazing game, one of the best entries imo. The player controls are fantastic, the aesthetic of the game was beautiful, and the take on the theme is very clever.

The spawnpoint system felt very inconsistent to me. Often it wouldn't create the spawnpoint and I wouldn't realize it until too late x_x, which would send me back to the start of the level. This was pretty frustrating. It even happened twice in a row to me (sending me to my previous spawn point and then the start of the level) causing me to audibly "bruuuh". Unfortunately this is what eventually killed my play session prematurely, so I didn't get to complete your game.

Some audio and visual feedback when the spawnpoint is set would be nice. You can't tell it until you move off of the position which lead me to some confusion the first time as to whether or not it worked (causing me to click three more times looking around for some kind of feedback).

Enemies don't look like enemies. I initially thought they were friendly and was going to try and interact with one until the text corrected my assumption. This was confusing and a little odd throughout the play session.

I couldn't tell when I was and wasn't able to collect the little collectables. Sometimes I could see them in both dimensions, but not collect them in the one that I was currently in. At first I assumed I could only collect them in a specific dimension, but then it happened in the other, so I just started ignoring them.

Thank you! I believe I will. I plan to hopefully spend some time this week continuing development on this.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

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The art is so good! The story is enjoyable, I love how it's presented. Personally I had no issues with the controls, I thought they were rather tight. However the levels are very cramped and the hitboxes are unforgiving, so there's no real chance to show it off. The bucket is annoyingly placed, especially for the first platform in the game, though I did find that if you just run forward, stick to the platform for a second, then you'll drop onto the rock below allowing me to thankfully skip that section. Overall the difficulty is extremely difficult. I could only make it to the extruding spike platform but never past it, and eventually had to give up. Having to restart the level with the mouse was annoying. It'd be nice if this were done via keystroke since at no other point during gameplay do I have to touch the mouse, meaning I needed to move my hand back and forth between my keyboard and mouse every death.

Thank you. :)

Thank you for playing and giving feedback! I think I'm going to spend some time this week continuing development, so I'll definately be expanding on this. More enemies, different weapons, and (hopefully) procedural level generation. Some particles would be fun. :) I didn't have that planned at any point, but I like it. I believe I'll add it, thank you!

I certainly got the wide open feel and the experimenting bit, so good job on that. I think it may have just been too many concepts at once. I managed to figure out how the lever and button works, but never managed to figure out the gap.

*Five minutes later*

Right, so seems like you can stand on your former selfs (which I tried before and thought I fell through it). That's a lot to figure out for the very first puzzle. As an alternative, I think it'd be nice to have a section where it teaches the "you can stand on yourself" mechanic. Like a long shallow spike pit at the start of the level, where there doesn't seem like any other alternatives. After failing my first attempt at standing on myself (I believe I even tried it twice), I started wondering if maybe I needed to make a platform appear or just something else that I was missing.

I absolutely love the aesthetic of the game. It has a very particular retro feel that I am specifically fond of. I think with some more work, you could have a really good game. The combat was pretty unresponsive though. The melee attacks seem to happen long after actually pressing the attack button and often they didn't even happen at all. So much so that I found the melee combat to be impractical, and was only able to progress through the game with the imp. (I didn't try the wizard which seemed like another ranged attacker, which looked interesting.)

The lack of sound effects means that the player doesn't get a lot of the necessary feedback which has a massive impact on the game's feel. Thinks like hitting an enemy, taking damage, opening a chest feel hollow and bland without them.

Aww, that's nice to hear. I'm glad the state machine was useful! Thank you for watching the videos.

Oh, gotcha gotcha. xD Yeah, those could've been better. I was going to add some sinister looking particles that moved from the the old men into the portal and give it some demonic art. Don't know how much that would've helped.

Thank you for playing and giving feedback! You'll have to forgive the old men. Their eyes don't quite work like they used to. ;)

The rooms were going to have chests in them where you could get new weapons, but alas. Glad you enjoyed it.

Which circle. The circle of magic orbs that he summons, or the cyan looking shield? If the cyan shield then it was just meant to tell the player that he's invulnerable to damage during that phase. Thanks for playing and giving feedback. :) I will definately add more decorative elements if I continue working on this game. :) I could make it quite nice looking I think with a little elbow grease.

The art style, music, and polish are very good. It looks like a really good game. The gameplay feels shallow however. The only tactic I was able to see possible was to focus all of my attacks on the enemy that dealt the most damage and work my way down. Nobody had any special attributes or abilities that I was aware of, it was just basic attacks so all of my attacks started to flow together and I wasn't even concerned with who was attacking, just which enemy to attack.

The first few rounds I played, I was dealt some challenging battles. Specifically two hammer enemies which seem to be the heaviest hitting. They wiped me out several times before I was able to learn the game with an easier setup. Which makes me think that difficult isn't based on the level but it might be random instead? I think it'd be nice if it started off really basic at first. One simple enemy that the player can learn the ropes on, and give the player the first move so that they're not thrown into the battle wonder what's going on. All four enemies hit me when I first started and I thought I was wasting time doing nothing. So much so that I closed the game to go and read if there were any instructions I needed to know.

The robot's healing seems utterly useless and unless I'm mistaken it's also its only move. It heals less than any enemy damages from what I seen, so it feels like a wasted character slot. Seems like it'd be more annoying having it than not.

Good game, with some work and more deep mechanics I think you could have something quite good, especially given the level of polish and quality of the assets.

That makes sense, it's essentially the same concept you just wouldn't have have multiple people spawned at once. Would simplify things on your end as well. :) Good luck!

The best game I've played for this jam yet. Well done, y'all. I mean, I was terrible at it, lmao. Very difficult, but I'm a bit blown away by how well put together it is. You even implemented a level editor, lol wut? Congrats. :)

It took me a while to understand what was going on with the switches and buttons. Why some would flip and others wouldn't, and level 3 (I believe. First level that introduced the switches and buttons) was a massive difficulty ramp. I still don't know how to complete it. Thankfully there's the option to skip levels. :)

Understandable. :) I had the idea first, I just didn't get around to implementing it as I did. Was going to involve more puzzle elements like escorting them to the portals, or doors that require their death to open which would require you to seek them out like keys.

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Fantastic job! This is very impressive for your first game*! The aesthetic is fun and enjoyable. I loved the music, even had it on in the background for a bit. The mage felt mostly useless, since most of the solutions were to push the priest into the knight. He's there to prevent you from just jumping over the edge, but if he's not involved in the puzzle, then it's the equivalent as not having edges.

Most people aren't going to know that they need to download the .pkg file with the exe, if they even see it. You should zip them up together and post them as one downloadable. :)

Great job on the game! It's a cute game and fun to play. Bit tedious having to repeatedly start over because you're not given enough characters to start with initially, and it's a bit of a guessing game of what will happen.

Pathfinding is pretty tricky, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. What's important is you got the main concept down into a prototype. Though I think a nice feature as an alternative would've been to update the player's target position while the mouse was being held down, that way you don't have to keep clicking. I found myself spamming the click button while moving the mouse to guide the characters around.

Great job. The lil robot is so cute, and the visuals of this game are well polished. Camera turning felt a little too slow for me personally and I had difficulty selecting the specific end of a plug that I wanted if there were another one nearby.

Nice job completing the game! The animals are very well done, and I love that you implemented a hunger system. Let me know if you continue development on it, because I'd love to see what you can do with it.

Bit of a design trap you'll need to watch out for though, since you become your attacker when you're killed, it provides an incentive to allow yourself to die to the cooler animals.

Nice job on the game. Gameplay is interesting and you created a lot of levels. There's a big delay on the jump causing it to feel extremely unresponsive and gravity feels a little low. The attack animation is very long and also feels unresponsive for a character that feels like they should be a lot more quick and nimble. I love the visual effect when you die. That was a "woah" moment for me.

I had an issue with the first required use of the double jump. When you're on a wall, your jump height is shortened, and I thought the game had wall-jumping rather than double jumping. This particular jump was shortened enough to prevent me from making that jump. So I had actually given up on your game until I seen a comment that mentioned double jumping. To prevent confusion, it might be better to make the first double jump requirement longer horizontally rather than vertically. Many people will assume wall jump over double jump if the platform is a lot higher than further away.

Ha, interestingly enough the screen shake code is there. Guess I got too distracted right at the end to ever call it. All it needed was one line of code... Thank you for playing and leaving feedback! :)

Fantastic job on your game! I love the whole aesthetic and the puzzles are very clever. There were a few times where I had to stop and think about how I needed to solve them. The music is very charming and the characters feel great to control, especially the fast green guy.

You added the keypress pause on new levels which is nice, but to increase responsiveness you may want to make it so that new key presses end this timer. If the player presses a key and nothing happens, then that can lead to confusion.

Your jumping is based on whether or not the player had jumping held down, which leads to a lot of awkwardness when you're trying to make that really long jump, so you hold jump the entire time and let off at the last second, but it's too late and your character jumps again. It's a big disconnect from what you wanted to happen and feels very awkward.

There's no feedback when you collect black's keys. This is especially imprtant on the level where you have to jump into the spikes to collect it. My camera snapped back to the orange character before I could register whether or not I collected it, and thus didn't know until I walked all the way over there with the orange character to see that, thank goodness I had and didn't need to restart the level.

Great job on this, it's impressive and a lot of fun to play.