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Thank you! Indeed, I thought Marty and Timmy would be hilarious characters for ZatCD, haha! And Cthulhu mole is going to be such a fun boss.

Yeah, I'm thinking about working on this further. Adding more obstacles and areas. Nothing too big as I'm currently working on Zoe and the Cursed Dreamer, but could be a fun little project in the meantime.

Thank you. :) Indeed, didn't get around to those bits but they will be in the post-jam version. :D

Thank you! It was surprisingly simple. :) I'm just placing sprites down behind the player after they move a certain distance. The tricky part was getting it to mask with the dirt tilemap, which I use a Light2D in mask mode with a viewport texture. Was a bit of work and probably not optimal, but served its purpose in the jam. xD

lol, you're the second person recently to notice that bug, so I'm starting to think I broke it recently. It's supposed to disable the collision for the preview object, but I guess that stopped being a thing, lmao. Will look into it soon, thank you. :) Glad you liked the demo!

Thank you!

Thank you! Indeed, this is the greatest passion project I've ever had. My heart and soul is in this. ♥

Thank you, Joel! lol, that push was exhausting. I'm so glad to be able to just chill out for a bit now and work on the game at my own pace. Also leaves me more time to engage with the community. ♥ Oh I'll make it, no matter what. This game means to much to me not to.

Thank you! I'm so excited for the final version. This is just a tiny little speck of what I have planned!

Thank you! And indeed, that's my goal. You play how you want, I just provide you with some options. ♥
Lafo is going to be interesting. Probably one of the harder characters for me to do, because I have to capture his grumpy but lovable nature. Will be interesting to see what I can do with it!

Thank you! I can't wait for y'all to see what I have planned with the story in the future! ♥

Thank you!

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A cozy open world RPG where you’ll meet lovable quirky characters, live amongst them as a member of the community, and help guide them through the dark and desperate times that await them.

  • Tame the cutest monsters that fight with you
  • Explore an overgrown mushroom cave
  • Or just relax with your fishing rod and bug net by the river.

I post devlogs on YouTube where you can learn more about the game and what I have planned for the future.

Interesting feedback, thank you. :)

The bug catching, fishing, and taming will be expanded more yeah. The first two not greatly so but thet will serve as collectables, with unique variants being found throughout the world, they'll be a way to earn money, and you'll probably be able to decorate your house with them. It's meant to be something akin to Animal Crossing in that regard. I can see how it would be seen as adding them in for the sake of it, but their purpose is to demonstrate the more tranquil aspects of the game. I'm merging aRPG gameplay with a sort of Animal Crossing slice of life genre. Taming will see a lot more improvements as pets will have happiness, skills, learn tricks, etc. They're not meant to be a core part of the gameplay though, just a fun little thing if you like having a pet.

I should add some items to the blacksmith though, yes. To me, shop vendors in games aren't really where I get unique items, they're usually nothing special about them so I didn't think about adding much to them, just a way for you to acquire a common item if you missed it in the forest, or somehow lost it. I'll probably make a new weapon or two to add there. Won't take from the forest because they're there to show you front and center that a wide variety of weapon types exists, and you're supposed to choose the one you like best. Not meant as a progression thing.

This isn't a complete vertical slice, to be sure. It's a demo of the features that I think are more essential to the gameplay, being the character interactions, story, and combat. I have a lot more planned that I'll be working on in the next couple of years, but would be beyond the scope of this demo. Some will get added in later, but I don't want to put everything into the demo.

A time mechanic is intended, yes. :) It's already implemented, just disabled for the demo because it isn't necessary, and I still have to work on the lighting system. It'll affect things like crop growth when that system is in place (just want to say that this isn't a farming game, but you'll have the option to grow higher quality foods for the "potion" crafting system), certain monsters will come out at different times of day, etc.

I can understand the linear frustrations. My thinking was that I only wanted the player to play this demo about 10-15 minutes. If I give them large branching paths then they might get lost and give up before reaching the end. This is just a demo, so I'm thinking most people aren't invested enough to get lost and find their way around as much as they would be in a full game. I wouldn't in a demo at least. When I play a demo, I just want a quick summary of what the game is about. I might create some more branches to explore though, but nothing serious.

I just made one two days ago. :) I put them on hold temporarily to focus on this.

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Fixed, thank you! I'll have to remember to do this for every update, haha.

Thank you. :) Interesting bug with Truffles, I'll take a look. To be sure, you need to interact with him to give him the carrot. If you left or right click then you'll try to eat the carrot which causes that bit of text. My guess is you might've been clicking. I need to do better at that though, I felt like it would be an issue.

Claire getting stuck in the door frame is a new issue, lol. It started happening when I optimized the collision checking to only do so if she was near enough to a wall, so that's probably why. I'll be taking a look at that. :) If it happens again before I can fix it, you can actually give her a little nudge. Her separation logic will push her through the door frame.

Thank you!

You have to dash the tree. :)

Thank you! I'm pretty happy with the updates. The next ones are going to be even better I think. Next one adds a map, and the one after that should add new enemies. ♥

Howdy. :) Thank you for the feedback. You mention that a demo should be a small vertical slice but then mention that the demo is too shallow, which in my opinion goes against each other. A vertical slice is a focused representation of the game's core mechanics. To go into depth with these mechanics would be more of a horizontal slice.

The content wasn't included for the sake of it. I included a bunch of weapon types because the game is going to feature a bunch of weapon types of which I only gave a few. I gave them to you early so that you could choose which one you prefered and play around with it before the game ended, which is why I don't give them later on in the demo because that would be frustrating to get a new weapon and get to kill 2 things with it.

The gameplay loop I have planned is that you will interact with the village, advance their story (bit like Stardew Valley in this regard), run off to a dungeon and do fun stuff there, then come back and repeat. I think I've demonstrated that. Granted this comment is from an older version before I could really implement all of that before the deadline, but my gameplay loop is there.

It would be impossible for me to make a demo with an open world. The open world doesn't exist yet. Railroading  still exists in open world games. Think saving the Princess in Link to the Past, or escaping your prison through the sewers in Oblivion. Usually done at the start so as not to overwhelm the player.

Thank you for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

I will need to do some more optimization first. Due to the complex enemy ai and other various things I'm doing, the game is a bit resource heavy. I built for 32bit, but it's really laggy.

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When the game kicked you back to the title? Currently having an issue in the release version with this. I think Godot doesn't like how I'm storing certain nodes. Game objects get disabled when they're too far offscreen for performance reasons, so that shouldn't be the issue.

I'm looking into the issue though. :)

There's going to be quite a variety of weapons in the game. I gave the axe to show that various weapon types are available, and the flame sword was to show that weapon enchantments are also implemented. It's difficult to spread loot out over such a short demo, but won't be so in your face in the full game. I just want to give people a chance to play with whatever toy tickles their fancy.

There's plenty of people speedrunning the game already, I just meant that I personally am not designing with speed running in mind. I will improve things where I can, but I'm more interested game feel over decreasing people's run times.

Zoe isn't a reference to Hollow Knight. I've barely played the game (got stuck on the first encounter with Hornet) and don't even know who Zote is. :) I just picked the name Zoe because it's funny and sounds a bit magical.

Thank you! There are keybind settings in options so you can change this. :)

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Howdy! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) About the taming, it's kind of an approach that I want to take with the design where I don't tell you everything, but let you figure it out on your own. I do need to hint at the sprouts more though. One thing I plan to do is have the sprout in the corner have berries all over its face with berries scattered around the area. We'll see if that helps. :)

Originally I was using a pixelated font but I found it was difficult to read, which is pretty important in a story rich game. If I can find a pixel font that I think is easy to read and I like the aesthetic, then I'll change it. But I decide to go with readability over adhereing to the pixel art style.

The next update will hopefully include a map. :)

It would be a lot of work for me to make the demo open world. That's a lot of areas to craft for something you're only supposed to play for 10-15 minutes. Plus I like the idea of starting linear and then opening up. Sort of like how Oblivian / Skyrim have you be an escaped prisoner, but the world opens up after that. That's my plan.

Thank you for playing!

Howdy, Ludos! Thanks for playing. :) A map is planned, probably in the next update.

I'm not designing with speedrunning in mind exactly. You're the only person I'm aware of to mention the freeze framing, but I'll take a look. And from what I've seen of speed-running, they almost always avoid battles anyhow.

As much as I'd love to let you explore the world more, that's not the point of the demo and would be impossible for me to create in such a short timespan. The purpose of a demo is to show you what the game has planned. If I had those areas built then it wouldn't be a demo but an actual game.

Thanks for playing. :)

I was never going to do a verbose Kickstarter. Even if I did it a year from now it'd look about the same. I'm a simple and straight to the point. Same with the game idea. I wouldn't call it a zelda-like, but small open world RPG with pet taming that focuses on character relationships is all the USP I'm interested in doing as an indie dev. I'm not trying to break ground here, just make a pleasantly simple little game.

Thank you! It has been a lot of work, haha. I've been working 7 days a week, 6-12 hours a day for the past 4 months. Exhausting work, but I wanted to make something nice for the Kickstarter. Thankfully have gotten a bit of rest lately.

Howdy! Glad you liked the game. :D I've implemented quite a few optimizations, unfortunately all of the AI and other features I'm using are quite resource intensive. But I'll keep finding ways to optimize it where I can. :)

I'm going to be adding full character customization at some point so it shouldn't be an issue in the future, though I quite like how she looks. However I should note that the player isn't Zoe. Zoe is currently a mystery. :)

Yeah, still trying to figure out how I want to do the dodge. It uses a mana bar. I did this so you couldn't spam it outside of combat, but it is a little awkward. I'll keep workshopping it.

Thank you for playing!

Howdy! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) 1st bug should be fixed already, 2nd one is going to be a working progress, haha. One of the most difficult issues I've had with the way I'm handling movement in the game is keeping ai from spazzing out from time to time. Unless you mean them getting stuck on a while, which I don't have full path-finding yet but that's planned soon. That should correct that kind of behavior. And the jitter might be fixed? I was doing a custom borderless fullscreen window because I don't like true fullscreen, but ever since I did that people have been mentioning jitter so I put it back, ha. Might be a vsync thing, I'll look into it soon.

Thank you for the feedback. :) What do you mean by too academic? As in inexperienced? It's the best I can do with only 3 months of studying music, but will get better in time. :)

Howdy! I'm glad to hear you had a good time playing it. :) Placing a pot on top of the dresser is a good idea. I plan to do some surfaces like tables, but didn't even consider dressers. Will look at those as well when I can.

Hahaha, I'm going to be redoing Lafo's character introduction very soon. I was going to have him looking for his helmet and it completely slipped my mind that I could get the frogs in there too. Look for that in an update soon. :D

Good job with the game. It had some really interesting puzzles that made me think ahead to try and solve them.

Thank you. Reported and removed just in case. It does seem very suspicious.

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Dreams / Nightmares is a duality.

Indeed, 100% yours. :) This is just a fun little event, like if we all drew stick figures together and showed it to one another.

Sure. :) Only post minor tweaks / bugfixes during the voting phase, but after that go wild. :)

You don't have to do it, it's just an optional bonus. :)