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Thank you. :) I'll add shield blocking to my todo once I return to working on this.

Thank you! Glad you like it. Good luck with your game. :)

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Im impressed with how much work went into this, haha. You have so many characters, powerups, an inventory system.. It was a lot of fun having to manage both directions, and this is an interesting take on the tower defense genre. Only critique I'd give is I'm not clear on the benefits of the different units, and I would like to be able to click and drag the mouse to pan the camera as that was how I first tried to move it. Great job, Ivan. :)

This was a lot of fun. Slowly grinding the guards down into nothing was immensely satisfying, lol. The drag margin made it extremely difficult to see where I was going though. I got around this by constantly jumping, if not for the then it may have been unplayable. I like to see as far ahead of my character as possible so I have enough time to react to things.

Great job. :)

An amazing game all around. Very addicting and hard to put down. I enjoyed the difficulty and how quickly it puts you back into the game to try again. Great job. :)

Wildlife sounds like a great idea. I'll add some. not derp squirrel though as that's exclusive to Zoe and the Cursed Dreamer.

I hadn't considered running, but up and down yes. :)

A tablet. I find pixel art to be a whole lot easier with a tablet. :)

Skeleton is part of the premium assets. :)

We've been talking about a really cool way to implement this! I'm thinking some kind of fast travel system. Timmy digs tunnels through the world that you can travel through, some of which will lead to boss chambers that you have to fight. xD
I have some really cool plans for Cthulhu Mole as well. Looking forward to working on that. :D

The theme is "All You Need is Two" so for example, a crafting game with two ingredients, or a metroidvania where you can only hold two powerups at a time.
The bonus theme is "Outnumbered, But Not Outgunned". For example, the game Vampire Survivors where there are a ton of enemies but you're a lot stronger than them.

Yeah, itch does that. They did this one time when I hosted a jam and it didn't show up for a couple days I think. They probably expect people to plan their jams much further in advance, but I tend to do these spur of the moment when I'm in the mood to create something.

There's not going to be a lot of people though, this is mostly for my Discord community, but anyone is welcome to join. :)

The characters are 48x48, which I now realize is a little odd, lol. Sorry about that. :)

lol, that's silly of me. I don't know why I included those. No, the free version isn't supposed to have the water tileset. Sorry for the confusion.

Commercial product means that you're selling it / making money off of it.

Eyyy, thanks for becoming a patron. :D

At least the lowest tier gets the benefit, which is $5 atm. However it'd be cheaper to just buy the pack. This is more a perk for my existing patrons. :)

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Howdy. :) I have a lot more planned in the future, I just don't have the time to work on them at the moment. Once my schedule clears up some more though, I will be happy to add more to the pack. All of those things are on my todo list.

Yes, so long as the files from this pack aren't redistrubted (open sourced). :)

You can not. The free version can only be used in non-commercial projects.

Oh wow, thanks for letting me know. That's pretty awesome! :D

A shop/shopkeeper is a great suggestion, thank you! I'll add it to my todo list. :) I'm glad you like them, thank you for buying it. :D

Thank you! :D

Dungeons and UI are on the todo list. :) I didn't think of particles, but that's a really good idea. I'll add that to the list, thenk you. Back to the dungeon, is there anything in particular you'd like added?

Thank you! I am, but right now my attention is elsewhere, so it'll be a little bit. :) There's still a lot more I want to add to this over time. UI stuff is very high on my to-do list, so that should be added sooner than later.

Howdy. :) My Twitter DMs are open to everyone, My Discord server is linked on the asset page if you want to join that then DM me, or if you go to the about page on my YouTube channel then you can find my email behind a captcha.

My plate is very full at the moment so I can't promise anything right now, but I'd be happy to discuss it. :)

Thanks for buying it! I look forward to seeing what you make. :)

Howdy. :D Thank you for watching them, I'm glad to hear they were helpful. :)

I do. :) I suppose I should put that on my page as well.

My Twitter DMs are open:
The license for the premium version allows you to use it in commercial projects and modify the assets, so long as you're not redistributing them.

I plan to do exactly that! :D It'll be the Mystic Woods series and will include things like dungeons and biomes, farming and crafting, whole enemy sets, NPCs, all kind of fun things. :) I'm glad you like the style.

Yes, and that's a good idea. Thank you for the suggestion. :)

Thanks for the suggestion. :) I may add those at some point.

That will likely be the next major thing added. :) Going to do some more interior work over the next few updates then add some kind of dungeon area.

A globe is a great idea, I'll give it a try. :D  Might  could even do an interesting little magic globe. Thank you for buying it. ❤️ There will be roofs yes, probably very soon. :)

No, each tile is 16x16. 50x50 would be very high definintion for pixel art.

Thank you. :) It 16x16 and doesn't have padding.

Glad you like it. Good luck! :D

Yes, you can. :) I look forward to seeing it.

That would not be considered a commercial project, assuming you're not selling it. :)