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cute! I liked the gameplay and it fit the theme of the jam. nice light puzzles, would be interested in seeing more. nice job. you should check out paranormal captivity. they had a similar idea but within a prison. great minds think alike!

best game I've played this game hands down. took me an hour ad a half to finally beat (not used to wasd controls!) but it was real good. top ten. hope it gets featured.

well done, dude, well done. it's snake but different! snake without eating. i got through the first round and then immediately died. definitely gonna keep playing after the jam is done. nice work.

nice job! there were times when the numbers came in too fast to react, but i think overall it went first few minutes with the game felt like there were bugs, specficically that it wouldn't follow the direction (eg point ahead, moves right instead). It might've been just me getting used to the game but i had noticed it a few times so maybe it's worth looking into. otherwise nice job. could see this being a sick typing game for kids trying to learn how to type :D

nice job. fit within the scope of the game jam. couldn't get the timing on the grey moving platform level, with the splikes and timing the grey with the white. overall nice though

nice! neat concept and fits the game jam theme. loved the graphics, character design, music, etc too hehe. would love to see more put into it. different types of enemies, environmental hazards that affect your ability to jump, enemies that move to a certain pattern, there;'s a lot of potential. nice job.

Nice job! I liked the relaxed feel and it gave tetris new life. Could add new features, like those mentioned below but i thought it was pretty enjoyable as is nonetheless. nice submission

Liked the idea but then actually playing it just felt a little boring. I guess you gotta be into text adventure games.. good enough though for the jam

sad day. i know others still posted there's on their account. if you happen to still wanna post it, i'll check it out!

Not sure if others are having the same issue, but it seems waaaay to fast. Not sure if it's a problem just on my end, but the speed at which he goes from conveyor belt to conveyor belt is suuuuper fast and it's  nearly impossible to click the buttons in time. hopefully others can play a slowed down version but for me it was unplayable

Okay so I started playing and got into the 1st level. I got past the first set of sensors, but the 2nd set on the conveyor belt aren't rotating...? Not sure if that's itentional, but it seems you can't pass on the conveyor belt without getting caught, lemme know if I'm missing something

Yeah it was really cool! Had no idea there was so much math going on behind the scenes. I could tell there was a method to the madness, but wasn't exactly sure how it was happening. I guess I'll just have to keep practicing then hehe

okay, no problem, thanks for replying anyhow! glad to hear it's not a widespread issue

sure . looks like it can't access it, even though i downloaded it a couple times. Here's the read out:" Error: Unable to access jarfile propulsive-paint.jar" I just copied what you had into my command prompt. I'm running windows 10 and i just downloaded the newest version of java. might just be my pc too. it's old and its drivers are wonky. other games have been working though... yours is the first jar file however.

this is amazing xD maybe it's just me in the late night talking but this is by far one of the best ones yet. hope it makes its way to gmtk. follows the formula and is so freaking cute. im having a hard time believing you made it in 48 hrs but hey miracles do happen. in like praising way. no sarcasm <3

really liked this one. saw your note about the f ranks and felt better haha. cool idea well executed.

sad day, sounded like an interesting idea. keep us posted

nice job. physics are a little too floaty for me and it would've been nice to have hit points rather than just one and done. maybe 3 hp, one for each hole? also, obviously expand it to be a bit harder to be considered bullet hell. maybe have the option to have the bowling ball do curveballs and stuff. overall nice job though.

dude that was awesome! short, but i got the idea right away. simple, and has room to grow. very nice. i hope gmtk sees this one.

wasn't able to open the .jar file on my computer. for whatever reason java doesn't wanna run on chrome. i tried to enable .jar files to run through java but nothing came up.

it looks fun!

I was drawn to yours cause the description sounds exactly like a good submission for the game jam. and it is! but i think the gravity warp thing needs some work. is it completely random? it felt that way. i know you had the tutorial round where you could't really die, but i think it would've helped to have a tutorial level where you aim at specific things and get pointers on how to wrangle other ships shots. i ended up getting to the boss level ( i think) but it was through a lot of trial and error. making the warp a little less unprediactable with a little more tutorial and you've got a nice little game.

thanks for the reply! it really was a great concept well executed. just wanted to give my opinion. if you do end up developing it further i hope it goes well!

okay good to know. just felt like it was a 1 step forward 2 steps back type situation. i got up to like 150 and then kept just losing coins, staying around there so i could never buy anything.

good! a few things. cute graphics, of course. the music is also good. the variety in characters to show the options of the shielf is good.

the bear's jump is reeeeal sensitive/just goes really high. i would calm it down. less jump.

Also, a way to change controls would be nice. i think i would've done a little better if i didn't ahve to use the native controls. 

the mechanic for the gmtk game jam was good. i like that you just use a shield.  of course you can use the shield as a weapon by throwing, but it's a cute idea nonetheless. making those minor changes above, i think you've got a great game!

nice change up! reminded me of nidhogg. nice enemy variety for only 2 days. music could be mixed up but that obviously comes later. fits well for the challenge by gmtk.

also, in the 2nd level, there's a platform on the far right (between others above and below it) that is completely unseeable. not sure if that was intentional, but there wasn't even a nub of it sticking out. i randomly went that way and didn't die. that's how i figured it out...

pretty good. the bunny was reeeeal floaty. I would definitely him him more weight to make it more fair. in a game when your onjective is to remember and specifically land jumps, you don't want the actual jump to cause you to die. it probably cause about 1/2 my deaths.. I liked the little back story with the monks. the gmtk challenge was kinda met. It's still a platformer. You still jump and land on platforms. It does have a twist but i wouldn't say it's the exact twist he was looking for

downloaded it but couldn't get it to run. hopefully others have better luck :(

got hooked on it. cute visuals. got stick on 16 and then skipped to the end to see how much i had to go. lots of content! great idea

I don't see a download link on your page or the submission page..?

fit the theme he was going for and seemed to work well. wasn't exactly sure how to clear everything well. probably just needed more time with the game. overall good.

It's okay but it's filled with bugs. Specifically I keep dying for no reason. I walk away from a robot and it then I just die. I'm not near anything, I'm just walking. I didn't run into anything. It happened in different parts of levels 1 and 2. Didn't even want to try the others.. I understood the luring of the robots to the holes/contraptions but outside of that i didn't really know what else to do. Needs some work. Potential, but needs work. I liked the music hehe

pretty good! one thing i would've have loved to have was a line between each action. Just a simple straight line so I quickly know what's new. everything looked the same so every turn i had to back track and figure out where I was.      Besides that game play was good. 4/5

Firefox HTML version seemed to work for me. It crashed once, but ended up working. I like the concept. I feel like I may have seen it before, but it's still good! I could easily see it being on the nintendo switch eshop if it was fleshed out more. Add some more puzzle elements. Or maybe just pure platforming, but have certain items/enemies be affected by the rotation as well. It has potential for sure.

I liked the concept. I was annoyed by the controls though. I could probably get used to it eventually, but I just hated having to rotate and move it in time. Maybe let the green squares on the screen a little longer? Also, can you reflect the balls from both sides? It felt like it may only be from one. It would be nice if it could reflect from either side. That way you don't have to rotate it as much (in some cases).

Nice job! I didn't want it to end. Dx I like exploring, even if I do prefer the normal metroidvania experience hehe.

haha it was interesting but..uh... just very basic? i guess that's the point of a 2 day game jam though. overall cool but basic. It worked in that it was genre without mechaic but the game itself was meh. i also just sorta hate cookie clicker game so maybe that's why i didn't like it Dx NOTE: are you supposed to lose coins every round regardless? I was definitely losing some each round and wasnt sure why. Maybe I was clicking? Wondering it that was a bug or intentional..? >.<

I agree with others that it felt slow. Almost felt like a cookie clicker game where you would just wait and wait for things to happen. I could see it being expanded though. More trees, The ability to stretch your screen could add new things, although scrolling makes you managing harder, in an interesting way. 

As for the game jam rule/idea, it was fine. In a way you do control yourself as a tree? I see what you mean though in that for most survival games you gotta run/move to survive. While the management was basic, it was good. The weird pacing and lack of other stuff to do made me give it a 3.

PS I liked the spaceship surprise. That got me good xD

I liked it! On a pure genre without mechanic sense, I feel that platoformer without direct input isn't it exactly. It's a great game. Cool ideas. Wonderful simple coding. But for the theme I think it just doesn't fit perfectly. That's why i gave it a 4/5. Also, I'd suggest giving the robot zero roll after coming to a stop. Maybe that's part of the difficulty, but I found it annoying when i thought i had planned something well only to have my next move be off because he was a little farter than I anticipated. Great game overall (even if I didn't finish it >.<. I plan to. Maybe after the jam :) )