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Help Batz find his love Batsie. Traverse a labyrinth without seeing it. Open Source for Windows/MacOS/Linux.
Submitted by Smaxx (@TheSmaxx) — 3 hours, 19 minutes before the deadline
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Cool concept and nice visual particle effect. I only missed some kind of a progression through the levels. Maybe some boundaries on the bat's power (like energy bar), time limit or enemies would have made the next levels more challenging.


I tried to run the windows file and got this :(

Developer (1 edit)

Any chance you downloaded the game very early after I submitted it for the first time? There should be an openal32.dll included right next to the main executable (which I added like 30 minutes later). Try downloading again (or updating/reinstalling in the client). If that still doesn't work, you can grab OpenAL for Windows here.


Ok I reinstalled itch client and it worked.

Very neat-- One of our artists/designers actually had a similar idea for our game where when you landed a jump it would create sound waves that would outline the solids in the level.  Thanks for including the course code by the way.\

I really liked the simple style and game play-- I also liked that the walls of the cave were not just blocks they were curved which could lead to some interesting secret cavern scenarios.  My only complaint is I wish there was more OR just one more mechanic to really push it over the edge.  Maybe the female bat makes a noise as you get closer to her?  

Overall though, very good work and fits with the theme! 


Yeah, thinking about it, it feels a bit too "one-sided", always just the same. So more mechanics would indeed be nice. I thought about her calling you from a distance at  first, but it felt too easy (therefore she'll "pong" you, if you "ping" her). And as a fun fact, I originally wanted to do just a blocky maze (think typical GameBoy RPG), then experimented with polygons and finally thought "Why not use a bitmap, it's way more easy and flexible?".


Oh man, this is amazing! I've always wanted to make similar Dare Devil game, where you see through sound! Great stuff!


Very cool concept. Would like to see the interaction of the pulse expanded to do more stuff.


dude that was awesome! short, but i got the idea right away. simple, and has room to grow. very nice. i hope gmtk sees this one.


This concept is really exciting.I have been tempted since the first Gif posted on the Discord of the GJ.

This game proves that only one mechanic can give a soul to a game. And the bat is really cute.

Congratulation. This is currently my favorite of the GJ !


One of my favorite consepts from this jam. The visualization is great, but the mechanic isn't explored at all and every level almost just boils down to explore all the rooms, that are all the same. But it has a lot of potential.


Agree, it could definitely need more game elements and different obstacles to make the mazes more interesting. Like actual waterfalls or maybe even some kind of switches or enemies or other threats you'd want to a void.


A maze game without sight, I dig it! Constraints of a 48h game jam aside, this is a neat concept and definitely has potential to roll into a game once there are some other mechanics at play. Maybe add a time limit, game over on wall hits and sonar as an expendable (rechargeable?) resource. That way there is incentive to try and go without sonar to beat the time but a repercussion for not using it.  Cool cool cool. 


Yes, thanks, those are definitely thoughts similar to my own. I also noticed it might be good to actually know the bat is moving, even if it's completely dark. Hitting walls sounds a bit too harsh though, getting stuck is punishment alone I guess.