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[Platformer] without [Vision while Jumping]
Submitted by HeartLamp (@heartlampgames) — 17 minutes, 45 seconds before the deadline
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very good game and art style also the music fits in very will very good overall.

you can go check out my entry if you pleased it will be very nice if you rated and left a feedback.


Thanks for playing!

I am on my way out the door for work but I will check your game out as well :)


controls are a little funky, but passable.  LOVE the visuals way better than my game (which happens to share the same name (i might change that)).  4/5!  Also, *gasp* royalty free music that sounds good and fits in??? no way!  I admit the level design was confusing and brutally hard, but I'll give it a pass cuz I like that kind of stuff anyway.  Love how weird and psychedelic this game is.  Especially how the doors say "hungry for keys" and then "yet... I still feel empty"!

Developer (6 edits) (+1)

Thank so much! Honestly the art style in mine is more because I have no art skills so I went all in on stylizing it in as simple a way as I could-- there are a couple sprites in there from my best friend, and I usually work with him and my brother for sprites (who are both very talented)  but they were pretty busy last weekend so I only got a couple out of them (the title screen, the enemy we affectionately named "fat ninja").  

I also noticed we had the same game name and I have the same compliment for you-- your game looks absolutely beautiful-- and in a real lovingly detailed, almost child-like early Tim Burton way (I absolutely mean that as a complimentin case it isnt clear).  Do you draw that stuff and scan it in or what?   Haven't played it yet, I've been busy with real world stuff like work and kids :(  -- I will try though!

Question: did you play mine with keyboard or controller?


keyboard, I dont' have a xbox360 controller, just a ps3 controller and a program that adapts that to the pc.  It's probably a problem on my end.  Also, THANK YOU for the compliment on my game.  I didn't scan the drawings in, I used a drawing tablet and photoshop.  Tim burton is a big inspiration for me, and I love making my art look very amateur and childish (mainly because I'm an unskilled artist but also I just like the look of it better).  Also, you have KIDS??? and still managed to make a butt-kickin game for a game jam in 48 hours???  geez!  That's crazy town!!


Yeah they were at their grandparents so I was able to get away with it, haha


AH CRUD i called my game the exact same thing darn it!


I like the idea, can lead to some interesting memory situations. Execution could have been better, the physics are too floaty and the jumps get way too hard way too fast, not because of the darkness mechanic but because of the physics.

Developer (1 edit)

I like the memory idea-- maybe a block that when you're standing on it things are always dark? 

And yeah I know its difficult, I made three levels in an hour and a half and didn't have time to properly fine tune them until after the jam time limit was up.

Thanks for the feedback!


Actually, do you mind if I ask: were you using keyboard to play?


Yes, keyboard.


Ah, yeah-- its super hard on keyboard.  I play tested w an xbox controller (the ones with the super crappy d-pad) and it was okay.  I took your advice into consideration and upped the friction in my current version and it does feel better-- less "floaty"/slippery.  Thanks again!