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ran out of time :(

Also, you should have made the main character a chicken and named the game Poultry-Heist.  Boom-shakalaka.

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I love this-- I like walking sims I think this was just great.  I am left wondering whether this is parody or satire though-- i.e. are you purely taking the pretentious elements of walking sims to thier most extreme conlusion from a place of love for the genre or a place of pure criticism?  It felt like the latter, but who am I to say.  There seemed to be a little bit of your own sentiments and frustrations with creating games thrown in there, so maybe I'm wrong.

Excellent excellent work.  My only suggestion would be not to state what you were trying to say with the game so blatently on the game page-- I mean I read it after playing the game because I was curious but I liked going in blind.  I think it would lose some punch if I knew the (for lack of a better word) 'gimmick' before going in. 

Anyway-- Your game left me wondering, so it worked (maybe ironically? I don't know. I dont even know what irony is anymore).  Either way, I am inspired to something more meta with our next game. 

This game is pretty solid-- the tutorial was legitimately charming as well.  My one suggestion would be to have bullets pass through several enemies to I can get that satisfying feeling when I line up a bunch of zombies in a row.

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I've seen alot of people do the "platformer w/o movement" gimmick this jam, and this one is pretty well executed.  Also the game looks very nice.  My only notes would be that there should be a visual indicator to the player that you lose the ability to teleport again until you hit the ground, like the sprite changing color or something.  Also the teleporting was a little finicky at times, like I would click and it felt like it wasnt registering the first time every time. 

I think the smartest thing about this game is the fire bad guy, since he creates a spot for you to teleport to but also that spot is immediately risky because your teleporting right next to an enemy-- maybe use this by creating more branching paths where you have to choose going the risky fire guy way or taking the safe but longer way?

Overall, very nice work.

This is adorable-- my daughter loves it 

Also, is the fact that hovering over an empty space bring the blocks back intentional or no?

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I LOVE this concept.  Best concept I've seen yet, seriously this is so damn clever I'm jealous.

my only note would be this-- have the player right click the piano block rather than hover over it to play the note because the biggest obstacle to making this game a full game is how long it takes, and the reason it takes so long is I have to go back to notes I hit to re-listen to them because when I hear a NEW tone it pushes the old one out of my head somewhat.

SO GOOD. Damn.

Ok I reinstalled itch client and it worked.

Very neat-- One of our artists/designers actually had a similar idea for our game where when you landed a jump it would create sound waves that would outline the solids in the level.  Thanks for including the course code by the way.\

I really liked the simple style and game play-- I also liked that the walls of the cave were not just blocks they were curved which could lead to some interesting secret cavern scenarios.  My only complaint is I wish there was more OR just one more mechanic to really push it over the edge.  Maybe the female bat makes a noise as you get closer to her?  

Overall though, very good work and fits with the theme! 

Thanks for playing!

I am on my way out the door for work but I will check your game out as well :)

ah okay, lemme give it one more shot 

This is pretty neat-- I like the art a lot.  I love the concept most of all-- you know you're going to die so you're just trying to pass on survival knowledge to someone else.    

Also "go off to die alone" is one of the best choice prompts I've ever seen in a game-- I know its a heavy subject thematically but that made me laugh (in a good way)

Keep up the good work!

This is pretty neat-- I like the art a lot.  I love the concept most of all-- you know you're going to die so you're just trying to pass on survival knowledge to someone else.    

Also "go off to die alone" is one of the best choice prompts I've ever seen in a game-- I know its a heavy subject thematically but that made me laugh (in a good way)

Keep up the good work!

I tried to run the windows file and got this :(

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I love this.  Great concept, and everything about it is smartly designed-- from the fact that it's an egg with a prolate sphere with that egg shape so it rests on two specific sides and needs to be angled a certain way to fit through dangerous areas... rather than just being a perfect sphere, to the very granular checkpointing between challenges, to the difficulty curve.

I legitimately felt myself improving and learning new techniques throughout as I played and didn't feel too discouraged when I failed.

I was going to suggest that the main character be a metallic chicken, but I only at the end noticed that the little guy behind the magnet was in fact a chicken.

Well done. Great work.

Was this made with Construct? 

Hey I got around to playing it-- like I said before I LOVE the art.  The rock throwing mechanic is a smart way around the no vision this (wish I had thought of it).  I, like some others, was unable to clear the void.  I threw my rock and it hit something that looks like a stalagmite but I was unable to land there without dying.  I assume I'm supposed to do something with that bucket?

Yeah they were at their grandparents so I was able to get away with it, haha

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Thank so much! Honestly the art style in mine is more because I have no art skills so I went all in on stylizing it in as simple a way as I could-- there are a couple sprites in there from my best friend, and I usually work with him and my brother for sprites (who are both very talented)  but they were pretty busy last weekend so I only got a couple out of them (the title screen, the enemy we affectionately named "fat ninja").  

I also noticed we had the same game name and I have the same compliment for you-- your game looks absolutely beautiful-- and in a real lovingly detailed, almost child-like early Tim Burton way (I absolutely mean that as a complimentin case it isnt clear).  Do you draw that stuff and scan it in or what?   Haven't played it yet, I've been busy with real world stuff like work and kids :(  -- I will try though!

Question: did you play mine with keyboard or controller?

Ah, yeah-- its super hard on keyboard.  I play tested w an xbox controller (the ones with the super crappy d-pad) and it was okay.  I took your advice into consideration and upped the friction in my current version and it does feel better-- less "floaty"/slippery.  Thanks again!

Actually, do you mind if I ask: were you using keyboard to play?

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I like the memory idea-- maybe a block that when you're standing on it things are always dark? 

And yeah I know its difficult, I made three levels in an hour and a half and didn't have time to properly fine tune them until after the jam time limit was up.

Thanks for the feedback!

Ah, yes-- there we go. Rated.  :) 

Thanks for taking the time to play through, I really appreciate it.  

I played a giant bomb game you made, but then I couldn't rate it? 

Neat-- had a hard time telling what my inputs were doing, but sometimes I would launch them pretty far and the "new co-host" indicator was satisfying to watch pop.  I noticed you used GMS1, i am also using game maker (studio 2 though).  The worst thing about it is depth = -y doesn't work anymore.

It took me a while to I get it, but when I got it it was really rewarding.  Great job-- really solid, and sweet artwork to boot.

Haha-- who is this old guy?  Love the art.

Well I'll follow you anyway :)

Cool, cool. Thanks for the reply!

Thanks man!  

- Did you manage to beat any of the levels?  

- Did any of the opponents get stuck in an animation where you couldnt hit them and the game kinda broke?

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This mechanic and idea is legit, and I love the art style--  

 Plenty of people (myself included) would be into a full game that had this kind of perspective mechanic that went harder on actually having challenging platforming.  Fez was awesome but it was heavy on the puzzles light on the platforming.  Maybe do the opposite of that... if you decide to go any further with the idea (which I am in favor of, but I don't know what your creative goals are). Anyway--  Really, really cool.  

I did fell through the world several times trying to do the first platforming bit, but I'm sure you're aware of plenty of things like that (my game is buggy as hell).   

Also, do you have a twitter?

Delightful-- I genuinely laughed out loud at the Billy Squire bit.  I actually considered using The Stroke as Dan's level music in my game but wondered if that would cause issues with streaming it (I looked it up and it depends on who owns the song and if they enforce it and that kind of stuff and... Billy Squire's gotta be broke, right?)

Two notes: 

You should have put the holographic Ryan head in your thumbnail


"You ponder what could have been as you approach the elevator." might be my favorite line in any choose your own adventure I've ever read.


Sorry, i made that room with literally like 10 minutes to go before submission:

you gotta press B to create a blank character, pick your team by jumping on one of those platforms with the icons and pressing B (once for you and once for t\any other players), click thru the shoulder buttons to see the 4 diff characters, then hit spacebar to start

it should work then... hopefully

The issue should be fixed now-- thanks for letting us know :)