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hey it's me again from wayyyy in the future.  I just wanted to say thank you guys so much for saying what you said.  I was so afraid people weren't going to like my game.  I'm glad I was wrong, hehe.  Seriously though  these comments  made me feel so happy seriously thank you all so much love ya!

awwwww thanks!!!  I'll definitely look at it!

Reminds me of superhot!  Interesting idea, I'd like to see this become a full game.

Really Good!  I thought that maybe there would be more enemy types but this is already a pretty good amount

Very difficult!  interesting idea

It's a very cool idea!  But iIt's too hard to actually do anything without burning through all your letters.  There needs to be more ways to regen letters without using up letters. 

Thanks!  I was hoping the last level would provide a sense of accomplishment after beating it.  Which is why I made it so difficult.  I probably should've expanded the height though hehe.  I'm glad you enjoyed it!

So cute!!! I love it!  It tells a very cute little story as you progress, and it is also pretty challenging!  Lot's of fun!

Hahaha! this is so fun!  I love keeping up my kick combo in this.  I got up to 8x!  Great job! 

Pretty nice

Pretty good!  I think this game has a very fun mechanic!  The music is a little annoying though.

It's ok.  Movement is very slow and clunky.  I can' tell if I'm hurting the enemies and if the enemies are hurting me.  I don't even know if I'm being detected or not.  Sometimes the enemies just shoot in random directions.  It's an interesting idea.

Pretty good!  It's like a reverse superhot but with portal-like levels.  The visuals are meh, except for the main character, they're pretty cute lookin! 

NIIIICE!  I loved the music and the art style!  I also liked how the ship controlled and how you had to use speed to defeat enemies and overcome obstacles!  Well done

Pretty good.  Really difficult. the music is also a little annoying.  Amazing idea though I love it!

Really good!  I got 37 points!  This is a great idea for a game and it works really well!  I love the aesthetics, (or lack thereof in this case).  Awesome stuff!


Funny and fresh!  Good job!

Thank you all for the positive feedback!  I feel happier than when Rocket Bird gets the feather!

Thanks!  I love the kind feedback

Wow that was amazing!  I just wish it was longer!

Also the camera was a little too shaky.

I like it.  It's pretty good!  I like the idea of jumping on bullets.  I feel like the player moves too fast and jumps too high.  some levels are ridiculously hard

Great stuff!  Reminds me of this old game by Namco called Bosconian Star Destroyer!  I like the floaty feel of the ship and the way you can only fire from behind so you have to orbit the base, turn, then fire.  I just wish the charges regenerated faster and the gravity fields weren't so strong.  Other than that good game!

Pretty Good!  I like the art and the game feel! 

Pretty cool!  I am a bit of a sucker for games with a dash mechanic.  They're just really fun!  My only gripe is that the energy should just come to you instead of just sitting their for your sentinel to pick up.  It makes it too hard.

Amazing work!  The art and the game feel was so good!  I noticed some slight bugs.  The boss couldn't hurt me and  I couldn't hurt the boss.  Some of the enemy hit boxes are a little finicky and it's sorta hard to tell who hurts who in those situations.  Pretty good overall though.

Very interesting game!  I like how you use prayer to fight demons!  The visuals are a little meh, but the idea is pretty good.

Somebody watched mark brown's video on game feel!  Are you sure you don't work at vlambeer?  Great game!  Short and sweet!

Pretty good idea, could use some fleshing out.  I like how shooting drains health, it's a very interesting mechanic that forces you to make your shots count.

Very Very fun to control!  The restarting takes forever though for some reason. 

This is a really cool game!  very difficult but an interesting idea!

doesnt seem to work for me.  not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Beautiful!  I love all the creative uses you came up with for using the umbrella!

Pretty good.  The music was a little annoying.  A interesting idea.

thank you so much!  I'm glad you like the art style I was worried it would come across as sloppy or lazy!  Good thing people seem to think otherwise!

thanks!  Yeah that level seems to be stumping people I wish I could go in and change it but I imagine that's against the rules.  If you wanna know how to pass it look at my reply to the comment at the bottom of this thread

yeah I wanted to implement a combo system but I had no idea how.  I'm unfortunately still pretty new to this whole programming thing.  I wanted to make a couple of levels that were these long chains of enemies but I didn't want to overwhelm the players.  Thank you so much for the feedback!  I'm so glad people are enjoying this game!

yeah I thought about adding some sort of indicator to let players know if they can use he Rocket.  Not sure why I didn't add one, guess I wa s just too lazy.  So on that level you're stuck on you have to fall off the cliff a little before the part with the three enemies and then dash into them, then wait a little bit after you bash through the wall and then dash to the exit.  I hope that helps.   Honestly that level is a little finicky and it's more of a problem with the level itself than with you so don't feel too bad if you can't get it right.  Also thank you so much for the kind words and the feedback, you have no idea how happy this makes me!

thank you so freaking much hearing this absolutely makes my day!