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A jam entry

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Grid-based Turn-based Puzzle-based simultaneous action game
Submitted by BearishMushroom (@bearishmushroom) with 14 hours, 30 minutes before the deadline

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How does your submission match the theme?
I wanted to integrate the theme into the very core of the game. So every single action you take both serves the purpose of controlling your character and to manipulate all the enemy characters.

Third-party resources
The game was created in the LÖVE engine - see license at https://love2d.org/wiki/License

All assets were made by me during the 48 hour time period.
Paint.NET was used for graphical assets and FL Studio with the default plugins was used for audio.

I (BearishMushroom) did it all. :)

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Really Good!  I thought that maybe there would be more enemy types but this is already a pretty good amount


Thanks! I was hoping for more enemy variety but time came a'creepin!


Loved this one. the aesthetics are great, the puzzles are clever. I wish there was more to play!


Interesting Idea, Im not a puzzle person in particular but not bad at all.


Easy and fun, aesthetically clean, great work. Only figuring out that you're dying when being shoot isn't that well presented, i was confused at first when replaying the first level in which you can die.


Yeah, I wasn't sure how to solve that properly, and then suddenly the time had run out. :(


Very clever puzzle game. It was a lot of fun figuring out the levels in the game!