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Well, unless I've missed something, that was quite a non-game, with slow movement and nothing much to see. I can see the fact that there's nothing to it being an artistic statement, but then, it's not very profound.

Thanks a lot for playing!
I think looking at your keyboards layout from time to time, or even better, knowing it, isn't this big of a deal :D

This was excellent!
I usually hate physics based games, but this one was inventive and fun! At first I was expecting the push ability to be the stronger one, but the pull ability is straight up OP :D
Simple, but very fun, ho boy!

Just got your jam version a rating!

Haven't had a person nor a gamepad, but by what I've seen, the idea is there. If I interpret it right, this is "a smash clone, but there's no damage and you collect your moveset". This is a fun idea, worthy of a stand alone game. 
For me, a keyboard user, the movement was a little too slippery, it's easy to stock yourself, but I guess it's due to the lack of time to tweak the numbers, as I guess your movement uses the GM's Box2D physics system, which isn't the nicest to configure. The ammount of movesets is ridiculous, the hold to alter feature really impressed me. What would be a worthy addition is a "reject an element" button, so I can go back to a single element moveset. Also for me, this game by giving up the preset movesets and giving this little options has close to none combo potential, erasing one of the layers of appeal of those games.
Still, excellent job!

It's not really this complicated, you just compare the bulding's cost to production ratios and pick the most favorable one.

A very fun game, loving the nostalgic interface. I suppose it would be very fun to min max, but I'm not awake enough to do this much of math :D
I'm liking the design a lot, shattering the illusion of a deserved effort and showing what a chore playing those games really is - rising your numbers, so you can rise your numbers even faster, completely mindlessly.
Great job!

Thanks a lot for playing and sharing an opinion.

I think controls are integral to every game experience, in making it a crucial part of the game, that can be experimented with and express something. It reminds me of children, having hard time playing with arrows one handed, helping themselves. This is gaining game literacy, obtaining an ability to translate your will into an action in the game, driven by pure curiosity. I think my control scheme is an extension of that - we live in an age of comfy, normalized control schemes, for about 15 years. Taking your time to master an uncomfortable input method and make it familiar, your own, is usually a part of the game, I'm just doing it more extremely.
Also, I don't think it's THIS hard - just trap in bushes as many enemies as you can, and ghost through or freeze the others while you go to the exit. Plan carefully, ready your fingers over the keys you'll need to use, and you're good :)

Thanks a lot for playing!
You're absolutely right about the keyboard layout, but doing multiple layout support in GameMaker would be pretty difficult I predict. I was about to add an enemy that swaps the keys, but scrapped it for the ambition to time left ratio being too high, so you got to play with this feature kinda on :D

A charming little game :)

The spritework is ok, but the enemies blend a little into a pulpy mass, I'd give them some interesting sprite shaders or something, to spice things up. The sound design was pretty good. Mechanically there isn't too much going on, but it's enough to be engaging in a minimal way. The shooting lacks a proper punch to be satisfied with this simple thing, but still, the knockback feels very good. It's a shame that spamming reds is kinda the optimal way to play, trying to save the blue laser is usually too much of a risk for it's reward.
Great job making this game happen!

Thanks a lot man!

I was about to comment your game back, but then it turnt out, there's no game, your account only commented my game. What an honour!

Great to hear I've assumed something correctly :D

Thanks a lot for playing and understanding!

A funny little game! I've had a hard time figuring out what am I supposed to do, but once I did it was kinda fun. It's a shame, that the UI doesn't scale with the window, I've had a hard time reading on my 1080p monitor. The jokes about jack dejecting were actually very funny.
Menu navigation during hacking was a little confusing, until I explained it to myself, then it became intuitive. I don't know if it was intended, but an enemy that should have been stunned forever started to move again after some time. It's probably because I did this to the other enemy. I didn't figure out what those number above the enemy's head mean but I guess those are resistances.
I'm liking the aesthetic, but the gameplay is a little bit too confusing for it's own good, of course I still enjoyed it.
Very nice work!

Very nice art, very nice effects, very nice sounds, STELLAR atmosphere. Took me a while to figure it out, but still it was intriguing and a pleasure all the way through. It has a little bit of tedium, but the experience sucked me in so much it didn't matter, which is very rare. The idea is very inventive, the execution excellent, it was a pleasure, I applaud the results of your efforts! Also, the ending was so smooth, I was impressed. You've made this pleasant feverish dream mean something in the end, a story tied to the mechanics. Damn this game is good!

Gave it quite a number of tries. VERY impressive artwork and pleasant sound. The game doesn't tutorialize itself very well, but it's quite fun once you get it. I think it would work way better on mobile. I'd add a way to change the power mid game, like with a certain combination of hits. And yes, the portals are too hard to use on mouse, this also supports my mobile proposal.
Great job!

Thanks a lot for playing and interpreting it this deeply!
This is insanely gratifying to see someone completely get it. You're my hero :)

Thanks a lot for playing! Yes, a faint memory of Keygeon inspired this game a little, you've got it right :)
Yes, dying is impossible, the explosive spell is OP if your goal is to kill people.
Once you'll try solving the game in a pacific manner, you'll see there are downsides to the explosion spell, and that the other two are way more valuable.

Very juicy, very nice looking!
Unfortunately, the game has a major design flaw - it can be cheesed by simply going around the map. You should prevent this in you mechanical/conceptual design, very early in the development. Also, you should warn the player that the deflector is about to end, it ending abruptly and making the player bite the bullet could be frustrating I imagine. The slowdown, while nice, serves no purpose when you cheese the game.

This is surprisingly juicy for a beginner's game, impressive :)
The design, while simple, holds actual strategic weight, you have to walk around and stop walking, which creates an interesting conflict of interests, that's genius design. It still needs a little tweaking to not feel tedious, but the idea is very good.
Now, some criticism. I think bullet colors should be different for enemies and the player, in the heat of the action it may be hard to tell the difference for some players. The camera behavior is a little ufavorable in the tutorial, it focusing near the center makes the player not see what's near the edges until you're there. This of course stops being a problem once the proper game begins. I can say, this is one very spacy grave :D
As of bugs, once a dead shotgun enemy has shoot me, other than that it was clean for me.

Thanks a lot mate, this is flattering! :)

I'd check out your game anyway!

Aw man, that's what I didn't think of, you're absolutely right!
You should totally disclaim this in the description.

Well, in my vision the game is short excactly for those reasons - the first playthrough is a careless tutorial, and then when you take the pacifist route, things get intense and you thank the divines that there are only 10 levels. This is a game that is indifferent to your actions, but you may care about it's output, making your actions matter. That's why the same rules are always applied, to give the freedom to do anything the player wants. Maybe someone will try and not kill anyone from the start, that would be interesting, and it's exciting as a possibility.
Thanks a lot for trying it out!

Great graphic, nice sound design, very nice game feel. I usually hate physics based games, this one I actually enjoyed. The problems I've encountered - sometimes my guy didn't want to let go of the thing he was tethering and sometimes playing too passionately made my browser change the site, which then made me start the game again. After 3 restarts I've given up, sorry. I actually wanted to finish it.

That's a very nicely done game for a jam!
The camera bob, steps and instructional videos were impressive, the main mechanic also wasn't dumb. I only wonder, how does this fit to the theme? It's a platformer with jumping, a puzzle game with puzzles etc

It's in the spirit of roguelikes to have secrets, but I think the ending guy nagging you about your killings, and the whole fact that the game is suspiciously easy to get through should hint at the pacifist route. But you may be right, I may have made this too criptic for jam standards.

Thanks a lot for the discussion!

Thanks a lot for trying it out! That's an unexpected jam crossover I must say :D

Thanks a lot for playing!
Yeah, you've pretty much figured out how to efficiently get through a level, but even with that things can get tricky.
It was my goal for the first playthrough to be a tutorial, I think I can do that since it's so quick.

You're using GMS2, so it probably requires na additional license. What I meant instead was to upload the game files, not in an installer, just click and play.

I'll break the enemies down for you:
The brown ones rush at you
the blue ones don't care about you, but when you get close they shoot lightning
the red ones start murdering other enemies when they see you

The other "attacks" are obviosly useless... When you're going for the bad ending. To get the good ending, you need not a single enemy to die during a run. To know that, you need to pay a little bit of attention during the bad ending and ask yourself - why are there those seemingly useless spells?
You've had the clues before you the whole time.

And once you start trying to get the good ending... Let's say the explosion spell becomes the least useful all of a sudden.

It has no tutorial, and the description doesn't explain it as well as it shout either, but man, once you get in the groove, this is incredible :)
I like how much you can convey with such a minimalistic aesthetic. Had a blast, great job!

Well, and didn't gameplay teach you the rules? Do anything with enemies to kill them, go to the exit to win. Those are the rules.
It's a matter of putting extra effort if you want the better ending, which isn't mandatory, it's just a more challenging and fun way of experiencing the game.
I'm all defensive now, but in fact I want to know where exactly the bad design is, because you didn't point it out clearly.

Thanks a lot for trying ot out man!

This game has very pleasant visuals, nice sound design, stunning ammount of content, great job!
It's very well made, so I don't feel sorry for roasting it a little:
The falling speed is a little too low for my taste, the movement feels floaty.
The restart time is too long, especially for such a "try again type of game".
There's very little I can nitpick, some of the uses of design principles were pure genius.
Congratulations on achieving this impressive piece of software :)

Of course I still appreciate a very original concept, just advertised wrongly.

Man, too hard for me :O

The spritework is still very nice, but the physics are too violent, I barely move my mouse and the box goes full bananas. I tried for few minutes, but I didn't really get far past the start, sorry. I suck at mouse controlled games :D

This one has gorgeous artwork!
The mechanics are entertaining too. My first problem is that if you fail in the first level, you have to sit through all the dialog again.
The biggest problem - this game doesn't really adhere to the theme. It's still extremely well done, congratulations!

I always enjoy bullet hell spectacle, this one also has some very nice sprites.
Took me a while to understand, that my objective is to enter the trance of eating and burping so efficiently, no bullet can touch me, but the execution is still difficult. Outside of difficulty curve starting quite have, I see no issues with this game, it's simple, but feels complete. Great job!

Very fun subversion of asteroids!
I like how it's momentum based, that's a shame you didn't roll with it further. It would feel amazing if you needed to dash through enemies by clicking right before the collision, which would give you bonus fuel and momentum. The fact that you stop abruptly everytime you hit something is a little disappointing.
Also, while the original asteroids thrived in simplicity, this game not having even splitting obstacles feels a little too simple.
Still, a very nice job :)

The volume option doesn't work, the generation is unfair, so is the camera not showing you what's on the other side. Still, the music and the artwork is stellar, reminds me of the early work by Bay12Games, which are one of my favourite companies. Great work putting this together.