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Lunatic Dancer

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Played through it, very fast paced, very well done, the only thing that was missing in my taste were the movement combos - dash attack, wall jump, wall dash etc.
Of course the game is still very good without it, the actual thing to nitpick is lack of enemy variety, but judging by the given timeframe, the game is still impressively made.

Not a shell, a @ sign. It's a traditional representation of humanoid characters in classic roguelikes.

This game looks lovely, I'd be very gladly try it. Maybe try making a small demo for everyone to see? Personally, I like trying out a puzzle game to see if I'll like its flow. The "Make your own level" feature looks brilliant, this game has potential to gather some serious following. Also everything looks very polished. Good job :)

You're totally right about this, but i was too exhausted later on to rebuild the tiles. I've pointed most of those things out to myself before, but what's done is done. If it wasn't a jam game or the jam was longer, i think it would turn out just fine. Thaks again for the insight, your thinking seems to be quite similar to mine :)

Thank you much, i really appreciate that more in-depth view!

The attack reset indication is something i didn't think about until now, but as you told me, it makes perfect sense as a thing to be added. Also, rather few people seem to like my "go figure things out" type of level design in which obstacles are hints about what you should be trying to do. I guess it's a shaky line to step on.

Hope you had fun :)

I like how stuff is interconnected with physical interactions. Great job!

Thanks much for trying it out. There's a rather distinctive sound and screenshake when you get hit, but i agree that some particles and a losing heart animation would help. That's right, the difficulty curve is unusually steep in this game, but i couldn't smoothen it up enough in just few hours. Thanks for the effort of playing the thing and stating your opinion!

Of course i will, if i get to realizing the idea :)

There wasn't really anything that's done multiple things at once for me, but i see your point here.

Do you plan to develop the idea further?
I'd like to continue it on my own independently, do you mind it?

Mark played this, did you see it?

Not so well paced, but the mechanic is really interesting, and it fits the theme quite well.

I couldn't really figure out what stargems are at first, but i did it, and it's quite a neat game idea. Although, it's worryingly unrelated to the theme, i'm sorry to say that.

It was impressive. The lighting, the fire spreading mechanics. The aesthetical integrity really pleased me. It's a shame the joke pool for a death screen was so small as i couldn't get enough of them :D
Overally, great job!

I know, it has aged much recently.

Clean, really pleasing design. Good job :)

It has a great sound design, graphical design, it fits the theme and has clever counterbalancing in it's mechanics. My only complaint is that the jagged wall make you stuck when you want to operate quickly.

I think both interactions were testable before there were spikes in the way :D
Only the blood bullet level is quite a difficulty spike i think.

Thank you for playing the game and sharing your thoughts!

The concept is fenomenal, good work!

Easy and fun, aesthetically clean, great work. Only figuring out that you're dying when being shoot isn't that well presented, i was confused at first when replaying the first level in which you can die.

Rather nice, but i think healing the robot should be a little more effective.


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This was nice, but there's rather too little explanation on what keys do and the walljump are rather difficult to figure out.
Also the dark grey with black is hard to distinguish on my display.

That was good, really solid, my only complaint is that there's too much cooldown after a short shot, it spoils the flow of the game a little.

This was fun, but the boss was too hard for me. When you get used to the game it essentially becomes a more advanced flappy bird :D

If having problems with figuring the game out, try looking at it's page, there's some help.

Dash bound to Shift isn't the greatest idea, i tried to do the game justice, but my laptop can't handle how taxing this game is.

Well, it wasn't but unraring helped.

It was indeed a 1D game which surprised me, because i didn't expect any design to work in 1D, but it seems that puzzlers will always find a way :D

Very likely, the prompt isn't keen of introducing itself.

Would test, but my system is very devoted to blocking the game, screaming it's dangerous.

I like that. Took me a while to figure it out, then i realized that the title is a huge hint. The graphics are yummy.