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This was SO great. The aesthetic is exactly what I wanted to be doing for about 2 years, this is an incredible inspiration. I like how this is basically a very small metroidvania, I liked the thick atmosphere, all around great!
There were some visual glitches when I moved the camera sideways, in which various objects scrolled at different speeds, but it looked uncanny enough to add to the mood :D


Thanks so much! Were the glitches to do with flat textures moving weirdly? That's actually a PS1 texture filter if so - think it was tuned a bit too high, though. 

But yeah, tiny metroidvania is exactly what I was going for. Glad you liked it! 


Ooh, didn't know about that, nice :)

What's the technique for creating such amazing textures? Downscaling photos and tinting them? I'd like to attempt the style myself sometime.