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Eventually, when the exclusivity with Dread X Collection ends, yeah!

The collection itself might come to itch too? But that's kind of out of my hands!

Fair comments! The follow-up - Dread Delusion - is already much bigger & better. It's got a demo if you wanna try it out!

Thanks very much! <3

I'm currently working on Dread Delusion, which is gonna be much better, heh ;p

Thanks very much! Glad you enjoyed it :D

very kind words, thanks very much! I appreciate it :)

Next game is going to be a fair amount bigger, and will be released on my Patreon first:

is this still happening (or is this happening for anyone else)? I don't have a Linux comp, so I can't test it unfortunately :/

Thanks so much! Were the glitches to do with flat textures moving weirdly? That's actually a PS1 texture filter if so - think it was tuned a bit too high, though. 

But yeah, tiny metroidvania is exactly what I was going for. Glad you liked it! 

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Thanks very much, very kind words!

The game was made for a jam, so I'm not planning any major updates. I've fixed a few bugs in 1.2 though.

The strange walls were because I released a real quick update before heading off for a party - and I'd forgotten to make the invisible walls actually invisible. Whoops!

But yeah, planning to make a much bigger & more intricate follow up to this, with much more to do.

Oh, and press Q to equip the scope.

Ah, bummer! Was it on the stone ziggurat? I've since updated the game to v1.1 and improved the clipping. Thanks!

hey, thanks for the feedback, that's really helpful! I totally agree with a lot of your points. Would have loved to have made the bulding interiors etc, but alas, I needed to release it for the gamejam's deadline. Thanks for playing!

I've released a free PSX-style horror for the Summer Spooks Jam.

Check it out here!

It's a fantasy story involving ziggurats, grimoires and oversized insects.

Please let me know what you think!

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Oh really? Does it only happen if you move?  Sorry about that - If you have any more info I can try and fix it in future.

Thanks so much for the feature on your article! Glad to hear that it gave you an uncanny feeling...

Cthulu mythos is definitely an inspiration, although this world is also just full of giant flying sea creatures, so like the best artists the cave-people are just working with what they know ;)

This post made me & my music guy very happy <3

Thanks very much! You're correct with those inspirations; also the pixel art aesthetic of Vagrant Story (which IMO is probably the most impressive use of medieval graphics on the PS1...)

As for the symbolism of the cave paintings - I'm planning another game in this series which focuses more on the 'pagan' parts. So, maybe you'll find out... ;P

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Thanks very much - & thanks for hosting the Jam in the first place! It's a brilliant theme, and all the entries are great :)

This is totally awesome

Thanks very much, that's great feedback! Yeah I was trying to subvert the usual 'quest' narrative somewhat. Like, maybe you shouldn't just go and do what some rando dude wants

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Hi there! I just released The Night is Darkening for The Gothic Novel Jam.

In a nearly forgotten place, far from the Angel War, a drunken sailor crashes his ship. You have the misfortune of being on it.

It's part of this dark fantasy world I've been planning, where strange characters ask strange things of you, in a broken land adorned with uncanny wildlife. Secrets lurk in unexpected places, and you may even gleam an understanding of what happened here, long ago...

The game was inspired by this image, as I've always found it an incredibly creepy concept for a mirror to show you the wrong thing...

Anyway, if you like this game, be sure to check out the other Gothic Novel Jam entries. There's some great stuff!