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Flying Fruit FrenzyView game page

( GMTK 2017 ) Fruit Shooting At Each Other
Submitted by skrt — 4 hours, 15 seconds before the deadline

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( Dual Purpose ) A Few Minor Things other than the expected...

* Crosshair not only helps with aiming but keeping it on target makes it red to provide a damage boost
* Health not only keeps the player alive but also is acts as reserve ammunition
* Health constantly depletes and the only way to get it back is by killing enemies or breaking obstacles ( Enemies keep you alive while trying to kill you )
* Title Screen shows the controls (in the worst possible way) as well as taking you to the Game

Third-party resources
Game Maker, Merry Go ( Kevin McLeod )

Joss (Me)

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I played without reading the description and I didn't notice the crosshair or the reverse ammunition, you should really put more emphasis on it. For exemple, you could have enemies that have a shield if you don't put your crosshair on them.

However, even without those mechanics the game is quite fun. It's really simple, but you have the right amount of feedback and obstacle diversity to make it work. It was fun, good job !


That's a great idea you're a genius Sprawl! Agreed and much thanks for the feedback!


I'd echo the below and mention that the mechanics listed above aren't really noticeable. Also when I die I still collect health pickups. Otherwise love the BGM and the exploding crate boxes!


I liked it alot! Controls felt  nice and were simple, projectiles went where you'd expect, cute graphics, nice sound. The exploding chest particles were hard to dodge from time to time, especially the big ones.

Lovely little game! :)


Thanks democore! I wasnt expecting much since this is my first game. I just hope it wasnt too hard


Pretty cathartic gameplay! Fun to fly around and shoot stuff, and the visuals are pretty damn sweet~ Can be pretty difficult at times, especially when dealing with the nigh-undodgeable white block debris... The other mechanics you listed that match the theme can hardly be felt in-game, and some aren't explained well. Still, a pretty nice entry~


The Feedback is appreciated justinooncx but can you go further on the things i didnt explain well so i can explain it better?


Hm, let's see... Your health constantly drains slowly, so when I start shooting with no bullets, I hardly notice that I'm losing life. I played through half the game not realizing there was an ammo counter. Could be fixed with some visual feedback, like the player getting a hurt animation when shooting, or turning the bullets a different color... Something to warn them.

For the increased crosshair damage, again, there's no proper feedback when it happens. I did see that sometimes I dealt 15 damage instead of 10, but there was no indication of why that was the case. Maybe making the crosshair change when hovering over a target, or shooting a bigger bullet when in that state?

All these are just small suggestions, but the main gist is basically giving some form of feedback to the player to make sure they understand something is happening. Maybe you can think of a better way that fits your game!


Keeping crosshair on target turns it red which gives damage boost when a bullets hits.

Ok! Visual Feedback and better application, thanks for the feedback I see =)


I encourage you guys to rate and ESPECIALLY leave a comment =D