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Use your hook to grab things and swing around!
Submitted by democore, Skiastra, Magnor — 14 hours, 30 minutes before the deadline
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In the game, you control two grappling hooks which shoot you around the world! But they also grab enemies, throw them, and end the level. Enemies not only shoot at you, they are also the key to break the red gates! The crosshair is not only a crosshair, but also the juice for the slow motion toggle. The slow motion also makes blue platforms interactable!

Here's a little video of gameplay :)

Third-party resources
Unity 2017.1.0f3 (free version), Blender, Presonus Studio One

Democore, Skiastra, Oliver, Magnor

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RAYCAST YOUR HOOKSHOT! Trying to aim were the crosshair is going to be when the hook hits, while falling, moving sideways, and the mouse look is slow, is just to much. This is coming from someone who built a first person hookshot game (not for the jam) were you have to launch yourself, switch to a gun, shoot the enemies pursuing you, switch back to the hookshot, and anchor to something before you hit the ground.

I would also suggest mapping hookshot launch and release to separate buttons. (Ctrl release left, Spacebar release right, alt is jump because no one jumps when they could be swinging like Spiderman.) When I'm in free fall and launching both hooks madly at anything near me, I don't want to click one too many times and release just as I was about to save myself. This scenario never actually happened due to the very fast gravity which caused a single missed hook to always lead to a fall to my implied death. 

Also, an indicator of what is within range and can be grappled vs too far away and laughing at you as you fall would be nice. My slapdash but quick solution was to place a semitransparent sphere around the player and scale it to match the hookshot's limits. This makes it so everything outside the limit has a tint to it. Some post-processing effect would look better but take far to long to implement.

More air control and moving the kill box below the level a little lower would also help.

I do like the idea of having 2 hookshots and the levels look nice. The slow time mechanic with the changeable platforms is interesting and used well in the levels. I do like hookshot games (that's why I made one,) but I just don't feel like I really have control of my player when I am playing yours.


Grappling hooks are cool!

Unfortunately I haven't been able to beat the second level. I just didn't succeed to grab on the blue rectangles... The jump is a bit hard to handle to.

Still, I appreciated the global tone of the game, and its humor. Also it's nice to have such a relaxing music. It makes the game enjoyable even with while losing a lot.


Thank you very much for playing!

Yeah, the second level in the 1.1 version is really hard, that's the reason we posted a post-jam update, removing it.

Thanks for the positive feedback, it means a ton to us!!! :)


Bloody hell, that super high level with multiple blue floors better be the last level... A very nice concept with fun gameplay, but HIGHLY unforgiving. Trying to grapple onto a small target while moving is impossible; the hooks seem to move relative to the player, so don't go in their intended direction at the crosshair. Still, the physics are pretty fun, and I could cheese past the first few stages with slingshotting. Work on making better levels, and you'd have quite the gem~


Thank you very much for playing and for the feedback!

The clarity of where the hook goes and when it will land is definetly the games biggest problem, but we didn't have the time to make it feel perfect. Gamejam Problems :D

And yes that level is the last level, thanks for forcing your way through it :)


Controls feel good! Some polish required on the elasticity.

And I really wanted to play all the levels. Couldn't get past level 2 :(

Could you upload a post-jam version soon with a "press L to skip level feature" or something?


Thanks alot for the feedback! We uploaded a postjam update, cutting the super hard levels and only leaving the really fun ones :)


Pretty neat, I'm surprised there aren't more 'first person Spider-Man' games out there. I could imagine a full version of a game like this could have some pretty great speed-running or challenge modes (complete level without using WASD or without touching the ground etc.) potential.


Thank you so much for your feedback! Means a ton to us!

We're thinking about taking this concept further :) Great Idea for the not-touch-the-ground run!


Very good game, you should do a bit on the difficulty but the mechanics and the humor are great. You could also do more on the game and release it as a full title :D


Thank you very much for your feedback!

We know the 2nd level is hard, we'd put it further back but we kinda forgot about that and now the 48 hours are over. But that's how a jam is ^-^


post-jam version or riot


Delivered :)