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Tabletop DanceView game page

Arena shooter with sound puzzle
Submitted by Itooh (@Itooh_) — 13 hours, 51 minutes before the deadline
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A dash movement is used for avoiding ennemies, as well as shooting (to kill ennemies or trigger bases) and playing notes to unlock next levels. Players have to choose how to use their munitions, and carefully move around the arena.

Third-party resources
The game is built with the Superpowers engine.
Font used is Steelfish.
Sounds and music were created with LMMS. Some instruments use the Florastan's sound font.

I worked alone on this project.

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Lovely sounds and neat idea! I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thanks a lot! I'm discovering your channel, and playing all games of a jam is a really cool (and audacious) initiative! This kind of feedback is priceless.

Nice that you enjoyed the game despite not getting to level 1. I'll try to make another update to include some kind of tutorial. A level without enemy to let space and time for the player to figure out what to do. It seems to be needed!^^


Very interesting idea but way to hard. Managed to get past level 0 but I'd say it was pure luck. Graphics and sound are good, moving around is fun, dashing feels great. Overall it's quite an amazing game!


Thank you! Glad to know that the controls feel nice, despite the difficulty.


Super tough! A highly innovative mechanic, although kind of obtuse and hard to grok until you get into the groove. Nice aesthetics and visual style, didn't know that Superpowers could do something so cool! Perhaps if you introduced elements bit by bit it would be easier to understand. Couldn't get past Level 1.



Superpowers is a pretty nice tool indeed. Especially for game jams, it's great for quickly trying out ideas. Plus, it's collaborative, allowing for several developpers to work on the same project on a server. I've worked on this game alone, but I might try this feature on another jam!


Great game. Plays great and sounds great. When I realized that my color changed when I dashed it all became really clear and much more fun, for me it was much easier to memorize my colors and reproduce the bases sounds based on the colors, really cool that you gave us these two options. I think you could have balanced the levels a bit more. Level 0 is hard when you're just starting but becomes easy quickly. Level 1 really doesn't add much difficult to level 0, but then we have level 2 (the level that made me stop playing :P). That level feels impossible! Not only there's one more base now but they even spawn much more enemies! If the items started spawning faster I could have a chance, in the way it is it's just too hard to destroy enemies and concentrate on memorizing the notes for the bases. Buuuut that's only my opinion, and that downside for me doesn't ruin the game, it was still really fun to play. Great job!


Thank you! I'm happy to know that the colors are useful to some players. I have a auditive memory, but I wanted the game to work also for visual memory.


Difficult. Lots of potential though. And  good music. 

I suggest you slow down the enemy chasers,  display the colour code a bit slowly, and make the dash sound sequence more predictable. Or maybe keep the same colour code for one level, let the player discover it through multiple deaths, and eventually figure it out. Basically, the game needs to be more forgiving ^_^


Thanks! The music composition was an important part of the making process, and I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one happy with the result!


Very difficult already at level 0. Couldn't get to level 1...


Yes, it's waaay too hard at the beginning!

And not so many players have been able to figure out how to pass through levels. You actually have to shoot the base that spawn ennemies, then repeat its code.

I'll try to make it more intuitive in a post-jam update. Thanks for the feedback!


Failed to load asset main: Network error: 0


Does this error happens in the itch app? I got this too, which is surprising since my other Superpowers games worked fine.

Anyway, I hope I will be able to fix this in a later version. In the meantime, the game has to be played in a browser. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Pretty interesting. It was very hard at the beginning, but once you learn to coordinate the movement and the dash, it becomes easier.


The game was extremely hard at the beginning, I admit. I hope the new version improves the learning curve for new players. Thank you for the feedback!

Deleted 1 year ago

Yup, it needed that shake!

Also, as someone more used to develop narrative or puzzle games, I'm happy to learn that the feel of this action paced game is enjoyable. Thanks for this feedback!


Really creative dynamic between all of the overlapping mechanics. Presentation is excellent. Enemies are really fast though. Dodging them and aiming/doing the combo feels a bit like patting your head and rubbing your stomach. Loved the overall presentation though. Great job!


Thank you! I'm also satisfied with how the presentation turned out. I have no drawing skills, so I improvised with some basic colors and shapes, and I guess my web/UI developer instincts took controls by adding symmetry everywhere.^^


Clean, really pleasing design. Good job :)


Thanks! This jam theme was great for minimalism.