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There is, though our explanation isn’t on the Jam page. I’ll see if I can edit it. Press start on your gamepad to switch to controller. 

Thank you for the feedback!

For a first game ever with no prior experience, this is fantastic! And the evil flying horses make it even better.

This is easily my favorite game of the entire jam, and that's not because I'm a playable character. Well done guys!

Aaaaaaaaaaand we have Space Lions!

Proud of something you've accomplished so far? Paste it here!

Know of a good tutorial or tool? Found a treasure trove of licence free assets? Post it here so everyone can see!

Thank you so much!

Okay, thanks. I'll give it a shot. I really did want to see more.

How has nobody played this one? This game is so much fun!

A few notes:

With these physics, I don't think you need the double jump. It's floaty enough that I feel you have a decent amount of control.

I would appreciate the ability to move without rotating the gravity, though for the purpose of this jam, I totally understand why you mapped them together.

Good choice on the music.

Seriously, this game was a lot of fun. Flying around, quickly rotating the gravity to get a combo was a blast and I could easily play more of this. Awesome game!

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This is a fun little platformer and I could really see it going places. The mechanic was fun, and you guys clearly put some thought in the level design. I really liked the first screen, and it looked like the coin below the platform but right above the spikes was meant to be a fun challenge. (It was a bit too hard of a challenge, but I went back multiple times to try it again.) Great work! I really enjoyed it.

This is a really cool idea! I felt like you could get screwed by the wrong combination of enemies in the wrong terrain, but it's a really engaging puzzle to try and best navigate the cave while maximizing your visual range. The presentation is very clean, and the game really meshes around the central mechanic. I'd be curious to see if this could be expanded out into a bigger game.

I really wanted to like this more. Your aesthetic is really good. The robot is adorable, and the music makes me feel like I'm playing an old N64 platformer. (So we're clear, that's 100% a compliment). I was having issues with my mouse controls. Sometimes it wouldn't let me move the camera to the right at all. Getting warped back to the start over and over again was unclear and frustrating, though from what I've read in the comments, the mechanical reasons behind that actually do sound really fun. Still, you clearly put a lot of work into this. 

The only issue I had was knowing whether the weapon I was picking up would replace my back weapon, or my main weapon. I never really wanted the shotgun, so I'd try to swap it for the rail or machine gun, and it seemed inconsistent as to which of my weapons would get replaced.

Other than that, the game is really well polished and was fun to play. It was cool to see a Game Jam game that actually had an ending to it. I liked your final message too. Good job!

I really like the look of this game and the music. The idea sounds super cool too.  Unfortunately, I couldn't see the goal I was trying to make my musicians match. I know that when the game started, it looked like my resolution was cutting something off. But it's hard to say. Wish I could play. It sounds really cool.

Fun game. Could be just me, but I was struggling to see everything that came down the pipe. Also got shafted when I had to jump into a shield in order to dodge a bomb, but that was clearly a fluke. Music was really fun and I enjoyed shifting up and down. Would play again. Good job!

Played for like 20 seconds and then quit... because this game is that amazing and it was about to make me laugh hysterically in a public area. The way that the first click sent me shooting off the stage, instantly conveyed everything I needed to know about the challenge of the game. The title made sense when I read the description, but when the music kicked in, everything clicked. Inspired choice by the way. I came back to play later and plan to show this to a lot of my friends. If the kickback was toned down just a teeny bit, I feel it would be a bit more playable. A+ for the shotgun sound choice too. I could not stop smiling as I typed this review. That was awesome.

Enemy health was way too high given the twitchy nature of the action. I started resorting to grouping them up, standing in place, and detonating the bomb so it would guaranteed kill multiples of them at once.

I know how hard it can be to vary enemy movements without having them collide up on each other. My game has the same issue. If I'm going to have a lot of enemies clustered together and running in the same path, I often assign them movement speed values in a random range so they stagger out a bit. You might have done that but I couldn't tell. Lol I was focused on shooting.

Cool concept though. The few times I got a kill combo and my gun started spraying bullets it was both satisfying and conceptually terrifying as I knew I was dumping health. Good job!

I legitimately had no idea the space bar did anything until I read these comments. I went back and instantly saw at least a bit more of the original vision for this game. At least, I think I did. Still, 5 stars for innovation. I have played nothing like this. You guys have pieces of something really cool. I found dodging past everything to be exceptionally fun, and the changing tempo of the music has real potential.

This is a really tight and well polished game. The grappling felt great, and the music was really catchy. 

My biggest frustration was the platforms blocking my grapple shots, but I can't think of a way that I would better implement it so players could sometimes shoot at enemies past platforms and other times shoot directly into those platforms.

Still, it's one of my favorites from the Jam so far.

Lol that chain took most of Friday and a chunk of Saturday morning to get working that well. I had to fight the urge not to keep working on it. I can't believe I forgot the corpse layers. Thank you for the feedback. This is a game I think I will definitely come back to and update.

Thank you so much! And I'll try to keep that tip about the installer in mind for next time.

The visuals are really clean. Everything definitely pops and it instantly readable.  Never considered the motivation to attack being the ability to move faster. Didn't always feel clear why I was missing some attacks though, which caused me to die a bit. Still a really cool game!

Thanks! This was my first game and I really appreciate the feedback.

Originally, protecting the vessels mattered. But I realized that it was most fun fighting huge waves of enemies, which would never happen if the vessels were a potential fail condition. If I go back to this game, I definitely want to make them actually valuable to defend.

The slow motion is a really nice touch that goes a long way to making it more play better and feel really good.  Comboed 4 enemies in a row and the rising pitch made me feel badass. Awesome job.

Really creative dynamic between all of the overlapping mechanics. Presentation is excellent. Enemies are really fast though. Dodging them and aiming/doing the combo feels a bit like patting your head and rubbing your stomach. Loved the overall presentation though. Great job!