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dash your way through tough enemies
Submitted by Marcos Fuchter, Isaac Schanno Johnson (@Musicbyisj) — 3 hours, 28 minutes before the deadline
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How does your submission match the theme?
Almost everything in our game has multiple pursoses, here goes the list:
Walking is used to move around the terrain and also align yourself to a successful dash on the enemy;
Crouching is used to dodge high attacks, grab health pickups and also prepare yourself to dash;
Dashing helps you avoid enemy damage, deal damage to enemies by dashing through them and cause an explosion by hitting your enemy right in the middle of his body; Enemies deal damage to the player and also start combo chains, reset dash cooldown and increase the player's score when are killed;
Health pickups increase your health when are collected and also give you temporary invulnerability.

Third-party resources
Construct 2, Aseprite, Logic Pro X, Reason

Marcos Fuchter (code, g. design)
Gustavo Fernandes (art, animation, g. design)
Isaac S. Johnson (music, sound design)
Artur Vieira (testing)
Pedro Monteiro (testing)
Mateus Fuchter (testing)
Lucas Venson (testing)

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Really excellent! I love it, difficult but enjoyable, maybe it need levels to encourage the playability. Excellent Aesthetics!


Hey nax, thanks! I'm really glad you liked it! When you say levels, you mean like leveling up or like stages?


like stages, or maybe, enemy waves, you can introduce the different enemy types in each one. It's only an idea.


Very nice artwork, the dash feels good but the enemy hitboxes and combat is a little tough to grasp. Sometimes I die when I dash into an enemy, sometimes I live. Good effort though!


Hey, thanks! Yeah the dash mechanic can be a bit hard to grasp, when we were developing with the idea on our heads we didn't realize how weird dealing damage was (dashing through enemies, not to hit them). This game could definitely use a tutorial so people know right away what to do


The concept is pretty good. I don't know how I feel about the walk, though. In games like this where you walk super slow, it feels kinda frustrating, and I'd almost prefer the dash to be the only form of movement at that point. I think maybe some balancing around that is in order, one way or the other.

The core mechanic is pretty fun. There were a few occasions where I felt like I got him or didn't hit the enemy when I felt like I should have. Other than that, it's a pretty solid entry.


Yeah... the walking speed is definitely being a matter of discussion. Walking slowly is great for aiming your dash precisely, but bad por walking past enemies and moving overall. Walking fast would be the opposite, and we also didn't want to allow people to avoid the rock's crush attack without dashing.

I'm glad you liked the concept and the core mechanic :D. It's a bit different than usual to land hits, you have to dash through the enemy (start on one side, hit him, finish your dash on the other side). 


The visuals are really clean. Everything definitely pops and it instantly readable.  Never considered the motivation to attack being the ability to move faster. Didn't always feel clear why I was missing some attacks though, which caused me to die a bit. Still a really cool game!


Hey, thanks, glad you liked it. Attacking in this game is definitely unusual, you have to dash through your enemies OR hit them in the middle with the end of your dash. If you finish your dash overlapping the enemy without having killed it, you'll be damaged. And also, attacking the rock enemy while it's completely red will always damage you (unless you're glowing white) :)


i really liked the graphics and the effects, the explosions and dash was pretty awesome, the controls were hard for me, that made the game very challenging. still it was pretty awesome 


thanks, I'm glad you liked it, hopefully you had a good time :)