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I have a writer and a musician on my team!

Detail pass and bug fixes! I meet with my team tomorrow to talk about settings and then I'll be level designing and creating assets in earnest.

That's creepy as hell. Good work.

Hey! It's an actual video of the thing I'm working on. Whaaaaaaat.

Interesting concept and great art. I feel like it's a little clunky, but it's a pretty decent execution. My biggest complaints are that it doesn't seem intuitive that you have to close your eyes for the food to be prepared. and it seems to take too long for the icons above patrons heads to pop up.

This is a neat concept and the art style is great.  I would say that it feels like you should be able to bowl over the wolves with the money instead of just paying them off. I think that would feel more natural. Also, I was able to complete all of the challenges from the starting fountain rather than actually going to any of the other fountains. I think spacing them out a bit more or putting them on different levels would probably fix this.

Neat concept that is well executed. Only issue I had was that the first time I booted it up, I couldn't resize the window at all and had to reboot the game and try again.

Hey, it's kinda Spacer Harrier! I like the concept of shooting delaying the health coming in. Maybe there should be other trade offs around that, like enemy projectiles homing better or moving faster. 

Feels fairly polished, but there were a few things I think could use a little work. The moon makes some enemies a little hard to see, so maybe moving that off to the side would help. The shooting sound effect kind of grates over time, maybe make it quieter/or modulate it a bit. The main thing is that the difficulty is a little on the easy side. I think maybe the health-giving enemies show up too often or give too much health. Either way, I never felt in danger.

A little polish and a little more variety, and I think this would be a great game!

Cool little concept with a pretty good execution. The art style is nice and I really appreciate the way you display the health.

Good game. Simple concept and good execution of it. The only thing the game needs is a little more variety and you have a good one on your hands.

The art is amazing in this! This ghost is the epitome of 90s action movie badassery. I love that his cigarette is the life bar. Would be kind of neat if you could get the cigarette in his mouth to also burn down.  The music and sounds are great, but I feel like the sound effects are mixed a little too low to be punchy.

The gameplay is kinda neat, but if the objective is to kill all the enemies, I think there needs to be some kind of indicator as to where living enemies are. The map is a little too big to just blindly hunt for enemies.

I think this is the only 2D game I've seen using UE4 in the whole jam. It's pretty cool to see the things that people can do in the engine other than just generic FPS games. >_>

Very great aesthetic. I love the concept. I'm assuming you got the music through a royalty free website, which is fine, but I'm pretty sure I've heard it in a commercial game or video before, which kind of detracts from the unique feeling the game has for me.

I feel like the controls could be a bit more responsive, especially the camera controls. Feels like it takes ages for the camera to get where it needs to be. Also, the plant growth takes a little too long to happen. The player just sits around waiting on plants to grow most of the time. There's also probably some balancing that needs to be done around the mechanic. I was able to run across a pretty large stretch of open desert and then just plant things in the shade to eat until I had enough health to get to safety. Maybe plants shouldn't grow in the shade?

Anyway, it's a great concept and a pretty good execution of it. I'm interested to see where you go with it!

I think the control scheme you have here is at the core of the design philosophy for the game. Using WASD or the arrow keys might make it snappier, but you'd probably be sacrificing necessary precision. I don't know if a controller is supported because I didn't try one, but I bet that's going to be the best compromise between ability to react and accuracy. Either way, it's good that you're putting so much thought into it, because that is certainly one of the most important parts of the game.

The aesthetic and sound design are both great. The first two (pink and green puzzles) were fun. The blue and black ones kinda just felt tacked on, which I'm assuming is more to do with time constraints than anything. My biggest problems, as most have stated, is that the control scheme is totally unintuitive. Even after getting the hang of it for movement, when using it for precision puzzles like the green one, I was constantly making mistakes.

I think it would also be helpful to provide an indicator as to what color the player should be using in an area, or at least make the color transition snappier. As it stands, it feels like a chore to switch through all of them to figure out what you should do.

Overall, cool game.  I think you main issue you've got to get sorted is the controls.

This might be my new favorite of the jam. Everything is so well done.  It oozes charm. The art and the sound are well done. The dialogue is fun but brief enough not to get in the way of the gameplay. I loved the humor, especially the ending.

My only complaint is just how random the shots are. I know that's part of the mechanic, but the room right before the end, there were some crystals that I was just spamming fire forever and only getting the spinny dudes. I think it would be good to reweight the spawns and also maybe add a Tetris-like preview of what the next shot will be so you can at least sorta plan around it.

Great game! Please make it into a full release.

I really love this concept, and the execution is not bad. The art style and sound design are pretty good considering the time constraints. I think there's a lot of potential to explore and probably a long game's worth of excitement and exploration in the concept.

I think for a game like this to work, though, you're really gonna have to spend a lot of time making sure  that players can't easily get themselves into situations they can't get themselves out of. You can't really know what's in the next room, and given that one of your movement keys can be taken away from you pretty quickly, it can't really fall on the player to just know that he's going to need the movement key that he no longer has in the next room. It only took me four or five rooms to get myself stuck for good.

Also, I think I may have circumvented the battery by just shutting down around the time I was running out and powering back up? I never actually tried to just run out of battery, so I'm not sure what is supposed to happen, but I was running around on empty battery for a while before I stepped on a charge pad.

Anyway, excellent game, make more of it.

Beautiful looking game. A little more player direction would be nice. Took a little bit of wandering aimlessly to figure it out. Also, I feel like there are just too many cyclopses(pl?) and their paths are too random. There were plenty of times where I was just sitting and waiting for 6 or 7 guys to clear the area.

Interesting mechanic, but I feel like the amount of faith you have and the amount of health the demons have is a little out of balance. I think you may need to rebalance a little. It would also be nice to have somewhere to progress to rather than just being stuck in an arena.

I think the concept is neat and could have some interesting implications for platforming puzzles. There were a lot of issue I ran into though. There are certainly some parts of the level where there is way too much in the foreground and you can't see your characters. The enemies feel pointless, because you can just run through them or jump over them. And there was a part I got too that was just too confusing to parse out where to go and wound up just falling off and respawning at the beginning (could use checkpoints). It's an interesting basis for a game, but I think you may have added on too much for the time constraints. It will be interesting to see what you do with it with more time to work out the kinks.

It's a really cool concept and it's really well executed. It just spirals out of control too quickly and you feel like you're spending all your time putting out fire and getting nowhere...like life.

I think if you added some end goal that is well communicated to the character, it could increase the tension and fun. Maybe you're trying to protect something in the inside of the forest and the fire is encroaching from the outside? Just a thought. Anyway, cool stuff.

I thought it was a novel spin on the Metroidvania concept to have your abilities also act as keycards. However, I think you probably could have just gated the player off with a challenge they could overcome only after they got the ability anyway.  The concept was pretty neat, though I would love to see more abilities added. Also, run didn't feel like a super useful ability to get, since you could just spam air jump to span long distances anyway. 

The art is pretty good, but some portions of the level are a little dark for their own good. The character design is great, and I'm super impressed that you were able to make fairly good looking animations in such a small time frame.

I really like the aesthetic, but it's a little funky moving someone restricted in rotation to a 2D plane around a 3D space. The concept is fairly solid, but I couldn't tell if I was getting oil from enemies or not. Also, is there anywhere to go, or is it just the square arena? I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be progressing anywhere or just surviving for as long as I could.

At any rate, which some polish, the game could stand out with its unique aesthetic. It would be nice to add some objective or more complex space to move through. Cool stuff.

The art style and music in this are fantastic. They remind me of platformers in the good ole days. The concept is solid and works pretty well/leads to some pretty neat puzzles. I think the main issue is that the game is a little difficult, which mainly comes from how floaty the controls feel. Also, it would be nice to have a button to make plover switch directions. There were a couple times where he was flying the wrong way for what I needed him to do, and I had to go back to find a wall to let him run into. I think it would simplify the process if you just let us reverse his orbit with the press of a button.

I like the art, but I feel like the game is kinda hamstrung by the enemies having way too much health. It feels more like an endurance challenge than anything.

I love the concept, and the aesthetic is pretty fun, too. The main problem here is that the controls are just so floaty and cumbersome. I think if you work on the camera and character movement, you could have a really fun game on your hands!

I really like the concept of being a sangromancer that needs to cut his enemies to restore his blood magic. I think this pretty well executed. Only issues are that most of the enemies are chumps that go down too easily, and don't really force you into a pattern of retreating to shoot and then darting back in to get more blood. You can kind just dash, shoot, dash, shoot, with very few consequences. Also, while the ambient noise is creepy, it's very annoying. Obviously you didn't have enough time, but sound effects for feedback would make this feel a million times better.

Cool concept, great art, hope you flesh it out more. I'm gonna go shoot myself for making that joke now.

I loved the aesthetic and the scroll to walk outside of the recoil. The sound effect of the chair was hilarious and really sold me on this idea of a monitor and his chair friend against abstract art monstrosities. Obviously you only had so much time, but it would have been great to play an actual level of this.

Very good art, and a fairly neat concept. I feel like the game is a little too unforgiving, though. The idea that they can't collide with each other feels like a step too far to me. Also, maybe instead of all walls meaning death, maybe you could place hazards to avoid (spikes, lava strips, whatever suits your fancy). I also encountered a bug where B.O.T. would just rocket off for no reason and die without me having touched anything.

Fun little game. The art style is great. Cranky Pants is the spryest old man I've ever seen. Other than the lack of sound, my only complaint is that maybe you could make W a duplicate of the jump button (maybe it already is, but I didn't try). Since W isn't being used, I think it wouldn't hurt, and it seems like it'd feel a little more natural to me.

Very interesting concept. It takes a while to get used to, but eventually you feel like drunk Peter Parker. I would also echo the floaty complaint. 

I really like the idea behind this and the aesthetic is out of this world. The aiming feels a little clunky with a mouse, though, especially with the rough walls that you can easily get stuck on. I would like to see a more polished version of this. My only other complaint is, while I appreciate you trying to add a plot to this, the intro moves really slowly with not much going on other than the text crawl and a slow camera zoom. I don't know that it's such a great idea to have a text crawl like this for a jam where people are just trying to get into a game to try an interesting concept and get out.  But, nevertheless, A for effort here.

This is a pretty neat concept and looks sublime. I think it'd be pretty cool if you added some things into the environment to aim for to give you a score boost or multiplier.

It's an interesting idea, but it's very difficult to manage in practice. I'd like to see a more streamlined version with a layout to the control board that feels a little more intuitive.

This is a really neat concept and the execution is superb/feels really polished. Ignoring the fact that there are no sound effects due to time constraints, here were some of the bigger issues I had: It feels like there should be a way to moves turrets after you've placed them. I placed one too far away on accident and it became essentially worthless to me. The turret aiming seemed a little strange at times. When the turret was firing perpendicular to the enemy's direction of movement, they seemed to lag behind them quite a bit. Perhaps making them lead the enemies would help. It's also unclear if they were doing damage there, so maybe some more feedback on whether or not the bullets are hitting the enemy would help.

Other than that, it was an excellent game and I hope you plan to continue working on it post-jam!

Thanks! I had the idea to let the player ride the rocket, but I didn't have the time to figure out a workaround to make sure it still had physics interactions with other pawns while simply blocking the player. The other concern I had was that, with outdoor levels like these, letting the player ride the rocket would allow them to bypass most of the level. I would definitely like to try it out, at least!

Yeah, the lighting is awful, I need to give it some attention at some point. Glad you liked the idea, though!

Yeah, I didn't think about how abnormally wide your sprite is. That's a conundrum.

This is a really cool concept and a very polished game for a 48 hour jam. Everything from the aesthetic to the music are on point. Couple notes I had: I didn't realize that dashing into enemies resets your jumps. I felt like I tried this a couple times to see if it was the case and it didn't work, so there might be something around the input there. You might consider giving the playing a little more leeway on their collision for jumps. There were a couple times I swear I pressed jump in time only to run off an edge and get hurt by something. Also, as noted by someone else, some hazards hit you automatically when you transition screens. This actually killed me once, which is a pretty frustrating way to die when you've never seen the next screen.

All told, though, this is an excellent submission!

This is such an amazing concept, and the execution is nothing short of perfect. I can't really see anything that you'd need to fix with the current iteration. However, as others have said, it's not quite as fun to build the level and play it yourself. I think this kind of thing would be perfect for asynchronous multiplayer. If you added the ability for one or more controllers to be used while the keyboard master makes the dungeon, I think it could be great here. Just spitballing ideas, but perhaps allowing the dungeon master to set off traps while others are running through it or having a mode where the dungeon builder gets a head start and the others then start running while he continues to build the dungeon ahead of them. Either way, great entry and for sure one of the coolest ideas in the jam!

Thanks! I wish I had time to make some more detailed models during the jam, but I just had to go with the low-poly style. Just don't ask me to make something that has to be animated. xD

Unreal does most of the hard work for you. :P