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I just tried it on my old laptop, which runs it like hot garbage. I noticed that there's a huge amount of input lag with lower framerates. Not really sure why that is. I intended to put in a settings menu so you could turn down the graphics for better performance, but I barely got around to putting in a main menu. 

Thanks for the feedback! I'll have to look into that issue.

Thanks! I put a lot of effort into making sure there were a variety of deaths and that they all felt good. What would you say was holding the controls back for you?

Yeah, I am. This game is perfectly suited for those kinds of sounds. :D

I started out feeling like it was too difficult, but it warmed up to just right difficulty by the time I got used to it. I think you did a really good job of coming up with a concept and exploring the different things you could do with it. Just goes to show you how two well-designed mechanics can compliment each other perfectly and set up a bunch of fun situations.

I think you should keep working on this one. There's still a lot you could explore with it. 

Good job. You get a star.

Everything about this game was pitch perfect. The minimalist art, the mechanic, the controls, the sound; I feel like with a bunch more levels, this could easily be a puzzle platformer you'd see on Steam. The raycast shadows were awesome looking, too.

I love that it's kinda like Super Meat Boy, but your ghost serves more of a purpose than just taunting you. I could gush for a while about this mechanic, and I think you've done a decent job exploring it. I'm sure there are a million other ways you could think of using it. Certainly there could be room for enemies or turrets that you could block with your body. Also maybe if there was some way to turn the bodies into moving platforms, I think there's a big possibility space there.

Now that I've gushed for a while, there were a couple things that I think could be improved. The most important is that I think the time limit should go. I know it's for the jam, but I think the difficulty in the game should come from figured out how to use your respawns to get all the orbs and get to the end (maybe even a reward for beating the par number or something). I think having a time limit just kind of muddies the mechanic and makes it more of a blitz than a thoughtful platformer.

Second thing is that the green squares are too small. This wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for the time limit, but there were a few times where I nearly ran over on time trying to make the block get in the exit.

Anyway, super cool game. Please keep developing it. /novel

Pretty solid little playformer. The animations are great. Jumping mechanics could use a little fine-tuning.

I absolutely loved this. Might be my favorite of the jam so far. Aside from things that were obviously not perfect due to time (sounds, effects, etc.), the only problem I really had was the rewind. After spending enough time in a level it's kinda tedious. Maybe if you gave the option to fast forward through it, you could keep the effect but get rid of the annoyance.

I really wanted to like this game, because it's got a whole lot going for it. The concept is great, the visuals and audio are great. The problem is that the controls and collision make this way harder than it needs to be.

You can't even get within five feet of the back end of the spider without dying. You can't get close to a wall without being pushed away from it. That made getting down the part where you get past the first spider take like ten more tries than it should have when I knew exactly what I needed to do. By the time I had gotten past that, I was too frustrated with it to bother continuing.

I think you'd have a really awesome game on your hands without the control frustration.

I really like this use of the theme, this is definitely among the top ten most unique in the jam. I wish I could've gotten a little further, but the implementation of the mechanic gets a little hectic after you make a handful of mistakes. I got to a point where I had way too many boxes moving around, so I tried to press R a few times and after like two or three times, I got a fatal error.

All that aside, there's a huge amount of potential in this. A lot of games have done something similar, but this is the only game I can remember that lets you control the timeline. I'd love to see you polish it up and make something awesome out of it.

I feel like I understand what you were going for here, and I really like the concept. It's one of the more unique seeming things in the jam. Unfortunately, it seems basically unplayable in the state it's in. I spent forever trying to get into the places where the different objects are, and it seems impossible. I hope you put a little time into working on this so we can see what your vision was.

I don't know if this was intended, but the main menu screen spins like crazy. It was pretty close to making me motion sick, but the start button finally appeared. Interestingly different concept.

Awesome game. One of the most aesthetically pleasing in the jam. My biggest complaint was it didn't seem abundantly clear what I had to do with the main virus. I tried running around and deleting it and then just spamming it with shots. Eventually it died from one of them, but I'm still not sure which.

Cool concept, but the collision for the broken floors is a little too aggressive.

Ah, I see what you mean. The I-beam might be a little difficult to see. That guy is intentionally pretty difficult to get to a hazard. He's sorta like that hard mode of that level. Even I can't reliably 100% that level half the time, because it the solution (at least the one I know of) comes down to the last second or two.

The pit is intentional, and it's also a hazard that you can dump mud into. I probably should smooth out the north face a bit so you can walk out of it that way like you can with the other sides.

Thanks again for the compliments and feedback! I'll get around to tightening some of these things up after the rating period is over. :)

I was a little worried that that inconsistency in what objects were solid for the ghost would be frustrating to players, but I didn't really have a better answer to how to lay the stages out the way I wanted to. In the end, I figured that, since there's no penalty while not possessing, it probably wouldn't make a huge difference if people spend a couple seconds trying to jump on some thing that they can't get on. I think given a little more time, I'd hopefully realize that I shouldn't put thing that you aren't able to jump on next to objects in the environment that you have to find a way on top of. That definitely sends the wrong message.

With regards to the bit in the top left, how/where were you stuck? There's an I-beam back there that you should be able to get out on, though I didn't spend a large amount of time testing all the corners to see if there were issues back there.

As for interactions between different hazards, I have a million ideas on things to do with that. I just didn't implement any, because it would've been super time consuming and difficult to balance in terms of difficulty. I did want to have the bees spread to other people and the fire spread to other people and wooden objects, but I just never got around to it. If I continue working on the game, I'll definitely make sure to get that stuff in there. And that idea with the oil leak is really good!

Thanks for the in-depth feedback and suggestions. They're really appreciated. :)

Really neat puzzle game. I actually kinda like that you have to rush for the first half and then you get to stop and think.

There were a couple issues I had. First is that the shrinking animation takes too long. You just sit there and watch it for a while, and it feels a little overdone. 

Second, you can very easily just drop the box off the edge and have to restart the puzzle. It would be a lot nicer if the box respawned at its original location on death. You could even use that in some puzzles if you establish it as a mechanic.

And finally, I noticed you said there are 12 levels, but I was only able to do up to 8. After I beat 8, none of the other levels opened.

I really liked this in concept, but I think starting the players on the highest difficulty level and forcing them to shift down may be a bit demoralizing. Also, the idea that the level goes up when you die seems counterintuitive, because your automatic response is to then just shift down a couple times.

The art and the music is great. It feels like Blade Runner meets Short Circuit meets Tron. The mechanics in general are pretty solid. The biggest issue I had was the fall speed. You feel like a sack of lead potatoes. This is especially pronounced when you hit the floor portal and immediately zoom from the ceiling all the way back through the floor portal.

Also, I hit escape to pause it and couldn't figure out how to resume again? I ended up hitting restart, which erased my progress, so I ended up not beating the game.

In the end, it was a super cool game that feels like it could use a few small tweaks to make it excellent.

This game is very juicy. Probably one of the better feeling games in the jam. It's got a lot of style and the sound/music is good (aside from the short loop).

My biggest complaint is the enemy attack hitboxes feel a little generous for them. It feels like they can hit you way more easily than they should be. As a result, I felt like the dash ended up being pretty useless outside of getting back to the door quickly. Otherwise, it's a pretty neat game. Would love to see more!

I was really impressed by the randomization. I don't think most people are going to pick up on that. I just happened to have Avast close and reopen the game and I noticed the layout was different.

I think, as was stated before, it's a little easy. I think some of the rooms (particularly the last room) could use a little more randomization. The music was great and the sound effects were not bad, but the sound when you spam the attack button is pretty annoying.

Good effort! Hope you do more with it.

I gave it another spin. It was much easier to enjoy on the second go around. The jump is a bit floaty as is, but it works fine. Also, as was mentioned by someone else, the mouse look is a little crazy. It kinda feels like you have mouse acceleration on, which never quite feels right. Good stuff overall.

Pretty cool little game. I think you had one of the better implementations of the theme. I played through a decent number of levels and enjoyed it. I think the art's a little bland, but it works. The sound design is great and really sets the tone. The only sound that didn't feel all that great was the turret, kinda lacked punch.

I didn't really have a problem with the movement once I got used to it. It kinda felt like the floaty-ness added an extra dynamic to the difficulty, where you had to be careful how you moved or you'd wind up in a trap or spending a while floating down from a high jump.

The main thing I didn't really get was the intro screen with all the power-ups. Were they supposed to be in game? Was I turning them on or off at the beginning? Didn't quite get it. Maybe they show up later (I probably only played 6 or 7 of the levels).

Either way, pretty solid effort. I think with some more inspired artwork and a few added mechanics, you could make a pretty neat little game that could be worth selling.

This was a lot of fun. My only gripe is that some things that that I felt like should be destructible (like buildings and fences) weren't. Unless they just have so much health that I just never made any progress with them. I think that bit could use balancing. Also maybe adding some kind of effect (like a color change) to signify damage percentage would go a long way!

Other than that, I really love the music. It just felt like it was mastered really low compared to the sound effects. Maybe bring the music up or the sound effects down in volume.

The art, music, and sound effects for this are all amazing. I really like the enemy designs. The generally game feel is pretty spot on.

The only issues I have are:

- The attack feels very inconsistent. I'm assuming this is because they're rotating around you and fly out from whatever point they're at to the point you're aiming at. Whatever the cause, there were a bunch of occasions where it didn't hit something that it felt like it should have (especially enemies right in front of me).

- The jump feels kinda pointless. If I ever got to the point where significant portions of the floor started to fall away, I felt like I was basically doomed and there was nothing I could do.

Outside of that, I think it's an excellent little game. I just wish I was good enough to beat level 2. :P

This is a really neat game, but it feels pretty impenetrable from the perspective of a new player. I think the game really needs a tutorial, because it seems pretty complex.

The music was epic. The art is pretty good, and the animations were amazing. I appreciated that it was kind of like a Golden Axe-style game but in 3D.

I did encounter a lot of issues, though. The enemies couldn't hurt me, and there's a lot of weird collision around the map. On my first try I would up getting stuck in some weird path after jumping down from the ledge. The path took me through the forest and right off the edge. And just in general, there were a lot of invisible walls that made getting around cumbersome.

I think in the future, you should just make two big invisible walls that parallel the level path, and I think that will help the player with pathfinding.

Sorry to beat a dead horse, but I couldn't progress because of the jump. I was able to get through until the area with the green light and I just couldn't jump high enough to make the platform.

Cool to see someone made a game in paper2D. Them jump physics!

Also, the x64 version of the game crashed on me a couple times when I first tried to launch it, but eventually it worked.

I love it. I could see losing a lot of time playing a game like this. I only have two suggestions:

- I think the game needs some player feedback on when you're getting injured (like screenflash). It's really easy to just suddenly get yourself killed because you weren't looking directly at your shield/hearts.

-  A couple different enemy/weapon types with some rock-paper-scissors style strategy could make the game a little more puzzle-y and deep. Certainly just adding a mechanic or two into a game like this good extend its longevity a lot.

Pretty neat. I like the concept of time as a healthbar. I won't just parrot what everyone else has said, but if you find another way to have time used as a currency, I think it would add a little depth to the game. Like maybe have Geometry Wars style screen bombs that cost time?

I think this is a really cool start for a game. There are a few small changes you could make the would make a world of difference in how fun the game is:

- The screen shake is way overkill. It makes it kinda disorienting to play.

- The emissive lights look really cool, but I think you might have taken it a step overboard. It's very difficult to see where enemies are and where their bullets are. I think it also hits performance kinda hard.

I think if you work on those two things, you've got a really fun game on your hands.

I like the concept. The art and the music work really well.  I'm not super sold on having to go to the end door to get the code, though. I'm not sure if it changes on later levels, but I found it a little tedious having to walk the same path multiple times. It was be super great to have it as a side objective, like a terminal that you have to get to or a letter you have to find.

Either way, cool game!

Man, I really love the art and music in this game. The plot seems super interesting, too! You guys are miles ahead of everyone else in the jam in those departments. There's a lot to like here, but I did have a lot of hang-ups with some of the design.

- For starters, being a game that has a pretty strict time limit, the reliance on elevators (particularly the slow moving ones) was very frustrating. There's one in particular that takes forever to make its loop. It took so long that, depending on which part of the loop is was on, I had to wait through an entire cycle of the 30 second timer to be able to use it and continue the level.

- The dialogue is appreciated, but the constant interruptions to gameplay aren't. Perhaps it would work just to let the player continue moving while the characters converse? At any rate, I also ran into a glitch where the dialogue boxes seemingly took increasing numbers of clicks to close throughout the game, which amplified the issue.

- Probably the biggest issue I had was that, on the level where you get the double jump, I fell off a platform into a bottomless pit. After falling into the pit, I began an endless cycle of respawning in the pit, effectively stranding me and ending my playthrough. 

I think if you work on the issues and improve the game feel, you could have a very cool game on your hands, and I hope to see you continue to work on it.

It took me a while to understand what the hell was going on, but it became strangely addictive after a while. I think if you added some explanations on what different things do so that it's not so opaque for first timers, it would help immensely. I also thing this has the potential to be a great time-waster like clicker games. It just needs some more variety in mini games.

The only real complaint I have is that the performance goes from fine to chugs-ville after a certain point. Especially on the Dig Up stage.

Haha, I appreciate the compliments, but this is only my second game. I think that your game is good stuff, and you'll be making great games in no time. It just takes a couple tries for you to really get the hang of it. :D

Thanks for the detailed feedback! I really appreciate it!

I definitely noticed the depth perception is an issue with the camera the way it is. I think part of it has to do with the low amount of detail and lack of textures in the environment. I've also considered trying different camera angles, but I haven't quite found anything I'm satisfied with yet. I may make it so the default is an eagle eye view and then you can switch to a different camera angle at will. I'm just avoiding it because it means I have to be so much more rigorous in building my environments. :P

In terms of giving the ghost more abilities, I wanted to be as minimalist as possible. I might play around with letting him possess objects as well, but I really like the concept of the humans being his pawns. I definitely want to add humans that can expand the depth of the game, though. I've got an idea for a human with a hammer that you can just plop in front of various things (propane tanks, destructible walls, load-bearing columns, etc.).

I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. In a way, it kinda makes sense with no alternate ending. You don't really get do-overs in that kinda situation. Would make a good anti-drunk driving advert. :P

Forgot to mention in my initial comment that I really appreciated how you basically made the player watch the scenes before they could interact with them, because it gives them more weight. By the end, you really want to fix things.