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The concept and art are good, but the gameplay needs  a little work. The main mechanic seems to work well except that sometimes it suddenly stops with what seems like no warning and sometimes the fan sticks in place until you clicked again. None of this is really explained, so I'm not sure if it's supposed to do those things or it's just a little buggy. 

At any rate, being able to keep fanning almost indefinitely makes the first level trivial. It seems like the fan needs to only work for a short burst and then have a cooldown (ha). I couldn't navigate the second level, because not being able to tell when the fan was going to switch off made it hard to get through the cannonballs. If the fan shutting off is intentional, there needs to be some visual feedback to let the player know when it's going to happen. Or at least more consistency.

Decent little game that just needs some mechanical polish and a little more time into level design.