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I really like the description of the concept, but it doesn't really seem to come through in the execution. You don't really get a very good feel for how much damage you are doing and what that actually means. It would be a lot better if you added some sort of goals on the screen (i.e. less than a certain amount of damage is gold/silver/bronze etc.).

Also, really the only reason why you would hit things is because it's hard to see where you're going. That just feels like artificial difficulty, though. The lack of camera control hurts the gameplay more than anything, honestly. It'd be much cooler if you added the difficulty in by putting the necessary items on shelves or narrow planks or above stacks of items that you need to jump over with ramps.

Finally, the unfinished nature of the assets makes it very difficult to find the thing you're looking for. I rolled around the entire map several times and could not find the bread. It seems that there are plenty of finished assets, almost none of which are the things you're actually looking for. This makes it very confusing to find things.

Overall, the art, sound, and concept are all great. But the gameplay itself needs quite a lot of polish.