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Beat 'em up without a single punch!
Submitted by Room of Snakes (@roomofsnakes) — 23 minutes, 21 seconds before the deadline
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This but two player PvP please


One of the best in the jam. The idea is great and totally fits the theme. Kinda reminds me of Breakout meets Space Invaders meets soccer. The hand drawn art is gorgeous, the sounds work well, and above all, the game feels incredibly good to play.

My only gripe is that the ball's reaction to being hit doesn't seem super consistent. Feels like there should be multiple methods of hitting it that produce different movement styles.

At any rate, absolutely wonderful entry.

A favourite in this game jam. Responsive controls, a well-executed idea with a simple layout.


This was fun and I really like the presentation. The controls feel pretty good, maybe a more pronounced animation on the kick would be good. I ended up using the arrows for movement and the S key for kicks, as having them all together felt a bit cramped, so I'm glad both options were included. You could expand on this with power-ups or different kicks, especially for achieving air balls.


I definitely like the concept of this but I can't help but feel like I wish there was another move you could do (like dedicated vertical and horizontal kicks, or a dedicated bunt button like Lethal League has). As it stands, I think you have too little control over the ball for it to really work well. It can be difficult to get the ball into the air from the ground or vice versa when you need it, and it seems inconsistent whether you'll redirect, propel the ball faster, or bunt it and kill its speed when you kick it while it has speed.
It is pretty nice in terms of visuals and game feel though!

Amazing! I need more of this.  I'd pay for a full game of this


Very nice and intuitive.


I really like this concept. The game is great as-is, but I think if you continue working on it you could really make something special out of this.

I had to read the game description after beating the game to realize it the ball needed speed to do damage. I kept thinking it had something to do with hitting the walls.


Great concept. Played it through and had fun.  I felt like the speed/power of the kick was a little inconsistent though. I could see this doing well as a mobile game if it was polished up a bit and kick mechanics were tightened up. :)

This has been my favourite so far. I love how you have two things to keep track of instead of just your 1 guy. The kicking felt really impactful too. I'd love to see this idea expanded where you're using a a ball with physics instead of your character


This has potential.

is a mazing game but gets very boring after a while it has polish but not to much variaty

Great Job! The game has excellent feel and weight , and is a concept that can be fleshed out. Its a bit like rocket league but with the goals as moving and dangerous targets.


This game reminds me of using the ball of death in One Finger Death Punch- So satisfying! I would love to see randomized waves to keep it going!

Great graphics and good music, the lack of i-frames make it a bit hard to play on the later stages but overall was a great concept excuted right


everything is on par here!


Brilliant idea, cute design :)