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I enjoyed it and actually felt like a puzzle game rather than a platformer (is that the intention?!)

My main complaint was it was hard to know what I could attach to and what I couldnt. Maybe I was missing a 'tell' for that but possibly linking grapple and hook to different colours or something and something to indicate what I could/couldnt go through would be good

Unfortunately I could get the game to appear correctly at my resolution, effectively it was zoomed in very far so I could only see the play button but could see bits of the start of the text around the edges of the screen. I am running at 1366x768

Visually, audibly of a high standard and controls were good (but a bit twitchy). The only "complaint" I have is that if you replace the shield with a weapon graphic, it's just a standard platformer again. The only difference from this to another platformer is the attack animation is a shield and not a weapon.

To use the mechanic of "you dont have a weapon" I think you could (in future, as clearly you are time limited for this jam) have mechanics in the world which you interact with in each level to beat the enemies. For example dropping things on people. A bit like HITMAN but without the weapons/guns/close combat. I feel like there's a solid idea there, just maybe needs a bit more time to develop and some creativity around "not having a weapon".

Yep that works! Just played the first 2 levels (though I did get caught and then nothing seemed to happen but restarted)

Specs: i5-4690K, GTX 980, Windows 10. Running latest stable graphics drivers.

Love the idea, felt like this could be expanded on to make it not necessarily easier, but more accessible. Obviously I know there was limited time so this is just expanding on the idea you have.. but things like puddles to give an example of where you are. Stereo sound as mentioned by Darkgun would be great. Teleporters give off a little electronic hum or you could hear chatter when above/near enemies.

It's unlucky you couldnt get the additional levels in as the idea is really cool, and I think there's loads of additional ways to make it interesting. Power-ups that change the direction you turn could make for some really interesting puzzles. You could have enemies and when you right right click instead of adding a turn marker, it adds an attack command.

Possibly a start-pause button as well, or maybe just have the guy stood still at the start with a start button and a restart button.

I'd like to see more done with this!

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It's a good start but starts way too slowly - needs to have 10x the amount of beats to press

I'd say it also needs an added mechanic, as it's currently a little too simple. Good foundation though

This has been my favourite so far. I love how you have two things to keep track of instead of just your 1 guy. The kicking felt really impactful too. I'd love to see this idea expanded where you're using a a ball with physics instead of your character

Great concept, just way too much for my brain!

I have the same problem, if you need some info/specs from me, let me know