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Fun game, even though it's not so adherent to the theme

Cool, original and cute. Hugs from Brazil :)

Nice and original idea, certainly sticks to the theme of the jam. 

Deep concept with simple graphics. I really enjoyed it :)

Cool game! Really nice percussion on the soundtrack hahaha

Nice graphics and mechanics! Unfortunately it didn't run so well on my laptop, and I couldn't click objects close from the edges of the screen for some reason. But it's a jam game after all, I know there's not a lot of time for polishing

Nice mechanics and cute design, I loved it!

The game is aesthetically pleasing, and I really liked the concept. However, there are not many game mechanics to play around with

Nice new take on a classic game! Sticks to the theme perfectly.

Cool and addicting, but feels a bit too random sometimes

Cool! It sticks to the theme, and also brings a really fun and casual experience.

It's really fun and it sticks to the theme. Go dodos!

Cool concept and cute graphics! I like it, it's a very entertaining challenge

Yeah, we are aware of the bugs, but unfortunately we were on a rush. Thanks for your comments, and  we'll try to do better next time.

Muito bom! Gostei da ideia de pegar um conceito comum em vários jogos de plataforma (pular no inimigos) como uma forma de locomoção pelo cenário.

Cool! The physics make the game really enjoyable. Simple and well executed idea.

Really nice to play, even a bit addicting. Nice take on the concept of "shoot'em ups without shooting"

Awesome idea and visuals, the robot being programmed by floppy disks is a great plot explanation on why the game has no direct input

Awesome idea, but quite hard to play

A chaotic cool idea

Nice visuals and idea!

Laughing out loud while playing, really nice idea, even though it is quite difficult to play.

A simple, yet great game :)

Didn't explore the concept too deeply, but it is a nice game :)

Cool concept, I enjoyed it!


This is our project for the GMTK Game Jam 2018, a shoot'em up without shooting

Play it and rate it, we are very thankful for your collaboration :)

Have fun!

The Bluend Team -

Brilliant idea, cute design :)

Beatiful design and idea

Short game, but really cool idea

Really cool concept and art style, congrats :)

Rune Breaker is a medieval adventure game. Use the power of runes to solve puzzles, destroy obstacles, explore the world around you and move towards your objective. Meet epic creatures, get know their stories and dilemmas through texts and poems created exclusively for the game. Rune Breaker presents a complete adventure experience: it's not only the gameplay that matters, but also the characters and stories which exist inside this universe.

Get it on Google Play: 
Release Trailer: 

Follow our website (Bluend) for news related to this and other awesome projects. Most content is currently in Portuguese, but we intend to post more frequently in English soon:
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