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A [Platformer] without [Direct Input].
Submitted by Super∴Try — 30 minutes, 18 seconds before the deadline
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Wonderfully effective at showing how a concept can deliver gameplay and getting the player to think outside the box to work with the game's mechanics.  The aesthetic is cute and cohesive, the music and sound effects are satisfying and the levels felt increasingly clever as mechanics started compounding on each other.  If the controls were tweaked a little to make switching discs easier to consistently execute on time, I would think this is the perfect building block to start building a fully fledged title.  Maybe assign the positioning of different floppie discs to buttons or just make it so you can replace one without having to remove it first.  Super clever and satisfying to play through.  


I absolutely loved this. Aside from the fact that this was super fun to play, it would make an excellent tool for teaching programming. I say this as someone that teaches programming - please keep developing this!

Aside from how good the gameplay and puzzles are, the visuals and presentation are also great. Only complaint is I couldn't get it working in the Windows version (couldn't click anything) - after switching to web version, everything was fine.


Awesome idea and visuals, the robot being programmed by floppy disks is a great plot explanation on why the game has no direct input


I came to a point part way through where I got angry: "why can't i do this section? I know exactly what i need to do, but i can't get my fingers to move fast enough?" I feel that sensation all the time: whenever i play platformers. This is a truly amazing game that manages to evoke all those feelings while perfectly removing something I honestly didn't think the games could exist without. 


This is a really stylish game! It's tragic to me that this is too late to be the Nintendo DS classic it was destined to be. Loved the soundtrack too. 

The core concept clicked immediately (as did the floppies, so satisfyingly)! It feels good to plan out a few moves in advance, getting disks in the right place to be quickly available when you need them.

My one gripe is that certain sections required such precise timing that it may as well have had a jump button; I didn't see a way to program the jumping as a reaction. So that sort of undermines the theme. Fortunately, those sections were introduced fairly early, so it was at least clear that it was an intentional design decision and not something you sprung on the last level!


Great game, if you work on turning down the rapid switches(doesn't need to remove all of them, but the need the mechanics to back them up) and polish the puzzles i think we got gold here


Kevin Cole and VidaZen made something really special here. I already adore their work separately, but seeing them come together to make this is awesome. It's full of heart, charm, and copious amounts of love. Play it, then play Haque.


Extremely clever and polished game. Good job!


I love this! It's a good combo of programming and platforming. Not only that, but it's got a nice learning curve, too. My only criticism is that it's hard to change the floppy disks on the fly with the current system. It would be much easier for the player if they could just click to pop the disks out of the slot and out of the way.  Either way, it's good stuff!


This is amazing. I love how unlike other programming games, it doesn't have a "start" and "stop" function. The program just runs continuously. Beautiful.


This is just amazing. Concept, execution and design. All top notch!

The only thing that bugged me was the screen size. I had to scroll down to insert the floppys and then scroll up to see the "game" area. But maybe I was just noob and didn't realize how to set up the game over here. Anyway, take this idea [ahead], man!


This is an amazing concept!

I loved the idea behind controlling the robot with the floppies. The only real criticism I'd have is that it got a bit twitchy at some points where it relied on your having to swap disks on the fly, but maybe having the option to slow the robot speed would have been enough to solve this, without turning it into a turn-based type of thing? That's a very minor point, though, and just removing the 'Walk' command seemed to give me enough time to plan out my route satisfactorily in most cases :D

I didn't actually play more than a handful of levels but I'm definitely coming back for more!


I wish I had time to finish the game! The game is great as it's concept (which means it's awesome) and the sound effects and music made it very addicting. Congrats for the team!


Damn, this is good! Very neat concept


Foley was better than most ASMR. Really addictive gameplay. Lovely concept. Had a great time. 11/10 would recommend.


OH MY GOSH!!!!  I wish i could give a game 10/5 stars!  And I thought "what goes up" was this year's decisive winner, BOOOYYYy was I wrong!  What can I say?  I love this!  It's clunkiness only adds to the feel of working with an old machine and trying to indirectly control a character!  Music if TOP NOTCH!  Up there with the likes of C418, Toby Fox, Disasterpeace, and many other well known indie game composers!  The character design is simple and cute!  

The actual design premise is super clever too!  Applying programming to platforming is so out there and so unexpectedly good!  I love this and need need NEED more of it!


Really nice visuals and concept. I wish you could just swap a floppy with another without first having to vacate the slot, though. It would make fast-paced sections easier, I think.


A short logic game where you must hot-swap instructions to a robot to guide it through dangerous places.

I hope to see a longer game in the future that makes better use of that last floppy disk you pick up!


Hi there !

I liked the effort you put into the introduction to learn the mechanics and give an early atmosphere. The floppy disks feel weighty as if real, and color code is quite helpful.

I can't help but notice some similarities with a previous work: Was it an inspiration by any chance ?

Good work !


Oh I didn't know about this one! I was actually kind of riffing on Baba Is You

Thanks for showing me this though! I'm gonna dive in for inspiration!


I also took inspiration from baba and tower of heaven ;)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Excellent concept and representation of the jam's theme. During the first levels it feels more like a puzzle game, but once spikes appear, the reaction skill required by platformers starts to emerge, and I think that's what makes this game so great.

The sound effects of inserting and removing disks feel pretty well. Background music is pleasant, and give the game a great atmosphere. I liked the graphics too. 

It was a great experience both at the mechanics and aesthetic levels. And the way you present the game during the first scenes is wonderful.

_φ( °-°)/ We'll appreciate if you rate our game: Slow Ride.

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