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This game is well-presented, with nice graphics, music, and a lot of humor. :) I really enjoyed playing it.

The mechanic is quite unique and interesting, however my only suggestion would be to explore some ways to make the player consider some things when "matching" the people. Oftentimes I just find myself mindlessly dashing through everyone and matching them with whoeever is nearest and that usually does the job. It would be more interesting if there is some mechanic that forces the player to formulate some strategies.

Overall though I think this is an amazing accomplishment for a jam so a real good job! :)

Amazing, amazing art! I like the theming around the game and it looks absolutely stunning.

The concept is also interesting and allowed for some neatly designed puzzles. The movement is a little clunky, however, but that could be easily fixed later on. Maybe some tweaks on the interactions would be helpful as right now it feels difficult to orient the dog to pick up the crystals.

Cool puzzle concept that reminds me of Flow. I really love the music in this one -- for some reason it feels crystal-y. Haha. The game didn't really explore the mechanic deeply since there were only a couple of levels, but I can see how more complex puzzles could be achieved with this concept.

One suggestion regarding the gameplay: it would probably help if there is a way to view the entire map without having to walk, since part of the gameplay involves planning the path to connect each crystal.

This has a pretty interesting concept, and ties well with the theme of the jam. I like the art and the fact that you get to watch your boat fall all the way down whenever you mess up. :) The pirate-themed music is cool as well and fits the aesthetic.

I think in its current state the major point of improvement would be the cost of the upgrades. The progression feels so slow and it seems like the upgrades are much needed very early on in the run. (Alternatively, you can put up the upgrades as microtransactions and make lots of real-world money LMAO just kidding).

A fun little puzzler. I am a little torn on the game not being "snapped" into a grid. Sometimes it feels like it has the tendency to lead to unintended solutions as you can just "force" a block into a place you want it to be, but as I played on I also felt like the fact it wasn't constrained to a grid led to a unique kind of experience that might have some potential. 

Love the handdrawn aesthetic, as well as the "doo-doo-doo-doo" voice that plays when you complete a level. NGL was about to rage quit at some point but wanting to hear "doo-doo-doo-doo" kept me going til the end lmao.

Easily one of the best games I have tried so far in this jam. It's simple yet fun and well-designed, fits the theme perfectly, and very original. This is very clever concept with just a few elements and mechanics, but combines them in very creative ways to create interesting brain teasers. The level design is really one point here, and as a puzzle game fan I must say that if this idea gets explored further and developed into a full game I would be really glad to play it through.

And as a bonus, art and music are done well too.

My only one minor complaint is that there is no undo button. Not much of a problem in this case since the puzzles are fairly small, but still would be a nice quality of life addition.

Great job! :)

This seems like an interesting concept, but unfortunately I am unable to figure out how the mechanics work. From what I can see it seems like the kind of game where you manage multiple things at once and trying to keep everything in balance. However, I couldn't understand what the individual controls do and how they affect the system. Perhaps it would be a good idea to improve the tutorial (or you can also provide a text version of the instructions in the page). Nice effort though! :)

This is a very interesting mechanic and it adheres to the theme well! It's a shame that it's too short, but good job for being able to make the submission!

The controls are a little finicky at this state of the game but I believe that if the controls could be smoothed out this has to be a potential to be a great action platformer with some puzzle element to it. Perhaps it would be interesting if there was some sort of benefit the player gets while the blob is attached to it?

The art is gorgeous and a pleasure to look at so great job with that! :)

This is a great-looking game, I love the pixel art and the animations. The concept is also quite interesting, despite in my opinion lacking a little relevance to the theme. Nevertheless, the game mechanic is quite enjoyable and has the potential to be something better if given more polish. For example, I found the left arrows to be of little use, so I thought that it might be interesting if you could also redirect enemies and enemy projectiles. Overall, I finished and enjoyed the game, good job!

Cool story concept, nice graphics and music. :) The pickax enemy is hilarious, but maybe it shouldn't be positioned literally next to the player at the start of the level lol :)

The connection to the theme is not so strong though, since it does not tie into the game mechanics as far as I can tell. It would be nice if the rock could actually attach to some walls to "climb" or something. Anyways, I wasn't sure if I was able to achieve the goal of the game - I just got to the point that says "yeah, you rock" but I wasn't sure if that was the end or not. (I couldn't find any other places to progress though).

Overall it's a nice effort and I enjoyed it.

Congrats on submitting a game for the jam! The concept is simple to understand, although I think it's not very aligned with the theme. The controls are a little bit finicky -- sometimes creating a platform seems to fail. Nevertheless, the game mechanic has some potential if explored further.

Also, I think the game would greatly benefit from a more toned down background. While I really love the art, the colors are too bright and it can interfere with the gameplay (it is sometimes difficult to see the toilet papers and the platforms).

Overall good effort though! :)

The concept is quite simple yet very interesting and in my opinion has great potential (and adheres to the theme well) . I like that you are forced to use the swinging mechanic if you want to maneuver to the upper half of the screen, since the rope cannot be shortened up to that point. However, the current state of the game is way too difficult (not surprised given the title), and can be downright impossible in certain combinations of randomly generated enemies.

But I do think this has the potential to be a really fun game if the enemy spawns are not purely random and somehow designed to take advantage of the mechanic. For instance putting some enemies that requires swinging in order to "break" through them, or perhaps some powerups that are on the upper half of the screen and will require you to risk swinging to get.

While I like the aesthetics, it may also be cool if some context is added to it in the future. For example instead of just abstract objects you could be some captive person dodging bullets or something.

As for UI, it would be nice to have some visual indication that the "rope" cannot be shortened beyond the halfway point. I was a bit confused at first why I couldn't move up past the middle. 

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A simple yet engaging puzzle game! Here are my comments.

> I like the music for some reason. It's very calm and relaxing. I also like the title screen where there's some fancy animation on the logo that actually teaches you the mechanics. Nice touch on the details.

> The art is simplistic but clean. I think one way to improve it is to highlight the elements that are part of the game (the mushrooms, the flowers, seeds, etc.) and contrast it against the background.

> The gameplay is simple but satisfying, although it can sometimes boil down to trial and error since there's no easy way of predicting the trajectory of the seed just by looking at the different mushroom types. Personally, I think it would be more fun if the way the elements react to the objects are very obvious to the player, and then the levels could be designed about thinking how to combine those reactions to reach the goal, rather than blindly experimenting with the tools to see what it will do.

> Related to the above point, I think the game can be balanced further and the level design could be improved. I think there are too many possible solutions in many of the levels (most of them probably unintended) because of the great flexibility of the different sizes and angles of mushrooms you are provided with.

> Finally, the user interface could be improved. Instead of having to click X to remove a mushroom, it would be much simpler if you could just right click. This becomes important because, going back to the above point, the gameplay has a lot of trial and error so it should be easy for the player to do that.

Overall, I think this is a good game with a solid base concept, but could potentially be improved much more particularly on the balance of the gameplay mechanics. Good job and thanks for the game! :)

Neat concept and well-executed.

I like the graphics and the music a lot. I like the death / clear animations as well. Good job! The movement is very interesting and has a lot of depth. 

My only issue would be the learning curve. The first level really does a good job of introducing the main mechanic without any text so that really impressed me. But in my personal opinion the succeeding levels turned too difficult way too fast.

Overall, this is a very solid entry and one of the best games in this jam! :)

I like the overall atmosphere and tone of this game, even if there's no sound. It evokes a melancholic mood that really amplifies the experience. :)

As for the game play, the mechanics are interesting as a base, but the current implementation has some issues for me. First, the goal isn't communicated very clearly to the player. Second, the game play doesn't do a very good job at engaging the player because all you do is select text options without any feedback save for the very end. I ended up trying out different combinations but each time I failed, I felt disappointed instead of challenged because I couldn't really understand why I failed.

That being said, if these issues could be addressed I think this has the potential to be a very interesting full-fledged game. 

P.S. Please consider giving feedback to our game as well!

One of the most innovative entries I have seen in this jam!

As a puzzle game fan, I am impressed by the twist you put to the Tetris formula. The graphics are simple but effective, and the controls are responsive and easy to use. If you decide to continue with this game, I suggest adding more game feel and game juice to make clearing lines more satisfying.

A minor issue I have is that I think you should not allow the player to put blocks down the edge of the play field. It causes issues when you rotate the board and it blocks the spawning point of the blocks. Besides, it adds to the mechanic of the game if the player is forced to connect ever block to the center of the board.

Good job! I enjoyed your game.

P.S. I invite you to try and give feedback to our game as well!

Finished all the levels. Simple but nice concept!

The best thing I like about this game is that the controls feel smooth and natural. When you die it never feels cheap because it really was your fault. The concept is simple but well executed. I like how there is an option to select a music track and adjust the volume, pretty neat touch for a game jam submission.

Some points of improvement: the level design could use some more work. Although currently the levels are challenging, they somehow feel repetitive. More elements and variety could be added to make the experience more interesting.

All in all good job and I had a lot of fun with it!

P.S. I invite you to try and give feedback to our game as well!

Very innovative game. Here are my comments:

> The concept is very unique and has much potential. I did enjoy it a lot! Although, I must say that some balancing has to be done. I felt like the best way to win the game is to just place as many parts as you can on the board rather than really thinking about the positions of the different parts (there is also no time to think too much about the position). I feel that the game has to be balanced around strategy as it is the main mechanic of the game.

> The music and sounds are appropriate for the pirate-y theme of the game. The art is also good, but could still use some improvement if you do plan on working on this game beyond the jam.

> The game ended up being like a bullet hell and tower defense hybrid. I like it!

Overall one of the most unique ideas I've played in this jam. Nice job!

P.S. Please consider giving feedback to our game as well! We are in need of more ratings.

That's an interesting idea that not only solves the replay issue but also makes use of the mechanic in doing so! I like it.

Interesting game! Here are my comments:

The Good:

> I'd say you nailed the arcade feeling of the game. It's something you wanna keep on trying again and again to increase the score. I managed to score 3,482 in my best run.

> The mechanic is pretty unique (though its adherence to the theme is a bit of a stretch... but nevertheless clever! wouldn't have thought of that)

> Because of the simplicity of the mechanic (only one button), I think it could work very well as a mobile game!

> Graphics are pretty awesome. I especially liked the "GAME OVER" animation.

Possible points of improvement:

> I think some sense of progression would be nice. 

> The enemies that appear on the side should be telegraphed. Especially when there are gems that appear near the edge of the screen that are too risky to get because an enemy could suddenly spawn.

> Some sound would be nice as well, if you decide to continue working on it.

Overall good game! Thanks for this.

P.S. Please consider giving feedback to our game as well. We are in need of more ratings.

Cool concept! I managed to score 7,200 points. That being said, I think there needs to be some sort of progression as it gets repetitive over time. Perhaps even as simple as changing the color of the floor and the blocks.

But aside from that, great game! It's quite challenging, took me some time to get accustomed to the gameplay but once I developed a strategy I was able to proceed without problems.

The graphics are also good. I like the minimalist aesthetic. Overall, good job!

P.S. Please consider giving feedback to our game as well, as we are in need of more ratings.

It's my first time to see someone use PICO-8. Amazing! Here are my comments:

> The gameplay is pretty solid! Addictive and challenging but not in an unfair way.

> The art is also well-done! Very cute.

> Gives off an arcade-y feel. Nice.

I managed to complete all the levels of the game. Good job man!

P.S. Please consider giving feedback on our game as well, as we are in need of more ratings.

Cool concept. Makes for a good "microgame" style of game where you get quick blasts of action.  I like it! :)

The Good:

> The minimalistic art style is amazing. This might be just a personal opinion but the isometric view works for me. It subtly adds some challenge to the game without being too annoying.

> The game play is simple and straightforward to understand.

> The controls are just right.

Possible points of improvement:

> Maybe some music and sounds can be added in the future.

> Maybe give some time for the player to plan at the beginning of the level. I think this is important because currently, the player is expected to immediately perform the heist with a very strict time limit.

Overall good game! Nice job.

P.S. Please consider giving feedback to our game as well, as we are in need of more ratings!

Very good game! I enjoyed it a lot.

Would be nice if there is some variety in the difficulty of the questions. :) 

Nice cute platformer! The concept is unique and the art is amazing. However, the music is a bit repetitive, so maybe that one can be improved in the future.

I also think that it would be better if the levels can be designed more around the central mechanic.

Overall, nice work! :)

P.S. Please consider giving feedback to our game as well.

Great concept, but way too difficult for me. 

I think it fits the theme well, and I like how it centers around a single mechanic. The levels are nicely designed to really take advantage of the mechanic and that's great. 

But at the same time, the levels are just way too unforgiving. Maybe some checkpoints should be added? Or more levels to ease the player in at the beginning?

Overall an interesting game, good job!

P.S. I'd like to invite you to give feedback to our game as well!

Very interesting concept. Good job. :)

The lore of the story is hilarious. And why is everyone in this alley trying to murder me in the first place!? :)) This background story alone got me hooked into trying the game so that's good.

On a more serious note, the idea of a runner where you actually try to get damaged is interesting. Furthermore, you not only have to get hurt, but you have to ensure that you don't die. I think this concept has a lot of potential.

However, in this game I think the gameplay was not very polished yet. It's very easy to avoid the people if needed so it's easy to get hurt with just the right amount of damage to win the game. You can also stop and think of your next step. Maybe it would be better if you couldn't stop running so you have to make decisions on the fly?

I think there's also a bug because I can't sprint continuously. But of course, given the timeframe of this game jam this is understandable. Just letting you know in case!

If you develop the gameplay around this concept further I think it can turn into something really good. Good job man!

P.S. Please consider also giving feedback to our game. We are in need of more ratings.

This is a cute and funny game. Its appropriateness to the theme is a bit of a stretch... but it's a cool idea nonetheless. :)

First of all I like the story and the theme because it's cute and hilarious, and never really takes itself very seriously.

As for the gameplay, the "yin yang" mechanic is very interesting and got me excited at first, but I was a bit disappointed that the levels didn't really make use of it that well (I never got to the point where I had problems with the yin yang). Also the levels are way too short. I wish there was more.

The art is very good, though. I like it a lot. :D

Good job guys! :)

P.S. Please consider giving feedback to our game as well. We are in need of more ratings.

Pretty straightforward puzzle game. Here are my comments:

The Good:

> Concept is very easy to understand. :)

> The title screen music is very good. I liked it a lot.

> The "plants" theme fits the type of mechanic very well.

Possible points of improvement:

> It wasn't very clear to me at the start that I should aim for the water. Maybe the visuals can be improved to somehow communicate this idea.

> The level design so far is very straightforward. The only real puzzle was in Level 6 where you have to think of the order you remove the thorny plants. Maybe it needs more interesting level designs to be more compelling.

Overall, good job! 

P.S. Please consider giving feedback to our game as well. We would appreciate it!

Simple but funny game. :) I enjoyed it. I like the different sounds that play as you hit the notes (I mean, eat the bacons).

But it kinda gets repetitive over time, so I think if you will continue working with this there needs to be some more twists as you progress. :D

P.S. Please consider giving feedback to our game as well! We are in need of more ratings.

Interesting concept! It's like an on rail shooter.

> The idea is interesting and gives a twist to the usual platformer.

> The art is also good, although maybe consider putting some animations if you continue to develop this game.

> I think one of the confusing aspects of the game is that it's not always so clear what you have to shoot and there's very little time to react. I think you can improve the idea by (1) rebalancing the speed of the game and (2) thinking of ways to better telegraph the objects that need to be shot to effectively communicate to the player what to do.

Overall good idea! Good job and thanks for the game man!

P.S. Please consider playing and giving feedback to our game as well! We are in need of more ratings.

Wow, I think this is amazing and deserves to be seen more.

I like your idea on how to get rid of the score in Pong. At first I thought this was just gonna be the same game but without the actual score, but you added a twist that gave the game a different flavor.

Also, the vintage aesthetics of the screen suits the game very well. I like it very much! 

Although it is a very simple game, I think it fits the theme very well and it also well implemented. Amazing job!

P.S. I'd like to invite you to try our game as well! We are in need of more ratings.

Cute little game. Wish there were more levels. :)

P.S. I invite you try and rate our game as well!

Amazing puzzle game!

The Good:

> As a puzzle fan, I enjoyed the puzzles in the game a lot.

> The graphics are simple yet cohesive and effective.

> I like that there is a fitting conclusion to the game even if it's short. The fact that you even managed to put a boss fight at the end that takes advantage of the mechanic is cool.

Points of improvement (if you plan to continue working on the game):

> There are some bugs. I can get stuck on a wall sometimes.

> The rotator animation could use some improvement. It looks a bit weird.

Good job and thanks for this!

P.S. I invite you to try and give feedback to our game as well! We are in need of more ratings.

Interesting mechanic!
The good:

> The mechanic is interesting.

> The levels are not too long, so it's easy to get addicted.

> The challenge progresses in a nice pace.

Things that can be improved:

> I think the ball moves too quickly, making it difficult to make consecutive moves while in mid-air. This gets worse when a puzzle involves a very wide area when you cannot necessarily "plan ahead" your moves.

Overall good game and good job!

P.S. I'd like to invite you to try and rate our game as well!

This is hilarious. You should make it longer and make up more "joke" scenarios. :))

P.S. I invite you to try and give feedback to our game as well!

Cute little platformer. 

The Good:
> The graphics are cute. Even the background is so nice!
> The concept has much potential. Although, in this version it wasn't really explored very much.

> I understand that you had limited time to make this game but I think if you spend more time in it it could be something very interesting!

Possible points of improvement:

> It kinda moves a bit too slow. I get that the game requires the player to react quickly, but a speedup options may be nice. :)

> I didn't understand what the enemies (stick figures) did. They don't seem to hurt me... 

> In the future, adding music and sounds would be great!

Good job!

P.S. I invite you to try and give feedback to our game as well! We are in need of more ratings.

Beautiful looking game with a cool mechanic! Here are my comments:

The good:

> I liked the unique mechanic. :)

> I like the fact that you can have a "charged shot" when you turn longer. Right now it doesn't make much difference though, if you continue with this game it would be nice to see situations that really make use of this mechanic.

> Because of the simplicity of the controls, this could really work as a mobile game! :)

Possible points of improvement:

> I think the camera moves way too much. It can sometimes make me dizzy (but maybe that's just me). Also, when I play in my browser I don't see my health bar. I don't know if this is a problem of my browser, though ( I am using Opera).

> Maybe if you continue working on this game you can add more game juice! (screen shake, explosion) to make it more satisfying to blast enemies.

Overall, good game! Thanks for this.

P.S. I also invite you to try our game and give feedback! We are in need of more ratings :)

Innovative concept. :) Here are my comments:

The Good:

> I like the idea. It puts a twist to the horror genre and it also touches on a scenario that people commonly experience in life (i.e., moving in the room in the dark)

> The art is so well-done. Good job on that! Not only the story at the beginning but also in game.

Possible points of improvement:

> Maybe adding sounds can help the experience. Not only for the scary effect but also to give player the feedback when he bumps into something.

>  The ghost sometimes can be a problem because he lurks around the exit, making it very difficult to walk past it (maybe I missed a mechanic that I'm supposed to do to avoid this?)

Overall, good game! With some tweaks this can be something really exciting!

P.S. I invite you to check out and give feedback to our game! We need more ratings.