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7 Second SpyView game page

Stealth without stopping.
Submitted by Vectorfold (@_vectorfold) — 2 minutes, 35 seconds before the deadline
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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I like the fast pase simple controls/objectives of it but I wish I wasn't thrown in so quickly and would've had at a little a "ready, set, go!" :) Too bad there was no time for sounds or music because it would've made the game even more fun. Nicely done :)

I agree - my goal was to get you back into each level as quick as possible, to keep the action moving, but the first time you see a new level it should probably give you a little more time to process it. 

Thank you for your comment!


Cool concept. Makes for a good "microgame" style of game where you get quick blasts of action.  I like it! :)

The Good:

> The minimalistic art style is amazing. This might be just a personal opinion but the isometric view works for me. It subtly adds some challenge to the game without being too annoying.

> The game play is simple and straightforward to understand.

> The controls are just right.

Possible points of improvement:

> Maybe some music and sounds can be added in the future.

> Maybe give some time for the player to plan at the beginning of the level. I think this is important because currently, the player is expected to immediately perform the heist with a very strict time limit.

Overall good game! Nice job.

P.S. Please consider giving feedback to our game as well, as we are in need of more ratings!

Submitted (2 edits) (+2)

Love the style, the game and the art ! Really good job !

But I don't quite get the link to the theme, maybe a bit of a stretch to me ^^

I love the idea and the simplicity of creating your own level :o


"Stealth without stopping" is probably the best way to describe it using the theme structure - the time limit forces you to act quickly, so you can't play it like you would a regular stealth game.


Oh ok, I didn't see it that way. Thanks for the answer :)


I love this minimalistic art style. The concept is good and the gameplay is well executed. However I ran into some weird bug, like having 2 characters at once.

But anyway, it was fun to play, great job!


Great job! It's really cool that your levels are just image files. I could see this being really good already if a level creator was in the game or something even without changes to the gameplay. 

My only quite minor problem is that I kept missing the finish or the briefcase by mm because of the orthographic view. I wouldn't want to ruin the beautiful aestetic by changing the camera but maybe some sort of faint texture on the ground would help with that. 


Not sure if the get six briefcases level is possible WITHOUT exiting the level at zero thus breaking the game, but really fun concept would definitely play this more

The levels are stored in the "levels" folder, feel free to remove 06-vault.png and try the remaining levels!


Oh that's cool! I'll do that, I'm sure I'd enjoy the rest of it

Submitted (1 edit)

Wait, could I use this to make my own levels? EDIT: I CAN, honestly makes the game way more fun


Instructions for level creation:

Any resolution PNG should work, but try keep it small, the default ones are 10x10 to 21x21. Doesn't have to be square.

White (255,255,255) is empty space

Black (0,0,0) is for walls

Blue (0,0,255) is the player spawn. Please only place one

Green (0,255,0) is the exit, please only place one

Magenta (255,0,255) is briefcases, please place at least one

As for the guards they are a little more tricky:

Every patrol has the colour (255, id, order) and the guard will spawn on the lower order. Order doesn't need to be consecutive.

So for guards you can do (255,0,0) and (255,0,20) to set up a simple two waypoint patrol with one guard.

To add another guard you could use pixels with (255, 5,0) and (255,5, 7).

Lastly, levels are loaded alphabetically, so if you want to test your own level quickly, either remove other levels or rename yours to something that will come before "01-intro"

If you need any help just ping meon here or on twitter, I'd also love to see what you make! 


Good presentation, hard as fuck in some parts


The presentation is excellent! Those transitions... Damn!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Everything is so beautiful and fluid, I did encounters this thought, not sure if it a bug or if I didn't get it ( sorry for the link, itch didn't let me upload it here for some reason)


Unfortunately that happens when you hit the exit just as the timer hits zero - I didn't have time to fix it in the time limit :c

Glad you enjoyed the game!