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I don't know when you played the game but we did an update yesterday evening because some assets were badly setup.

Basically the attack damage is Swords - Shields = Damage. The top face of the dice shows the current sword/shield value.

We also have a heal system that is in the combo system but we haven't introduced in the tutorial but we hope to fix that soon :)

Thanks for the feedback and we're really happy you like it!

Thanks for your feedback! We know we didn't push it far enough... yet ^^ Well we only had 48h :D

We are planning to put more content in the game, add incentive to detach from the train, change the coach you're attached to, pick ups... So quite a few things incoming after the jam :) Please keep following our updates!

Cool idea, definitely lot of potential!

Nice job! Interesting idea and a lot of potential :)

I have no idea what's going on :(

I think the main problems come from the lack of feedback, for example when you click on an entity then on another entity looking the same, you don't really know you've changed focus.

The different actions don't show if something is happening or have failed.

I won a level but I have no idea why...

I'm really curious into what it should be though, great mystery game :D

Thanks a lot! It feels really good to read a comment like yours :)

Yes UI is definitely missing at the moment on quite a few things, and some bugs still there don't help... But we've already started to fix things and will hopefully be able to deliver a better version after the jam :)

We also know the combat isn't that clear either and will need some rework.

Thanks a lot for this awesome feedback!

As Herve said, we had a lot of FX/feedback ready to be plugged in but we got overwhelmed and couldn't put them in. We even have some really nasty bug impacting player's understanding ><

As you said we wanted to share this idea and wanted to make a game that could be played outside of a jam, which obviously is trickier and more of a challenge ^^.

About the wind event, it's not that we added that afterwards, it was one of our main idea of out of control system ^^ But I agree, at the moment, it's really confusing... should I say out of control :o ?

I really like the idea, it's fun and could become even better with some polish :) 

It needs some polish and clarification on a few points though:
- lack of feedback makes it hard to understand when your input is impacting the rover
- having the path of the operator to regenerate when you affect it could be nice to follow how to go against it
- the mix of UI positioning and timing makes it a little hard to understand what is going on

But good job overall, when you get what happens it's fast and fun :)

Yes we had other ideas that could have fitted better in 48 hours, but we wanted something more fresh and original, even if it was a challenge :)

Really glad you liked it! Hopefully we'll have the ability to work on it some more after ;)

Thanks for the kind words!

And yeah we know you can't go into the game right into it ^^

How did you feel about the game after the tutorial?


Thanks! We just had great artists with us ;)

Well that's something we need to fix to make it clearer and easier for the player to move around ^^

Wouah thanks so much for this awesome review :o

Thanks for the feedback! The game needs tweaking, so maybe that's why you find it hard to play ;) Come back later when we'll release a better version!


The lack of control and steering is intended. By having that removed you need to think when to start an impulse. If you could control it that wouldn't be as interesting and difficult.

But I agree that in the state the game currently is, it is not as fun as it should be. But 48h is not a lot of time and unfortunately we didn't have time to tweak it as much as we wanted...

Thanks for your feedback anyway ;)

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll let our artists answer about the shaders XD

Thanks for your feedback! We'll try and make our game even better ;)

Thanks ;)

Thank you for your feedback and for giving us things to think about!

I think in the state the game is, without all the necessary tweaking, might feel a little boring. But I don't think it's potential as it's doesn't have depth. You have to manage your batteries, you need to aim carefully where you impulse your ship, you need to take time to recharge but you also have the supernova to take care of...

But I agree that you currently don't really feel that since there are some bugs and our level design isn't great right now ><

Thank you for your feedback!

The goal is only to go as far as possible. We didn't want something else. Although I agree right now with the values as they are it is not really challenging or interesting. But that's what we could achieve in 48h ^^ We will tweak stuff to make it more interesting ;)

Thanks for your feedback!

Those are all known problems that we couldn't avoid in only 48h. Hopefully after the jam votes are over we will be able to fix all of that and give an even better experience ;)

Thanks for the feedback ! We have some tweaking to do to make it more interesting and challenling instead or boring. We'll get there ;)

Thanks for sharing our game ;)

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Thanks for the comment ! Any constructed feedback is really appreciated ;)

That is a conversation we had yesterday. And I disagree with you ^^

I think the design shouldn't be constrained by the theme. It can if you want, don't get me wrong, but it shouldn't by default.  I mean our game wouldn't be as interesting with only one charge available, that is bad design in my opinion to constrain that just because of the "only one" theme.

To me I find it as beautiful and interesting to fit the theme and think everything as carefully as possible around it. And I think that is something we did with our game. Sure our base idea isn't original, a lot of game are one button game after all, even in this jam.
But I think we crafted a design around that constraint to make a deep and interesting game. You have a lot to do, to think about, you can make a strategy to do the best as you can. And all that around that one button design.

Find the most original stuff and constraint a lot your design or use the least original stuff but build as many things as you can around it are two sides of the same coin. And the two are a way of exploring the theme.

We don't have any procedural generation yet ;) That would have been wayyyyy too long to do in 48h. But we plan to do it :)

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Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated !

We hate those kind of tutorials and wanted something in game to make it more easy to learn, but 48h is not a lot of time ^^ So better that than nothing !

You need to aim carefully because planet attract your ship so if you aim for the center, as you said, you're screwed ^^ But we need to make it more easy to avoid, I agree ;)

And yeah I know about the battery problem, it's on my ToFix list ^^

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Thanks for the feedback ! I loved you game as well, very nice to play ;)

Really impressed by the quality of it in such a short amount of time !

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Thanks for the feedback. The UI is indeed not scaled depending on the resolution so it might look bad if your resolution is low :(

But we will fix it ;)

I need to try out your game ;) ( Nice name by the way :o )

Thanks for the kind words!

As @Aegard said, we hate those tutorials as well >< We wanted to make one in game to be more immersive and easy to remember, but impossible in 48h... So better what we have than nothing ^^' Well change that though ;)

Thanks ! Managing 7 people was indeed a challenge ^^

Thanks for the feedback !

The recharge is probably unclear for multiple reasons, there is a bug preventing you from recharging and the feedback when you're in orbit isn't clear at the moment. So still some things to tweak.

About your advices :
1 - Feedback for the recharge is something we thought about, but with timing/production constraint we couldn't put it in, or as good as we wanted. Hopefulle we'll have some time to fix that.
2 - This is something we want, but hard to do in a 48h period. We went on a fixed map because we could focus on other things. But we are going to work on it.
3 - Because even if it's a one button game, the design of it is much deeper (impulse meter, recharge system, orbit around planets, ...). And also we wanted to make an in-game tutorial because it's better than text, but again 48h ^^ So maybe it'll come later :)

Thanks for the review, sorry for the bad performance, our artists got a little too carried away XD

That are also some stuff we know about and we need to fix XD

Thanks for the clarification ! 

I agree with you 100%, it's really easy to fit the theme this year. And our game isn't an exception. That is why even fitting the theme isn't enough this year

And what I think makes our game good is the other points to mentionned. We tried to make a game with a deeper design that most one button game you can find.

- You have a recharge system
- You can use comets (even if that's hard right now, needs tweaking) to charge your ship and give you an extra pulse
- You can orbit around planet (and recharge around them)
- You have to manage the rotation of your ship to go where you want
- The impulse has to charge, enough or it won't work but not too much so it doesn't explode
- The rotation means you need to explore the map to know what is the better strategy to go far away

And that's just on the top of my head, our designer would do a better job than me for that. And everything listed above... Is with one button ^^

Thank you for the feedback anyway it's great to see how other people see our game, because it's quite clear to us, but it seems it's not obvious :)

Happy you like it then ! There is some bugs with the recharge though ><

But good to know it wasn't clear, we will try to fix that ;)