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If we had more time and resources we would ^^ But who knows :p

Thanks for the kind words anyway !

Thank you so much for your kind words and your review! (Even if I didn't understand it ^^)

Thank you very much for the kind words !!! It is in fact the end, we just didn't have time to put the leaderboards and the end screen ><

We are currently fixing a lot of things to make the game even more enjoyable. I hope you'll be able to play it when we release new versions :)

Thank you for the review ! I'm glad you enjoyed it :p I hope you'll play our next versions when everything (hopefully...) will be fixed ;)

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WOW :o Thanks a lot for this awesome feedback and the time you took to write it !!!

These a some really cool ideas of level design, and my teammates who did most of the design will probably love reading your comment ;) As you've probably read, we are already working hard on the game to polish it and make it better. I don't know if we'll have time to make new levels or modify the existing one with your ideas but I hope we will!

Thanks for the comment :)

Yeah the grabbing might sometime be really hard, but we are working on the polish ^^ And the switching tracks was designed, but not enough time to add it unfortunately. But we hope to add it in a future version ;)

As you said, not much time for testing.

But we are already working on improving all of that and adding new features. I hope the future versions will be more enjoyable for you !

Thank you for the time you took to give us your feedbacks !

Everything you said is true, and a lot of it is known to us. We have a long list of things to improve, test and change. But all the comments we are receiving are really motivating us and we are working hard to make the game better!

About the signs, we were obviously in a rush at the end of the jam and some ended up misplaced and some are missing... The range is currently not that good either and we need to have a better feedback for it.

And the obstacles are something we thought of very early in development with multi tracks for example (the possibility to chose a risky but rewarding path or an easier but where you lost time...), but we didn't have time to add them to the build.

But we hope to deliver something better in the coming weeks. I hope you'll be able to play it and give us new feedbacks then :)

Thanks for the comment !

48h is short and unfortunately the main features are not as polished as we want them to be. The gold/scoring system is quite broken at the moment, we are working to improve it. We need to add more feedbacks to the player about the status of the hook...

But we are on it and hopefully the next versions will suit you better :)

Thank you so much ! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Thank you for the kind words! It's really appreciated :)

Because our team was really split into Art/Programming, we can only blame the programmers (and I am one of them ^^) for the lack of gameplay content.

But we learned a lot about the Unity process we could use next time and we know where we shouldn't have gone to get more things done.

And I totally get your point, I am personally frustrated we couldn't add more things and the game feel a little shallow. But we will improve all lot of stuff as you probably read in older comments. We are hard at work to polish the game and hopefully you'll enjoy it even more!

Oh ok, I didn't see it that way. Thanks for the answer :)

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Love the style, the game and the art ! Really good job !

But I don't quite get the link to the theme, maybe a bit of a stretch to me ^^

I love the idea and the simplicity of creating your own level :o

Thank you really much for that review !!!

As my teammate said, we are already working on improving the game and will submit new versions after the jam is over :)

Yeah the goal wasn't properly feedbacked. Our scoring system take into account time and remaining gold. So you need to chose carefully when to slow and when it's ok not to slow.

But in this build the gold system is broken and some signposts are either missing or misplaced. And it's not really forgiving about the hook...

Hopefully you'll test our next build and we'll have sorted out what is wrong and fixed it.

Thank you for your feedback anyway :)

Thank you very much !

Haha You're not the first one talking about VR, we also think it could be a good idea to test :)

Thanks for the feedback and the kind words !

Yea, unfortunately we didn't have the time to put the end screen due to... well 48h is short ^^ But we have it now :p

And the braking feedback is also something we are thinking on, amongst other things ;)

We are pleased to see so many nice comments and we want to improve and polish the game. We will submit new versions after the jam :) I hope you'll play it again :)

Thanks :)

Merci ! C'est vrai qu'en VR ça rendrait super bien, et ça rendrait même le grappin plus simple probablement :p

Thanks, it's nice to hear that !!! Yeah the movement of the cart isn't smooth at all we need to work on that... amongst other things :p

But we will improve the game because we are really proud of what we did and all your comments make us really motivated !

Thank you very much! Sorry to hear about the game being slow, but as my teammate said it's probably because you are running in fullscreen ><

We hope to fix all those nasty bugs in a future version and I hope you'll be able to enjoy it !

Thank you so much for taking the time to review our little game!!!

Obviously as you imagine, 48h is too short to make everything we wanted to add ^^ That's why the gold system is a little broken right now :p

But we intend to polish it, add some new mechanics and upload new versions after the jam is over. Hopefully you'll be able to review it and enjoy it even more !!!

Did you launch it fullscreen ? If so did you tried windowed ? I asked this because one of our crew as some kind of problem as well ^^

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I see and understand your point thanks :)

Thank you so much for your feedback and the time you took to write to us :) And you didn't angered us at all... at least not me ^^

"but it seems so far from a driving game (no steering, no options, no obstacles in my way)" -> Isn't it the theme of the jam ? Remove base mecanics from a genre ? Or maybe I didn't understand your point ><

You know the funny thing ? Everything you want to add to the game was designed and we wanted to do it from the first few hours of the jam ^^ But as you can imagine, 48h isn't that much :) And the gold system is a little broken at the moment we know :(

We are already working on improving the game to polish it and make it even better. We will add new versions after the jam is over and hopefully you will enjoy it even more !

Again, thank you for the time you put in your feedback, it's greatly appreciated :)

There is no end screen, at the end of the track the camera just let the cart go on its way. You can restart with escape.

Why do you feel it's incomplete ?

Really great idea! Art is great, animation is really good and the level design is awesome ! Big thumbs up ;)

Thanks !

Thanks! We had many other idea to push the idea of a "racing" game as my teammate said, and we will try to add them in future versions :)

Thank you! 

Thanks, for the feedback !

Why didn't the loop work for you ?

Man, thank you very much for your feedback, it's so good to read comments like yours!

Even for us this game is hard ^^ But we are working on improving it and we will upload new versions after the jam is over. We are really proud of what we did and we want to polish it!

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This is a racing game without the steering and the speed control, this is explained on the game page. Unfortunately we can't change the description of the submission page ><

Thank you for your feedback :) We really appreciate it!

Thanks for the feedback !

Because of the lack of time it was hard to fine tune some things, like good positionning of signs and an easier way to launch the hook at high speed.

And was the cursor grey when you tried to launch the hook ? Because if so, it means your hook was broken by an earlier launch ;)

The goal is to reach the finish line as fast as possible while keeping most of your gold. Although we displayed the gold, we didn't have time to display the time. A new version of the game has it with leaderboards, and we intend to polish it after the jam and upload new versions

Hopefully you'll be able to play it and enjoy it even more :)

No our original idea was to take turning out from a driving game. But I see your point and it makes sense 😀

Thanks :)

Why do you find it doesn't fit that much the theme ?

Yeah we wanted to use the panels on the side to explain that... but 48h XD Happy to know you liked the game :)

Thanks!! That was the intention, happy to see it worked!

Thanks, we are really proud of what we accomplished !!!