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Thanks for the feedback !

The recharge is probably unclear for multiple reasons, there is a bug preventing you from recharging and the feedback when you're in orbit isn't clear at the moment. So still some things to tweak.

About your advices :
1 - Feedback for the recharge is something we thought about, but with timing/production constraint we couldn't put it in, or as good as we wanted. Hopefulle we'll have some time to fix that.
2 - This is something we want, but hard to do in a 48h period. We went on a fixed map because we could focus on other things. But we are going to work on it.
3 - Because even if it's a one button game, the design of it is much deeper (impulse meter, recharge system, orbit around planets, ...). And also we wanted to make an in-game tutorial because it's better than text, but again 48h ^^ So maybe it'll come later :)