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Thank you renatomlk! Glad you enjoy our little game!

It would also go well with the jam's purpose.

It's probably because candies and ghosts are only recycled when there are inactive ones. Else the game instantiates a new one, and adds it to a list. I also could've cut down on particle emitter numbers. EVERY tree has one, and they're active at all times.

Thank you for the kind words, really appreciate it!

Does it fade to black, or just freezes? Perhaps you started a 2 player game. It won't tell you, but you need to press space to start. Sorry, I should've clarified that!

Aww Thank you!

I like how it wouldn't always listen to me! It makes things more interesting.

When I found out they can shoot each other the game became more interesting. It would make for a great comedy game!

A vulgar "stealh" game. I like it!

The presentation is excellent! Those transitions... Damn!

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This is SO GOOD! It's like a mixture of old adventure games(kings quest) and a driving game. Plus the driver's sound effects are golden! The bastard gave me the finger in the worst situations!:D

Pretty cool concept!

Thank you! Yes I couldn't iron that bug out.:( If you keep spamming the polarity switch or reflect ability the energy gauge locks up. If you use phase shifting it resets the gauge!

I'll try rebuilding/reuploading it in the morning! Thank you for letting me know!

This is such a cool concept! After the first hint I stopped and tried all sorts of crazy button combinations. I figured out how to fire by myself! Then I went back to gather more hints!:D

Another game that won me over with its wacky concept.

Simple and enjoyable, but I didn't really need to use the time mechanic.

Gameplay is super tight! loved it!

I love how ridicolous the concept is! Really enjoyed it!

Hi! I'd like to try your game out, but it won't run with just the executable.:) Upload the executable with the folders it builds to the same directory. Put them in a zip or 7z file.

Awesome idea, and very well executed!