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An FPS without guns, so you just throw your enemies!
Submitted by Morgan K. (@MorganLaK) — 9 minutes, 24 seconds before the deadline
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An absolutely awesome idea, which was almost flawlessly realized. Now it just needs some more nice looking assets, levels and a more naturally behaving enemy AI(They wait a very long time until they actually shoot at you) and you would have a game that could be sold as a fully fledged game!


This game was a ton of goofy fun! There are a ton of visual bugs in that items don't seem to want to behave and stick to your hand properly.

Lobbing stuff at enemies over and over (Including themselves!) was a blast to do. The facial expressions only served to ramp up the ridiculousness even more! :D


This was just silly, goofy fun. I love the goons' faces.  Reminded me of Superhot in a weird way lol. Only real problem I had with it was that sometimes I'd pick up a goon and he would disappear out of my hands before I could throw him. Nice core gameplay though, I'd love to see this expanded on.


This is definitely one of the most fun games from the jam. There's just nothing like grabbing one goon and lobbing him at another, great stuff


This is really good. I think with improvements to AI this could be a great game.

It might benefit from more less open levels rather than one big one. The enemy models are very cool. Could be pretty fun as multiplayer game too.


Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it. We thought about multiplayer for sure, as far as level design I personally think the open levels suit it pretty well. There's several ways to go through a level like  this and with such a simple concept replayability adds quite a bit. I think smaller levels would reduce the game to it's gimmick, but having a more complex level gives it a  layer of depth otherwise  not there. We could do a better job of  having enemies stand in front of walls so you don't throw  your ammo off the cliff so easily though, the openness certainly doesn't help with that. Also the AI is really hacky,  I commented somewhere explaining  how it works and I think you might enjoy reading that if you can find it. Thanks for playing


That was so fun!!  Simple but clever!  


Dude, I am in love. There is something so fun and goofy about being able to pick up anything, especially bullets. And it works mechanically too. I think there is some missed potential in making certain non-bullet/explosive pick-ups have different properties, but it's hard to complain when the core is solid. Good job, mate. Good job.


This game has SO. MUCH. potential. I'm telling you! Reminds me a lot of superhot. If you add more sound effects, ambient noise and maybe slow-motion this could be even better than it already is. And it's already pretty good I think! I laughed my ass off whilst throwing guys around, sneaking up on them, wacking them on the head with a gun and then blowing their helicopter up too! The models look great, the ragdolls are perfect. I just think the enemies could be a bit more aggressive, they seem to know really know what's going on whilst I'm slaughtering them.. The levels could be a bit less open and a bit more condenced too. Also, the helicopter blew itself up because it's bullets hit each other: classic :P Good job on making this! I had a blast playing!


Glad you enjoyed it! You have no idea how hacky the enemy AI is, I would redo it from the ground up if we ever were to "really" make this game. Right now the enemies are technically physics objects, and I just add forces to them in random directions to make them "walk". They have almost no awareness of what's going on, they do look for the player with sightlines but that's mostly to keep them from activating and running code before you encounter them. Thank you so much for the feedback, it makes me so happy to hear you liked it.


This concept is fantastic and hilarious!

In that first room I felt like a bad-ass gangerter from the god father, walking through a wall with a tommygun and with one throw, knocking the two thugs to the ground. Then I walked up behind another thug, grabbed him by the crotch and throw him across the roof top knocking down his friend!! This game is funny, does an amazing job with the machanic, has great level design, a fantastic art style, and ontop of that it just is totally bad-ass!

There are a few problems, not with the design, but just standered glitches. One of the main ones I encountered was the gun hitbox, when holding a wepon and spamming the jump button while looking down you are able to fly... this allowed me to sequence break the chopper fight at the end and kill the chopper before  it is active, then walk to the ramp and get the gameover text.


Hey thanks for the feedback! The bugs are unfortunate, but so far everything that's been reported has been known about so once the jam is over there'll be a patch fixing all of them. We didn't quite have enough time, but that's the fun of the jam! Thanks again for the comment!


Alright! Just making sure you knew! Good luck in the jam! I think you have a great chance of winning!


Nice, loved picking up enemies lol.


I love how ridicolous the concept is! Really enjoyed it!