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So fun! Too short!  The art is great, and the grappling feels good.  I only wish there was more content!  Also, is there a reason that the flag takes a long time to lower?

LOVE this concept!!  However, I felt that the pieces weren't very effective at knocking each other around.  Additionally, the pit in the center sort of trapped the pieces and made it even harder to knock them off the map.  But keep working on this!  This is really cool!

5 stars! Awesome game! A stellar presentation combined with entertaining gameplay!  My brother, who is actually the current world record holder for Mushihimesama (a hard bullet hell)really enjoyed this game.  Additionally, it was a smart touch to make the enemies run away from you when you move closer to them.  The only criticism that I can offer is to slow the bullets just a tad ;)

Incredible!  I loved it so much!  It would have been nice if it was a little more forgiving, but the polish, art, and music was spot on.  Well done!

Interesting, but I felt the gameplay was very one-dimensional.  Controlling the mouse character with your mouse is a cool idea, but the level design felt random and chaotic.  There seemed to be no order to it, and I never felt that I was learning as a player.  I do like the aesthetic though :)

I agree with KitsuneKit.  The game is well polished and fine, but it doesn't doing anything super innovative or exciting.  The art and music was nice!

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The level of polish, detail, and fun is nothing short of outstanding.  You knocked this out of the park.  A well deserved 5 stars.  I'm completely blown away.  This is absolutely one of the best games of the jam.

I'm a little mixed on this one ha ha.  The core idea of "shooting yourself" ends up feeling like a unique movement system rather than actually shooting yourself.  That's not necessarily a problem, but it didn't really feel like what you were describing as much.  The choice to make you slingshot yourself only when you stop moving ultimately kills the whole idea of "shooting yourself."  Allowing players to slingshot rapidly as they moved would definitely sell the "shooting yourself" idea better.  Additionally, minimalism is nice, but there still needs to be a lot of gameplay :)

Thaaaaaaat's a 5 star game!  Innovative, fun, and brilliant.  I can only think of two problems: 1) Unresponsive controls 2) Visual "segment breaks" while the snake is moving.  Fantastic game!

I really love this concept, but I found the execution to be not fully there.  The actual level rotation was slow (even with the acceleration boost) and was quite jittery.  This seems to be another classic issue of FixedUpdate() vs Update() in Unity and where your movement and camera code was placed.  The concept was awesome but perhaps a little more technical knowledge could've taken it to the next level :)

Thanks so much for including a Windows download link :)  Cool little game, but I think this one doesn't fit the theme of the jam super well.  Sure, it has limited ammo, but I never felt that it handicapped me that much.  Perhaps, if levels were designed differently and you had to be very cautious about your attacks, it would have felt better to the theme.  

I love the idea!  It was fun to play, but I might consider adding more potential answers.   

I love the idea, but I did find it hard to control.    Bashing through enemies can be a really exhilarating concept!  Perhaps, more health could help too!  I did play it on easy mode and still struggled.  Maybe that's just on me though.

Cool game!  Nice and simple. However, it would be nice if it had more complexity to it.

I loved it!  Very fun!  It would have been nice if there were more movement options in order to bait the opponent out.  Trades seemed to happen too often.  Regardless, it was still awesome :)

Very creative!  However, I did find that the game moved way too fast to be able to use the power-ups effectively.  If I had more time to react, it certainly would've been more fun to play :)

Wow!  That was incredible!!  It was a blast to play and very well polished.  I couldn't ever find a use for talking, but the blow-up dummy was super useful.  Well executed and genius.

Absolutely STELLAR!  Awesome!  I love the story, theme, and gameplay.  The art is also AMAZING.  As the saying goes, "Great developers who use bunnies as their protagonists think alike" ;)  I would recommend making the parrying a tad easier and requiring enemies to be killed.  However, it was still awesome!

Fun and addicting!  I had a blast :)  Perhaps if the game had more enemies or some sort of threat it would spice things up just enough.  Good job!

Interesting concept, but it would be nice if there was more variation to it :)  The primary attack is cool, but there weren't enemies that I felt were challenging me to play differently.  

Fascinating!  Making a game around machine learning is awesome :)  I did find it tricky to control the parrot, but that is obviously the cost of machine learning.  Good job!

Incredible!  A very well executed take on bullet gravity fields.  Well-polished, fun, fast-paced, and feels amazing.  Excellent!

Nothing short of fantastic.  You went for the whole grappling style of movement, but managed to make it feel unique from what everyone else did.  The limited actions per level in a specific order is very clever.

Thanks for the extremely positive comment!  And you are absolutely right, I should've prioritized checkpoints ;)

Stellar visuals but at the cost of tight gameplay.  Holy screen shake, batman!  The screen-shake is waaay too intense.  Additionally, I couldn't figure out to deal damage to the boss.  The bullet waves were near impossible to dodge given the huge player hitbox and controls.  Reducing the player hitbox size, stage tilt intensity, and screen-shake would have made this game incredible.

You should be proud!  Best of luck!

Thanks for the critiques!  Added to my notes.

Absolutely stellar!!  So fun to play!  I do think it's worth noting that the minecart movement seemed a bit "stuttery" to me, but getting smooth movement can be tricky to nail.  Still a blast to play!

Hmm, I do think it was too challenging, but difficulty is hard to nail in a game jam!  

The amount of polish and attention to detail is stellar.  This is absolutely incredible, and I hope to see you in the video!

Neat concept!  As ArcanePanda pointed out, the polish and execution is awesome!

Cool quick game!  I do wish there was a little more depth to it, but it was still fun :)

Really cool concept man!  It was fun to explore, but I did manage to trap myself between two of the blocks on the lower level.  Regardless, it was fun :)

I just realized.... motion blur looks awful when the frame rate is really low XD  I should've turned it down to avoid the problem.

Innovative concept!  Sound effects would've helped, but it's still extremely visually entertaining!

Incredible!  Very well polished and SUPER fun to play!

Cool concept!  However, I felt the game-play was too repetitive and linear.

All I can say is just wow.  The level of polish is insane.  A well-deserved five stars!

Interesting concept!  But I feel that it could have used some more polish :)

I LOVE this concept.  However, the bullets need to slow down more.  The time slow helps, but the bullets still move way to fast.