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Robotic VectorsView game page

Hop from robot to robot in this silly platformer
Submitted by Nuclear Applejack — 39 minutes, 46 seconds before the deadline

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This is really fun! The idea is quite interesting and I loved the art XD. As for potential improvements, sometimes it was unclear how close the robots needed to be for me to take over, so some kind of visual indicator or "range" would have been nice. Overall, great job!


Incredible!  I loved it so much!  It would have been nice if it was a little more forgiving, but the polish, art, and music was spot on.  Well done!


Very interesting concept, but I feel like the execution needed some work. Wish there was some sort of timer showing when the robots were going to change mode, and maybe a preview of what the next mode is. Love the visuals!


very good game with pretty solid mechanics I loved the idea and the art style but I don't know why i 'm very bad in this game I keep getting stuck maybe I just suck in this game but well done.

You can go check out my entry if you pleased it will be very nice if you rated and left feedback.


Thanks for playing! I'll check your entry for sure.
I've seen some people getting stuck on some of the more difficult levels, so I made a full video walkthrough. It's available on the game page, if you want to check it out!

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Excelent game. Specially for a solo. Had lots of fun playing it.


It's extremely cute and an interesting concept for a short game! I do find it too hard to advance most times, and getting stuck is super frequent.


Thanks for playing!
It's true that you can get stuck pretty easily, especially on the final level. That was sort of intentional, although I suppose that level of trial-and-error gameplay and having to restart often aren't super engaging features.



This game is awesome. I could play it for hours. Its core mechanic is geniously designed!


It's a cool idea, but I think it need a bit more to give player control over what robot they select, or at least feedback indicated which one they'll pass over too. The pixel art and polish is great, though, so I would still be proud of it if I were you.

Great idea and wonderfully implemented! The only thing I wish had been added was something to tell  the player that a robot was just about to change behavior, but that's definitely not necessary. I could play this game for hours haha!


Yeah, I was going to implement a timer under the bar showing the robots' current task that displayed how much time that particular task had remaining, but it ended up not working out the way I wanted. Thanks for your input!

no worries! My team sure understood the pressure, we submitted last minute only to realize we forgot a ladder in our second level haha. Your game's my favorite from the jam so far!


Well-thought out and polished game!

Teensiest criticism would be that ESC and backspace should logically be swapped (you would expect ESC to quit, and some other key to restart)



Yeah, you're right about the ESC/Backspace thing. The 'exit to main menu' function was added pretty late, so I didn't even think about switching the keys.