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A grid-less chess game with crazy physics!
Submitted by WIP Studios — 27 minutes, 42 seconds before the deadline
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This games a really cool Idea and concept and could make a cool game. I would love to see a computer to verse though and more game modes built upon flinging pieces at enemies!


Great concept with some nice details, a little bit of polish and balancing can make it become a good game ;)


LOVE this concept!!  However, I felt that the pieces weren't very effective at knocking each other around.  Additionally, the pit in the center sort of trapped the pieces and made it even harder to knock them off the map.  But keep working on this!  This is really cool!


So pretty! The aesthetic is extremely impressive for a 48 hour jam. Both the visuals and the music play really well together, and the idea feels like it has room to grow. To improve it even more, I might suggest trying to extend the piece-based physics mechanic a bit more, perhaps offering maps with other goals (besides just a chess board with some barriers). Overall, very nicely done!


We only managed to finish the first map for the jam.  But we have the second in Drive for whoever wants to play it:


Esta bien.

Me divertí mucho tanto que no pude parar de mearme durante tres semanas seguidas.

Enserio lo recomiendo ayuda mucho también para el estreñimiento ocasional mejor que esos yogures de mierda.

Solo una cosa mal, en una carga de mi caballería de forma suicida para tirar al rey, se me quedó el caballo cerca del borde del tablero y cuando hizo el flip para ponerse de pie se me cayó al vacío. Me robasteis una partida de la hostia, pero luego el otro tío tiro su rey a fuera y por eso pongo 5 estrellitas.

FIrmado: El Barto


Great fun, but we found we could never finish a match. Our kings went into the pit and we could never get the other player's out again. Maybe a hill would be better, or a 1-tile hole in the very centre. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this.


Hi! First of all thanks for the feedback. Try out the second map by using the link in the game page. That map has a hill 😉. Also the pit is much less shallow and it's much easier to push pieces out. 

Finally as for balancing and other map-based interactions, we have a lot of ideas but we're waiting until the whole team can meet together and really talk them out. 🇦🇨👍🏽


just great!


Wowww! Good job






very cool


Cool! A great twist on the classic chess game. 


I liked it a lot, it makes me want to paint happy little pawns


It is cool






We only managed to finish the first map for the jam.  But we have the second in Drive for whoever wants to play it:


This is lovely.

I don't have a great appreciation for chess. I don't have a great appreciation for shuffleboard. Somehow smashing them together has resulted in something with more approachability than chess, and more depth than shuffleboard, like some adorable hybrid puppy made of games I normally don't care for.

My main critiques are 1) it wasn't always super clear which piece I'd be clicking on. This is partially me not utilizing the rotate feature enough, but a highlight would go a long way. 2) Even knowing what the pieces do in normal chess and figuring that you'd try to replicate that, I find it hard to quantify the actual differences between the pieces. I got the impression that making chess more physics based kinda messes with the inherent "value" of a given piece, where value might be represented by [value = mobility * quantity available] Here, though, we throw mass into the equation, rendering it something like [value =( mobility * quantity) / mass)] where mass or lackthereof is a factor that can totally mute a piece's mobility or qualtity. It's a hugely important factor in decisionmaking here, and I found myself wishing for a way to visually identify a given piece type's heft a little more clearly, just by looking at it.

As an aside, I'm one of those people who chronically confuses the queen and king pieces. That's mostly on me, but I definitely found myself wondering why my queen was so sluggish before sacrificing "her" only to discover that I'd lost the game.

It's still lovely though, and it has the distinction of being the only game jam game outside of my own that's going to feature at my next game night. Good show!


WoW thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback! :D

If you want we have a link for a second map and a slight change to the current one I'm the game page. But keep in mind they're not part of the jam! (We finished it like 30 min late :| )


and yes, we were trying to also conserve the overall dynamics used in chess (at a low level) where Towers are for agressive movements, Bishops for quick sneaky ones and Horses for covering space although we're still tweaking masses for this purpose. Obviously experienced chess players see the values at a much deeper level but we wanted the game to be approachable as you said :)


How dare you! This game is a disgrace to the art of chess. 



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