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A deck-building battle game where you can only hold one card.
Submitted by DivFord — 1 hour, 24 minutes before the deadline
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Submitted (1 edit)

This game was really fun!

From a design standpoint, the one-card hand limit reduces the number of options available to the player, thereby making all the strategy go into the deck-building and less into the play of the hand. This has the potential to be really interesting! However, this game hasn't shown me that potential yet. You've crafted a solid card game - which is already impressive given the time constraints - but what I'm not getting is, once you've subtracted the multiple cards in your hand, what is gained? Some additional simplicity? That's not bad, depending on what you're going for. But if there's something else you wanted to show me with this game, I didn't receive it.

Also, I feel like the lack of being able to reshuffle your discard pile makes Focus almost useless, because skipping past a card is rarely worth it. Focus could be a really interesting mechanic, but again, I don't feel its potential was realized in this jam.

Regardless, I enjoyed the heck out of playing it - thanks for making it!


Thanks for the awesome feedback! Much appreciated. Out of interest, which character did you play as? I suspect the mechanic works with one, but is pointless with the other, and I'm wondering if that's accurate.


I played 5 games as (sorry, I've forgotten their actual names) DamagePig, DamagePig, HealingPlant, DamagePig, HealingPlant. The best I did was my final game with HealingPlant, when I won ~6 fights using Slash (the +5 damage card) and Life Leech. Using Focus was a mistake 90% of the time with HealingPlant, but... only 60% of the time with DamagePig, because it's more about crushing your opponent quickly. So yes, you're right - sorry for overgeneralizing!


Top-decking: the game! It was a bit hard to follow what was happening, but I think this has a lot of potential! The "focus" resource mechanic was quite clever. 


Cool concept with a pretty good execution. My biggest complaints are around clarity. I didn't understand what was going on and kept clicking spells like ten times in a row on my first turn because I didn't understand what Power meant, and the game gives you no feedback once you're out.

I think also calling Power something like "action points" could really help make  it obvious what it's for.

Pretty fun game, but limiting it to only two choices each time(play the card or skip it) made the game feel random and unfair at times. I found myself enjoying it, though.

Not sure if I like the fact that once you run out of cards from the Draw deck, you only get those flail moves. Maybe add reshuffling, for something like 2 focus.


I really enjoyed this game!  Played until I was level 10.  Of course there are things about it that could stand to see more polish, but I enjoy the gameplay that emerges from having to decide between thinking or playing sub-optimal cards, and the focus mechanic works really well.  Would like to see more from this!


Thanks so much! That's really great to hear. Level 10... wow. It took me ages to get that far. How did you do it?


Not gonna lie, it took some luck XD.  But basically I would focus on using Wild Charge (or whatever it's called, the 10 damage one) and Snarl for my damage, and focused a lot on using blocks strategically to get focus for next turn.  In my opinion, block is the most fun card in the game so far, because it serves an immediate purpose (blocking) but it also serves a purpose for the next turn (giving you more focus).