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Thanks for the awesome feedback! Much appreciated. Out of interest, which character did you play as? I suspect the mechanic works with one, but is pointless with the other, and I'm wondering if that's accurate.

Great fun, but we found we could never finish a match. Our kings went into the pit and we could never get the other player's out again. Maybe a hill would be better, or a 1-tile hole in the very centre. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this.

This feels really fun to play, and the mechanic is neat. I like how when an enemy is on one HP, it's optimal to catch one shot, dodge the rest, and snipe them. Maybe add in some 1-health enemies to take advantage of that?

My only real complaint is restarting. Why do I have to move my hand over to the enter key? It's the sort of game that would really benefit from a really from being able to jump back in straight away.

This is a really interesting idea. Like Threes + Tower Defence. The presentation is pleasing as well. However, my best time was when I just mashed the arrow keys until I couldn't move turrets any more. That got me to a level 8 pretty quickly, which kept me ahead of the game for a while.

I feel like the later stage turrets should be more exciting, to make you feel like you really accomplished something by building them up. Railguns, or big explosions. I'm curious to see where this goes.

I really like the concept. I did find I was dying a lot from not realising my gun was empty. It needs some visual/audial feedback on that.

Do thrown guns always kill enemies? Perhaps they could just stun instead?

Thanks so much! That's really great to hear. Level 10... wow. It took me ages to get that far. How did you do it?

Thanks so much for your comment! Do you mind if I dig deeper? 

Regarding the controls, did you play the 'practice' mode? It's meant to be a tutorial, but either the tutorial is bad, or the name needs to be 'tutorial' rather than 'practice'. Just wondering which one.

The de-spawning is more worrying. The AI did very occasionally fall through the floor in my tests, but it was so rare that I didn't fix it for the jam. Does it happen for you every time?

Maybe some ghosting on the jump? I failed a lot on the last jump of the first level...

I really like the art style. There's something very pleasing about it.