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Quite hard to understand. I feel like more of a tutorial would have helped, but maybe it isn't a proper satire of an evil corporation if you get trained adequately?

One of my favourite games of the jam so far. The gameplay is so solid.

It would be nice if the boss fights ramped up, rather than keeping the same intensity throughout.

The retro music and art felt very appropriate for this kind of game.

The way you control the petal somewhat indirectly is really interesting.

The art is absolutely lovely, but a little hard to read. Foreground and background branches look quite similar, and the fact that there are other petals is quite confusing. I thought I was saving the last one?

I love that you included difficulty levels, but there didn't seem to be much difference between them. I did just as quickly on "easy" as on "pro-gamer".

The music is beautiful, and the overall theming and aesthetic is incredible.

A well-designed boss fight with lovely art.

There seemed to be a bug where attacking sometimes locked movement and jumping until I attacked again.

Did the control scheme need to be so complicated? You have three separate buttons for attack, talk, and advance dialogue, none of which I would be doing at the same time. Why not put them all on one button?

I liked the variety of boss attacks, and the interesting way of displaying the players health.

The music was a great fit.

Love the idea, but I couldn't get the hang of the controls. I read both the in-game tutorial and the one on the itch page, and I still don't get it. Sometimes it jumps twice, sometimes it doesn't. I couldn't pull off any poses, possibly because I'm not diving properly? Not sure.

I liked the presentation. The ambient water noises are nice, the graphics are cute, and the set up is nice.

Cool game! It's fun to play, with tight controls and good sound design.

Not sure exactly what I was meant to be doing. The boss seems to be invincible, that normal enemies are extremely numerous, and it doesn't seem to be possible to damage the spawners. Some guidance on the goal would have been good.

I like the music, and the way the art has a unified colour scheme. 

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An extremely odd experience. I think that was your aim, so nicely done!

The animations felt a bit sluggish. I think it would be more satisfying to punch if the fist really snapped forward.

The tutorial was good. It took me a while to find the button on the ceiling, but that was a good way of teaching me that I can launch myself into the air.

A very well executed concept! I thought it was going to be inverse Donkey Kong, but it wasn't that at all...

The opening cutscene was very well done. Most amusing.

There were a few times when I picked up a box which I thought had landed, and got squashed anyway, but otherwise the gameplay was very tight.

I like the black and yellow colour scheme. The whole aesthetic is very appealing.

Thanks for the feedback!

Absolutely agree with you. The green cubes were a last minute addition, and I've since realised that they're ridiculously unbalanced.

Absolutely beautiful presentation. The Kenney sprites are very good, but the way you used them and added animations was great.

My main question is about enemies not respawning. It made it feel like a battle of attrition. Is it possible to clear the game without dying? It felt like in some rooms all I could do was kill one enemy, respawn, walk back, and repeat until the room was clear. If that's not the case, then having the enemies respawn would help communicate that I'm doing it wrong.

Some of the items were really interesting, especially the belt, shoes, shield, and helmet.

The Gnostic theming was... interesting? I feel like it didn't particularly correspond to the themes of the jam, but it made for an unusual experience.

First of all, really fun game, and looks great too.

I see others have already mentioned this, but the axe collisions are really frustrating. I felt like I couldn't use the jump ability, because every time I thought I'd cleared a path, it turned out that the axe had missed by a pixel and I jumped straight into an enemy.

I love the squash and stretch as the character lands on a wall. Also, the way the level transitions to the shop.

The enemy design is very clever. The lizards, in particular, support the main mechanics really well.

PS. I know the definition is ridiculously broad now, but I don't think it's reasonable to call this a roguelike. The levels are the same every time you play. Just a pet peeve.

The creepy sci-fi-horror atmosphere was so good.

The way you rotate the sprites looked a bit odd. Like Paper Mario. Maybe flip them instead?

I like how you placed crawlers to create jump scares. I didn't like how they sometime happened to be sitting at the top of a ladder, so I immediately died.

I'll be honest, I'm not very good at this game. I'm glad you put a boss mid-way, because I'm probably never going to reach the final boss.

Overall, very engaging game. It had that "one more try" feeling.

A charming little game!

Sounds would be lovely, as would be more animation on the robots. I feel like you've got solid mechanics, and a little more juice would really take it to the next level.

I really appreciated the grid in the background, once I noticed it.

Really cool game. It felt like it had some real strategy to it.

The combination of money going up in real time and the very short wave timers was a bit frustrating.

I loved the presentation of the space battles. The laser sounds, the explosions, the speed of it, were all very satisfying.

I really like the aiming! I've been trying to figure out how to do twin-stick controls in 3D, and I think I get it now. Thanks!

My main complaint is the camera. The way it rotates around the centre was a little nauseating. Could it just have a fixed rotation?

After the boss spawned, the enemies were all just jumping off the edge immediately, so I didn't really have to do anything...

The boss was really impressive looking, and I like how he exploded into parts when I killed him. If the enemies had been spawning properly, it would have been fun to fight around that terrain.

The aesthetic is wonderful. Very much reminds me of Yoshi's Island.

Unfortunately, it makes the game a little hard to understand. It's not very clear what counts as solid ground, and what doesn't. Especially on the clouds level, where I couldn't even work out how to get to the flower.

The music was also charming, as were the sound effects.

As an idea to fit the theme and restriction, this is really good. I'm working for the dungeon boss, and throwing stuff over the edge. Generally, I really like the concept of defending a castle by chucking stuff off it.

The gameplay needs some tweaking. I think there are two main problems. First, it needs more feedback for my actions. Second, my decisions need to mean something. It doesn't seem to matter what I choose to throw over the side, other than armour, which is always useless because all the minions die before it spawns.

The art is great, if a little mismatched.

An interesting mash up of Office Simulator and Papers Please. I was, of course, terrible at it.

Some of the instructions from the boss disappeared too quickly, so I wasn't sure what they wanted me to do.

The interface is really impressive, and I especially liked how you handled the tutorial.

The answer is "no, I cannot beat the boss"... Great concept though!

Some of the attacks feel a bit unfair. For example, I can spawn on spikes, or the boss can teleport next to me with no warning and shoot me. On the other hand, the way you telegraph new spikes is very good.

I would have appreciated a boss HP bar, to let me know if I was anywhere near winning, but that's just a personal preference.

I love the retro graphics and music, particularly the little bats.

My the best boss!

I like the idea that the best boss is one who alternates throwing telephones and donuts at employees. Seems like an interesting workplace.

Does the game ever end? I played for 4 minutes, but there didn't seem to be a goal other than survive as long as possible. If so, maybe the task bar should decrease faster the longer you play.

The grabbing mechanic is a little awkward. It would be nice if the items reacted to being grabbed, so I knew whether or not I was holding them. Just rotating the sprite a little would be enough.

Overall, I like the idea of balancing workload and sanity, and I think it fits the restriction well.

This is a very well-made game. It controls smoothly, and the Pacman-esque gameplay is solid.

The hunger mechanic might need some tuning. It's very easy to keep the bar full, and even when it hits zero, the "boss" isn't very threatening.

I liked the music and sounds. They were a good fit for the overall aesthetic.

I've never had an office job, but I believe this to be a highly accurate simulation of the floor coffee and spacebar mashing involved.

The level design was a little confusing, with things that looked like they should be exits, but weren't, and exits in one room with no return route in the other.

The tuning was very good. I had times when I was rushing around, desperately trying to find coffee, and others where I was trying to find a document to fill in.

I loved that the employee is just a square with a tie.

I really like the concept you have here. Walking around, making sure the assembly line is producing efficiently.

However, the numbers feel like they really need some tuning. After a couple of seconds, every worker goes to sleep. I feel like this was supposed to be a game about spotting sleeping workers, but actually I just have to run around punching everyone.

I liked that there was other stuff to do in the factory. I think punching the boxes gave me points?

A nice, simple concept. I like it!

It really feels like it needs sound. I also ran out of time for that, so I understand, but it does feel a bit flat. The confetti burst is a good reward for saving a lemming, but I want more!

The lemmings seem to fall off the cliff even when I'm holding them, but I don't lose if that happens. That was a bit odd.

I like how smooth the character's animations are, and I love the cute little lemming faces.

Cute game! The chicken is adorable, and I liked that you included cutscenes.

The stars seem to be placed to reward you for mashing the spacebar. Once I figured that out, it got a lot easier. Not sure if that's what you want?

The "moon this way" arrow was very helpful, once I figured out what it was.

I liked the feeling of gradually upgrading my vehicle.

The idea of the boss monster using his little minions as stepping stones is so funny. Especially with the plaintive "ow" sounds.

I found the game very difficult to control. I recommend checking out Jonas Tyroller's video on how to make good-feeling platformer controls.

I got my little guy stuck in a hole! Glad you included 'R' to reset the level.

This is a really cool idea! Very satisfying to play.

The fact that all my sword attacks were out of range wasn't clear to me for most of my first attempt. More obvious feedback for failed actions would be good.

I wasn't expecting it to be real-time. That panicked me at first as I tried to figure out the controls, but I thought it was a very interesting twist. I was expecting something like Legend of Bumbo, but this turned out to be a very different game.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree with all your points. This was my first time making a tactics game, and it's buggy as anything.

JUICE: The animations and sound effects were good. I feel like you could have pushed it further, especially with the spoons.

Gameplay: Solid gameplay.

Graphics: Incredible looking game! I love the fog effect, and how the lollipops get faster and faster.

Sound Design: Hilarious song :D  I wish I were good enough at the game to get to the end of the song, but I get so distracted by the words that I can't play well...

Respect of the Themes: I love that the whole world is mirrored when you go through a spoon. My one complaint is that it doesn't really change anything. As far as I can tell, it's not a mirrored version of the same stretch of level. The game is hard enough as it is, so maybe this is a bad idea, but what if you mirrored the controls?

JUICE: I like the "thunk" as I place a new building.

Gameplay: It's a really neat mechanic! I had to think really carefully about every turn.

Graphics: Lovely detailed models, which is really impressive given the time limit. I also liked how Copycat is peering at me through binoculars.

Sound Design: I like the music! Very cheerful.

Respect of the Themes: Great use of the extra theme. You really start to feel that limited space towards the end of the match. For the main theme, I like the mechanic you took from it, but I feel it's not really a mirror image. Now I'm wondering if you tried that and found it too confusing.

Overall, this was a really good game. I'll be playing it again, I suspect.

JUICE: Sound and particles were good, but it would have been nice if impacts had been juicier, since that's the main thing you do. Some squash and stretch on the character maybe?

Gameplay: It's a nice one-button game, and collecting juice is a good bonus objective. I found it hard, but I'm not very good at these sorts of games. Overall, solid gameplay, and easy to grok.

Graphics: Simple, but decent. I liked the pipes. Very Mario-esque.

Sound Design: Good, but the music seemed to get gradually louder as I played. A bug, maybe?

Respect of the Themes: I hadn't considered mirroring gravity, but it's a good interpretation.

It ran for me in Chrome, so I don't think it's a browser problem.

JUICE: I like how the mud (?) deforms as you look at it. The victory cinematic was also very satisfying.

Gameplay: It's barebones, but I saw you said you lost time to something else. I think prioritising visuals and feel was probably the right decision.

Graphics: Really pretty! It's nicely immersive as well. You could have done this same gameplay in 2D, but it feels much more interesting to be in the level.

Sound Design: I liked the watery sounds, and chime as you pick up a crystal is nice.

Respect of the Themes: Not really sure how this related to either theme. I guess it's limited, in that there's just the one level, but that didn't seem deliberate.

Overall, an intriguing experience. Hope you find time to expand it into whatever your original plan was.

JUICE: Nicely polished, especially jumping. The controls were smooth, and the particles and sound made it feel satisfying.

Gameplay: This is the main area I have problems with. Jumping over spikes is not my favourite mechanic, and the combination of slippery movement and spikes that kill you from the side is really frustrating. Maybe check the collision normal when hitting a spike?

Graphics: Good sprite work, nice use of chromatic aberration. The floaty background particles are a nice touch.

Sound Design: The music is an interesting mix of chirpy and eerie. I think it fits well.

Respect of the Themes: I like the concept. As I understand it, for each level, you have to reach the portal, then traverse the level in reverse in the mirror dimension. However, since the levers and buttons change the level layout so much, the auther version often didn't feel like a mirror image. It might have been better to have fewer mechanics, and focus more on that core concept, which is actually really cool.

Overall, a good game. Well done!

JUICE: I liked the confetti when I cleared a level. The transition between levels was also very nice.

Gameplay: Good puzzle designs! Not too difficult, but challenging enough that I had to stop and think. I realised half-way through that I was using WASD and arrow keys, which probably wasn't helping...

Graphics: Simple, but pleasing. I especially like the background.

Sound Design: That music is so soothing! Did you write it?

Respect of the Themes: Really good use of the "mirrored" theme. You got some great puzzles out of that simple idea.

JUICE: Lots of particles, lots of sound effects. Overall, very juicy. The screenshake was good, but sometimes it just seemed to tilt to one side, which was more disorientating than satisfying.

Gameplay: Really cool idea, and the mirrored inputs work well once you get used to it. It would be nice if the difficulty ramped up a little slower, to give more time to experiment with the control scheme. Also, it would be good if enemy attacks were a different colour from the player's attacks.

Graphics: Good pixel art! I really liked the light-world / dark-world versions of the sprites. That was cool.

Sound Design: Very energetic music, and a lot of pew-pew-pew. Good fun :)

Respect of the Themes: Great interpretation of the "mirrored" theme. It makes for a game with a really unusual control scheme.

JUICE: Using the pliers is very satisfying. The sound is good, the screenshake is nice, and the way the juice stains cover the floor is a great touch.

Gameplay: I like how you included humans as interference, and that they gradually increased. Well balanced.

Graphics: Love the little fruit people, and I appreciate that you included two different types. That really adds visual interest. At first, I thought the humans were monkeys, so it was a bit disappointing when I learned that they weren't ;P

Sound Design: Good music, and good squelching sound. Something to suggest the time limit would have been nice. Like a countdown "beep-beep-beep".

Respect of the Themes: I guess the pliers are mirrored? Seems a bit of a stretch. The second theme is definitely there, with the time limit.

The second one. You're right, that needs better feedback.

Thanks for the feedback! Regarding textures, what do you mean? More detailed textures? Did something not load?