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It was all a dream! Thank god!

Fun little game.

Hiding in the bushes didn't really work (Ctrl+D bookmarks the tab, but it was also not really needed.

I like the cute animations of the animals!

We couldn't get multiplayer working, as keyboard controls didn't work :/
Even playing against the CPU, it seemed like clicking didn't work, and the coin didn't get collected.

It is a very interesting concept, as a contrast to the traditional separation of the DM and the player.

Very interesting concept! I like the idea of having some commanders which increase how many units you can send.

It is not clear from the beginning what is the speed of each unit, but a bit of playing around and experimentation makes that quite clear.

It seems like we couldn't get past the 1st level, even after our Necromancer got through (with a horde of wraiths and zombies supporting them!).

Interesting idea with a moving target combined with a puzzle element.

We got stuck on the level 3, with yellow and orange "maze" where you have to push the box to the button in the bottom-left corner.

I wish there was a restart button, since when you mess up, it takes a while until you can actually end it. Furthermore, having to switch between mouse and keyboard just to restart once you die is a bit bothersome.

The survivor takes their time with their turn, and the player doesn't get to interact a lot while they are doing so - maybe make the turns go faster, or make their turns a bit more interesting?

We got a high-score of 30610.
I really like the art for the sunflower, and I thought that the bugs were cute.

I don't really get what the rain phase is about, and the cursor keeps disappearing, but other than that, it's a very cute game ^.^
It was a bit confusing where to get water at first, not obvious that water damages you so you have to be on the damp soil.
I still do not understand how sunlight works. When it is raining, it feels as if you are starved of sunlight constantly anyway, and when it is not raining, it seems that you just get it constantly.

Nice little fun game :)

Stuck at level 6 :/

Hmm, didn't get that issue, however, playing in browser caused a lot of issues for me, like lag etc :/
Well, browser was last minute addition, so I suppose it happens like that.
Thank you for your feedback ^.^

If you're planning on expanding the game(post-jam version, or a sequel?), I'd personally suggest having more deck editing or something like that. Right now, both opponents seem to have identical decks, and even though draw and discard piles are shown, they don't seem to be effective since I doubt that any player will be seriously tracking remaining cards, or deciding on a strategy based on them. It would be quite cool if, for example, after winning a battle, you get to add some cards to your deck, change around the card counts etc.

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Quite a good game, but is not immediately obvious that cards get played from the right(my first game I played thinking that they get played from the left)

This game seems to be easily expandable by adding more cards.

Pretty fun game, but limiting it to only two choices each time(play the card or skip it) made the game feel random and unfair at times. I found myself enjoying it, though.

Not sure if I like the fact that once you run out of cards from the Draw deck, you only get those flail moves. Maybe add reshuffling, for something like 2 focus.

Thanks for the reply!

What is the music in this game?