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Ohhhhhh, that makes sense!  Well good job :D

Not gonna lie, it took some luck XD.  But basically I would focus on using Wild Charge (or whatever it's called, the 10 damage one) and Snarl for my damage, and focused a lot on using blocks strategically to get focus for next turn.  In my opinion, block is the most fun card in the game so far, because it serves an immediate purpose (blocking) but it also serves a purpose for the next turn (giving you more focus).

Got motion sick and loved every second of it 10/10

I really enjoyed this game!  Played until I was level 10.  Of course there are things about it that could stand to see more polish, but I enjoy the gameplay that emerges from having to decide between thinking or playing sub-optimal cards, and the focus mechanic works really well.  Would like to see more from this!

This seems like a really solid proof-of-concept!  I hope you keep working on it....and port it to some other platforms :p

Chicken run hahahahahahahahahah

Very fun!  I intend to play this one again :D

Fun to play on a touch screen device :D

Fun concept!  As it stands, I had objects clipping out of bounds....and got a little motion sick, but that might just mean I'm a big baby :p

Good game, very fun! :D  I don't play many RTSs but I would if they were like this B)

A very cool, interesting take on the prompt!

I thought the idea of a game about distances and geometry like this was pretty fun!  Unfortunately, I got an error message when I went through the gate :/

Loved the asthetic, music, and most of all how my irl brain hurt when i messed up in the game too much.  Solid humor in the writing, and an all-in-all good time

Fun idea, but when I died I couldn't skip the dialogue :( (unless I'm dumb and just didn't press the right button)

Looks fun and the music is great!  Unfortunately the game itself isn't working for me, but it might just be my computer.

Fun!  I enjoyed the pixel art :)  

I enjoyed the game quite a bit and played it until I beat it!  I didn't feel like it 100% fit the prompt for the jam (I may not have understood it), but I liked some of the "game-y" aspects.  For example, I know making 1-for-1 trades doesn't boost my economy, so I stash diamonds until someone walks in with 3 items, or, alternatively, trade one diamond for another diamond and something else.  The characters and items were all fun, and it felt a bit like a masked casual puzzler.  Would play again

I had a ton of fun cranking the powers up to "Raging" and trying to play with some strategy while the whole board crumbled.  Great sense of drama, making it impossible to really get your bearings, and watching all your ideas for plans fall apart in front of you.