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A real time strategy game where you can't separately control your units.
Submitted by jtolmar (@LiterallyOwls) — 1 hour, 37 minutes before the deadline
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Quite fun to fiddle around with.

I don't really like the gameplay it creates though - I found that I'm usually just grinding resources until I can comfortably roll the enemy, anything else tends to be a loss. It's difficult to separate workers from offensive units (well, by design), so I either waste a lot of time or have to send the workers in as well. It's just not worth the hassle.

I'm sure there's some good solution to this, so that more strategies end up being viable. Maybe workers and offensive units are so different that they absolutely need to have different controls. Such as offense on arrow keys and workers on WASD, so you'd end up managing two groups of units. But that's quite a departure from the current concept.

Was still enjoyable while it lasted. Just needs some design tweaking to retain engagement beyond that.


I agree, I think workers specifically need to work differently. I think I'd resolve it with a button that toggles between controlling only workers and only the rest, with both reverting to simple AI otherwise (mine last thing you touched for workers, fight anything near you for fighters). Having to manually mine resources this way works as a joke, but one that I think is achieved by telling the player how to operate the toggle button after one level of sillyness.


I'm a huge fan of Stacraft so I really like the twist you've put on it here! The graphics are obviously minimalistic but I don't feel that it takes away from the game at all.

I was sadly unable to finish it because it got a bit too difficult for me at the later levels, but the sheer idea of the game alone brought me a lot of enjoyment!


that was cool! as someone who is very familiar with starcraft, it was kinda fun to micro your workers and army simultaneously. i dont like how whenever you want to attack, it ends up being an all in, as you usually end up dragging in your workers by mistake, and then if it fails you lose. its a super neat concept, and i dig it!


Nice idea, but I wasn't very good at it. Gave up on the level where you have to steal one of the enemy bases


That's one of the hardest levels; I didn't have time to go back and figure out a sensible way to make it easier. The best way is to remove all the soldiers/workers from the weaker base then suicide your remaining soldiers into the other base before starting to mine.


Oh, didn't think of that. I locked them to the top right of the weaker base, but I think that caused enemies from the other base to find us


Neat idea. But the back-and-forth with the workers started annoying me after a while.


I think it's really funny in something this short, but if I made a full version of this, I'd probably cheat and let the player separately control workers, maybe with a button that toggles worker/everything else control, with the workers going to rudimentary AI control when you're not using them.


Very nice concept! I wish you had time to work on graphics but I really liked it! 


Yeah, I wish I had more time to work on it too. I only saw the start of jam announcement video halfway through and had other commitments, so I only got about 12 hours to work on it. Graphics, sound, more stable collision detection,  a less jagged difficulty curve, and levels that explore the mechanics more would've been nice, but they're all very time intensive. I focused more on trying to introduce mechanics that show what's possible with the premise, like spikes, capturing, and towers. I didn't even make a level with both spikes and towers, which is a crime.


That's such a clever take on the theme! I loved it, It was just the right amount of messy! A bit frustrating tho when your units gets stuck inside the collisions. 

The way the player can use the environment to position his troups and prepare for battle is great.

Shockingly good fun.


Really fun and interesting! Simple, clever mechanic. Nicely done!

Awesome creation you have here! I would have rated it higher were it not for some frustrating bugs and lack of clear feedback on some things. This is awesome, make no mistake. develop this further. It fits a beautiful niche.


Good game, very fun! :D  I don't play many RTSs but I would if they were like this B)


Loved it.


Excellent game, very good concept.